Get to Know the Extraordinary Peloton Instructor Andy Speer

Andy Speer is a Peloton instructor. He is also one of the most popular couches on the platform. He has over 21k followers on Facebook and 150k on Instagram.

Speer is my favorite total body strength instructor, and I know this because he is my random choice whenever I don’t have a Peloton class plan. He recently went on Facebook to announce a relationship with Rebecca Kennedy, another Peloton instructor. He is also the baby daddy to the TV personality Katie Waissel’s son, Hudson.

Are you intrigued by the fascinating details of the Peloton instructor’s training? Let’s find out more.

A Summary Table on Peloton Instructor Andy Speer

NameAndy Speer
OccupationPeloton indoor workout instructor
Age37 (as of 2021)
Home StateConnecticut
Weight175 pounds
EducationUniversity of Miami
Main Workouts on PelotonStrength, tread, stretching
Life Before PelotonPole vaulter, gymnastic, fitness model, personal fitness trainer
GirlfriendRebecca Kennedy
Ex-girlfriendsKatie Waissel, Alex Silver
ChildrenSon Hudson (2018)
Monumental MomentWinner of Men’s Health (2014)
PlayMen’s Health DVDs
Personal Workouts Outside PelotonOlympic weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, meditation, yoga, and Muay Thai kickboxing. Further enjoys listening to Podcasts, watching documentaries, and reading.

Early Life

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Andy Speer is the most interesting person I have ever seen. He was born in Connecticut and raised there. He was a gymnast from a young age and later he took up pole vaulting, which led him to the University of Miami.

Outside of vaulting and gymnastics he said that he was low in self-confidence due to his thin outlook and protruding ears. Worse, his teenage face was always covered in acne. This is quite a surprise for the model and fitness trainer.

Fitness Achievements

What changed? Speer began to eat more and do more strength training after he went to college. He had already lost 140 to 175 pounds in two years.

Speer is a man of many surprises. Speer, who is 175 pounds, is a light heavyweight lifter. He participated in and completed the Beast Challenge. It involves a single-arm overhead press with a 106kg kettlebell, a dead hang pull-up, and a pistol squat. He did it!

Speer also participated on Men Fitness DVDs by Shaun T which were a huge success at the Beachbody fitness platform. After participating in Men’s Health competitions, Speer is a well-known fitness model. He won his first win in 2014.

These once-skinny individuals became highly sought-after personal trainers in New York City. Andy Speer was a trainer for the fitness community.

Andy Speer Relationships

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Andy was with Alex Silver, his long-term girlfriend and fiancee. They parted ways in 2017. He began dating Katie Waissel, a TV host, but they split in August 2018. Waissel was eight months pregnant when they split. Speer became a father for the first time when she gave birth to Hudson, their son.

Andy Speer went on Facebook recently to make his relationship to Rebecca Kennedy, a Peloton instructor, public.

Andy Speer and Peloton

Andy Speer Peloton instructor doing the apollo god spear pose

Source: Instagram

Andy Speer will always make his Peloton users smile. He makes sure you enjoy the entire experience, no matter if it’s the current total-body workout or a quick warm-up.

Andy will always show you that whatever intensity the workout may be, Andy will never stop showing you. Andy’s fans love to applaud him on the Peloton platforms after classes.

Andy focuses on strength and tread training. You can find him in the strength section, running, or walking. You can even find him in the tread Bootcamp, which is a combination of strength training and cardio training.

Speer is a fitness model and an enthusiast. Speer is a Peloton instructor and can motivate his students throughout a class. Speer manages the talk and the workout making it seem easier, no matter how hard they are.

Speer is driven to help others succeed in the worlds of fitness. Speer feels that other instructors helped him get to where he is today, so he has a responsibility to do the same. He says that he wants his students to be challenged and grow. He ensures that each technique in his class is beneficial to the participants.

What Does Andy Speer Eat?

Andy follows a routine diet that a fitness instructor would recommend, which includes a lot water at the beginning, middle, and end of each day.

Andy starts his day with a glass water. Andy then has a large cup of whole milk coffee, before finishing his drink with an Athletic Greens tea. He will then have yogurt, often with seeds, after his drinks. He will also eat toast and eggs, depending on the season. This is a common daybreak for most instructors.

He ends his day with either chocolate chip cookies or gummy bears. After a long day, he feels he deserves a treat.

Does Andy Speer Have Live Classes on Peloton?

Yes. Andy Speer is a frequent instructor on the Peloton schedule live classes. You can also reach him via the on-demand section. For a glimpse into his past classes, you can go to strength, running, walking or tread Bootcamp classes and filter Andy Speer.

In a Nutshell

Andy Speer, a Peloton instructor, motivates his students to improve with each new or more common technique. He is an example of how anyone can achieve the body and shape they desire, regardless of their starting point. All you need to be consistent is determination.

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