The Truth About Peloton Shoe Sizing: Are They True to Size?

Are peloton shoes true-to-size? This was a question that I found myself asking every time I did research on the
best peloton shoes. This didn’t hit me until I had to spin with smaller shoes. This made me realize how important it was to have a shoe that is comfortable during a workout.

Your peloton shoes must fit snugly. However, this doesn’t mean your toes need to be squeezed. You need shoes that make you forget you have shoes on so you can focus on the main goal of the workout.

Peloton Shoes Could be True to Size

Based on the descriptions of the shoes and reviews from customers, I can confidently say that the peloton brand shoes fit true to size. This is true for normal-sized feet only, and may not apply to those with narrower feet.

Peloton shoes for men come in sizes 44-48, and those for women are 36-39, all in US sizes. This will translate to sizes 10.5 to 13.5 in men’s sizes and 5 to 8 in women’s sizes if you know European sizes. This is a very small range, right!

There are many other options. There are also unisex shoes, available in sizes 9-12 for women and 7-10 for men. Are you still not convinced? Just like I thought.

We all agree that the range of sizes for peloton shoes is very limited. These shoes are perfect for narrow feet.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Small or Big?

Let’s say your feet are very narrow. If so, any shoe will fit. Peloton is a shoe that fits very comfortably if your feet are narrow.

The fit will be perfect if your feet are standard size. You may need to size up or down if you have larger feet. Peloton sizes are available in half sizes, which is great news for many of us.

Did you know that not all peloton shoes have to be brand-name shoes? You can find the right size shoe for you by allowing yourself to be flexible. You will not only have more affordable shoes, but you can also cycle peloton with the exact fit you prefer.

People with wide feet are most at risk. It is difficult to find the right size shoe for them. Have you ever been in a situation where you sized up but ended up with too long shoes that don’t fit? This is a common problem for people with wide feet.

There is still light with shoes like the Tommaso Strada 200 or Sidi Genius 7 mega shoes, among others. You can enjoy a spinning session without feeling cramped.

Peloton shoes can run small or large depending on the size of your feet.

Peloton Shoe Size/ Sizing

Peloton shoes sizing is now something to be proud of.

Peloton brand may not fit your shoe size. You can scan other brands to find the best sizing.

Peloton shoes may still be too big for you, despite others believing they are narrower. You can find brands like Tommaso for Strada 100 which is quite narrow.

Peloton shoes that are wide fit well are also available. Check out our top picks for peloton shoes that are wide.

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How Should Peloton Shoes Fit?

Peloton shoes should be snug but allow for breathability. Your feet shouldn’t be any more uncomfortable due to the heat you will feel during a spinning session.

Let’s go back a little. If the peloton brand shoes don’t fit your feet, then you can get compatible peloton shoes from other brands. It will surprise you how well the performance matches your peloton spinning needs.
Exustar actually rebranded the peloton footwear
( Reddit), but they still offer the same peloton shoes as the peloton brand.

Do You Really Need the Peloton Shoes?

It’s not exactly. It is possible to find other brands of peloton shoes. However, you don’t have to own the shoes. Are you still not convinced?

Peloton bikes can be used with regular, non-cycling shoes as long as they have toe boxes. Toe cages save you the hassle of peloton shoe sizing. While you are trying to find the perfect peloton spinning shoe, you can just use your tennis shoes.

How Do I Know What Size Cycling Shoes to Buy?

When shopping for cycling shoes, use your usual shoe size. You can find your shoe measurements online if you are unsure.

All standard shoe sizes will fit a standard foot. If you have feet that are very narrow or wide, the brand of the shoe will be important. If you are unsure, it is important to make inquiries. You might also find it useful to check out customer reviews.

Bottom Line

We think shoes are the most basic item you can buy. This is true until you find a shoe that your feet can barely fit into or one that you can slide in and out as you walk.

You don’t want to ruin the joy of getting a peloton bicycle. There are so many exciting options available to you.

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