Meet Ben Alldis: The Peloton Instructor Bringing Fun and Fitness to Your Home

In an Instagram announcement, Ben Alldis, a Peloton instructor, announced that he would be joining the Power Zone Training crew . Peloton also made the same announcement via Twitter.

Ben Alldis, a former UK athlete who worked in finance before starting to train others as a side business. Ben soon became a Peloton instructor, where he has been most recently teaching strength and cycling classes.

Ben joined a select group Peloton instructors to teach Power Zone classes. Alldis announced the news via his Instagram.

Alldis is the first member of the UK to join fellow instructors Matt Wilpers and Denis Morton in the Power Zone Training program.

Power Zone Training is a more focused form of cycling training that focuses on output. While instructors on traditional Peloton rides offer a certain cadence or resistance range, Power Zones are more focused on achieving specific zones for a set amount of time.

These zones are based on an individual’s power output and power. Power Zone riders don’t need to be concerned about specific resistance as long as they follow the cadence and work hard enough for their output to reach the designated zone.

Ben Alldis, the newest member of the Peloton team to join the PZ crew, has already received some love from fellow instructors Matt Wilpers.

Alldis’ first Power Zone live ride will be held this Friday, April 30th at 9 a.m. ET as part of Peloton’s annual Homecoming event.

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