Best Bike Trailers Money Can Buy: Burley, Thule and Schwinn

It is possible to wonder what bike trailers and a website for triathlon have in common. There are many.

A typical triathlete is either a male or a female in their 20s or 30s. Many times, these young parents are active but have to take care of their children. Complete Tri staff has attempted to balance Saturday morning runs and training with a toddler who also needs to be outside.

Many people are active and have active families. Even if your kids aren’t triathletes, it is possible to cycle with them for many health benefits. On average, cycling burns between 400-1000 calories per hour. You are likely to be at the higher end of this range if you’re pulling a child behind you in a trailer.

Burleys bike trailers are an integral part of being a parent and cyclist. For bike trailers, we wanted to do the same thing as for tricycle and other gear. We would like to give you a review on our top models but also look at products that are more durable and of higher quality. Today’s bike trailers are as well-designed and engineered as the entry-level bikes of a few years back. It is not easy to choose the right one.

These are our top picks for 2020.

Burley Bee

It is a trailer with double axles that glides down the trails amazingly smoothly. If your children are small, it may feel a little narrow. You might consider treating this as a single for children 3 years old and older. Burleys are this model’s basic, but it is still a great option for kids aged 3 and above.


Burley has been around for 40 years and is an integral part of the cycling community and culture. The iconic Burley brand has been so well-known that all one needs to say is “Burley” and people will instantly see the product. People who are passionate about cycling and not trying to make a profit in this market space are the best. Burley’s story is one of passion. It started in North Dakota, and grew up in Oregon. can be viewed.

We like the Bee because it is well-built, but it does not have the extra bells and whistles that could drive up the price. What’s it missing? It lacks some of the adjustability such as the seat recline which allows you to quickly convert the trailer into a stroller or cargo trailer. There is also a removable seat that can be used to transform the trailer into a pet trailer or cargo trailer. The trailer is made of water-resistant fabric. This makes it ideal for when it rains unexpectedly. You might get wet, but your child won’t.

The Bee collapses quickly once it is disassembled and folded up. With the flip of a switch, the wheels will come out. This is where the Bee’s amazing weight comes in. At 20 lbs, it has the most lightweight trailer of all the brands we recommend. This 2-child Burley is great and affordable. We wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the Bee again. If we had to name one product that we think is “can’t go wrong with it”, the Bee or the Cub …… might be it.

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Burley Encore

The Encore by Burley is our best all-aroundtrailer. Although it isn’t as affordable as the Bee, it costs $300 more. But it will provide you with everything you need for a long time. The Encore is similar in size to the Bee. It’s large enough for two children, provided they aren’t too big. The Encore differs in the features but it is important that you note that these additional features can increase the weight and cost.


Additional padding is available for rider comfort and waterproofing. There’s also a sunshade to protect against the intense sun. If there’s a way around, it is nice not to have to cover your child with sunscreen.

The Encore has the option to be converted to a jogging walker. This is something you won’t get with the Bee. Although you can purchase a separate jogging stroller, it is possible to make your garage more space by having one. That’s where the conversion comes into play. A push bar and a front wheel will make this a quality runner stroller. This is an ideal addition for triathletes who need to run and bike as part of their training program.

There is a conversion kit for gravel bikers that will make Encore extremely-capable on gravel. It is not necessary for everyone, but it will be appreciated by those who do.

The Encore trailer is one of most popular on the market. It is a great trailer with excellent quality and functionality. When you consider features and pricing, it is our favourite on the market.

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Thule Chariot Lite

Thule is most well-known for its bike racks and bike carriers, but they’ve been making excellent bike trailers for a long time. There are many models available, but the Thule Chariot Lite is our favorite. It is expensive. The Chariot Cheetah is less than $500, but it costs more than $700. The Chariot Lite can be used for running, walking, skiing, and jogging. It weighs only 27 lbs and can carry up to 100 lbs. itself.


Chariot Lite is easy to convert from a bicycle trailer into a run stroller. It also disassembles quickly. It is easy to transport. It will keep bugs away and it works well as a rain cover when it gets a little wet.

Although the Chariot is slower to convert from a stroller to a wheelchair than the Cub, it feels more stable once it has been converted. This is a minor issue and likely a matter of personal preference. The Chariot’s seatback does not recline like the Cub. It is a personal choice and some children don’t use the recline.

Thule guarantees their products with a quality guarantee. The warranty will be valid for as long as the original purchaser owns the product. The warranty does not apply to the buyers of the second-hand product.

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Schwinn Joyrider Double

Although we were reluctant to include the Schwinn joyrider, it was our first experience with a Schwinn trailer many years ago. After giving it another look, we decided that it was worthy of a place here. We might give the Burley Bee a slight edge at the price, but the Joyrider has some advantages.

The netting at the trailer’s front is heavier than other netting, which means that bugs and rocks can see it. We like Schwinn’s tires and wheels, which is probably due to the fact that they make bikes for a living.


Although the Joyrider’s short wheelbase may make it seem unsuitable for running, it actually runs very smoothly. The Joyrider is a great trailer/stroller and is affordable.

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Are you able to hook a trailer up to your road or tri bike, or just a mountain/hybrid bike? How?

We are often asked if it is necessary to attach a trailer like a Burley to your tricycle or higher-end road bike. It all depends on your willingness and ability to take some risks.

Some people will attach their trailer only to a mountain bike or commuter bicycle. Mountain and commuter bikes are often made with aluminum or steel and don’t require the same investment as high-end roads or tricycles.

No problems were encountered when we connected our trailers to a bike. You run the risk that your bike’s warranty will be voided if you attach your trailer to it, especially if the bike is carbon. You will likely be fine, but we must add that we cannot guarantee anything.

The part that pulls most weight is the seatpost. You might be cautious attaching a trailer if your seatpost is unique or carbon.

To cushion against major shocks and torque, we might suggest adding foam to your seatpost. A little bit of fudge is always a good idea. Take extra care if your seatpost is made of carbon.

Some people use a high-end carbon-post, but they swap out for a more durable aluminum one with a cheaper saddle when pulling a trailer. When removing or installing seatposts to carbon fiber bikes, use the proper torque.

The most difficult situation is one in which your seat post is angled in a teardrop-shaped shape, such as the one shown to the right. It is possible that the trailer will not attach to your seat post. You will need a plan B in this instance, such as a cheap commuter bicycle to pull the trainer.

Do You Need a Separate Run Stroller for Your Baby?

Common questions include whether you should purchase a separate run jogger or one that can double as both. All of the models that we have described can double as a jogger or stroller, with the exception of Bug. We would suggest that you have one or two pieces.

These trailers can be used as joggers. These trailers are stable and smooth so they won’t cause any problems on your run. We like the idea that you can have a dedicated stroller for running if you feel it is a good option. It is convenient to not need to change the front wheel when you switch between activities. The trailer could be permanently attached to an existing road bike. A dedicated jogger stroller usually has a larger front wheel. This gives it greater rolling ability, and allows for better positioning for you and your child.

If you are looking for a high-quality stroller, the BOB All Terrain stroller ( search here ) is our favorite. If you are looking for a reliable, capable stroller that costs less than $200, the BOB Rambler ( > ) is a good choice. These equipment aren’t cheap, but we believe that quality is more valuable than price.

Let’s say you want a bike trailer, a jogging walker, or just one piece of gear.

  • Are you able to afford two pieces of quality equipment? Don’t skip. We’d rather you spend $400 on one high-quality, convertible piece than two lower-quality ones.
  • Are you able to fit two people in your space? These items, even folded, take up space in a garage or closet.
  • Would you mind changing the equipment configuration between activities? Although it is easy to switch between them nowadays, it can still take some time.
  • Do you prefer to do two sports or are you more inclined to ride your bike more? You might be able to ride your bike 10 times per long run, but you could also consider buying a bike trailer to convert when needed.
  • Are the parents involved in different activities? It might be more convenient for the family to have just one piece of gear if dad is a cyclist, and mom is an olympian.

Is it necessary for a child to wear a helmet when riding in a bike trailer?


The Ouwoer helmet is great for kids and has a flat back that’s easy to store in a trailer.

This is a common question. It is a common question. A lot of states have laws that require children to use a bicycle or any other vehicle propelled by a bicycle. It’s just common sense for a few reasons .

  • If the trailer is struck by an on-going bike or vehicle, it will be safe
  • It provides some protection in the event of an accident that causes the trailer to flip onto its side (unlikely).
  • Your child will soon become accustomed to wearing a helmet whenever they ride a bicycle.

Comfortable helmets are essential if your child is to use them. This is based on our experience. We recommend a helmet that has a flat back so the child can rest their head against the trailer’s headrest and not face forward. Instead of a helmet that protrudes, we recommend this . It will be more comfortable in a trailer.

Are Bike trailers safe?

We believe that bike trailers are safer than bike seats, but they are also lower to the ground. However, if you plan on using your trailer in traffic areas such as a road shoulder, or riding on streets, make sure you have a high-visibility flag. Avoid riding on roads if possible, as it is difficult for cars to see the trailer and bike from behind.

Make sure that the trailer is properly attached to your bike according to manufacturer instructions. This will do two things: It will keep the trailer attached to the bike securely, and it will allow the trailer arm’s swivel function (if applicable) to work properly. If the bike falls on its side, this may prevent the trailer tipping over.

Most likely, your bike trailer comes with safety reflectors or reflective fabric. Ideal reflectors are on the rear, front and spokes.

We recommend that you have flashing LED light on your bike. However, if your trailer is often in traffic areas, keep one or two lights on your trailer. The best way to increase visibility is with LED lights.

Can I Use My Bike Trailer for Dogs?

Yes. Many people do. A true children’s bike trailer is meant for children. However, it can be used for small or medium-sized dogs.

Trailers that are specifically designed for dogs exist, such as the Schwinn trailer ( here at Amazon ). A specialized trailer for dogs is the best choice if your primary purpose for purchasing a trailer for your dog. You have the option to enter from either the front or side, as opposed to the top like most kids’ bike trailers. There is also an open-air peep area where your dog can rest his head.

A kids trailer is a good option if you only want one trailer.

What else do I need to know about bike trailers?

Bike trailers of today are lightweight, high-end pieces with tested materials. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed if you choose the brands we recommend.

It is important to note that the tires come with pneumatic air, which means that you will need to check the pressure. It is worth checking the tire pressure before you go on a ride. This will only take a few minutes. Check the tire pressure at least once a week, or whenever the temperature changes. Tires lose air pressure as the temperature drops. For this purpose, you may need to purchase a tire pump. However, if you already have a bicycle, it is likely that you already have one.

Although you don’t need to do a lot of maintenance on a trailer it is worth checking a few things every so often. It is crucial to make sure the hitch attachment stays in place, especially after the first few rides. It is very common for something to break right after you have put it up. To prolong the trailer’s life, it is a good idea also to clean and lubricate its axle and wheel hub. If you have a bike already, you can just do it as soon as you feel like it.

Sometimes the trailer will get wet. You might get caught in heavy rain or leave your trailer out during a storm. An old towel is a good way to dry the wheel hub and axle. For fabric drying, the best solution is to let the trailer sit in the sun. Let the trailer dry naturally after the rain has stopped.

After a while, trailers can get quite messy. We have seen it all: cheerios, other snacks, spilled drinks, and so on. All of them gather on the trailer’s floor. You can clean it with a simple cloth and some water with dish soap. This will prevent rodents or bugs from getting to your trailer in a garage and keep it in great condition for resale. After you’re done with them, the good news is that all four of the models mentioned above have great resale value.

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