Best Budget MTB Hydraulic Brakes on the Market [Affordable & Reliable]

Are these the best budget MTB hydraulic brakes available? Are there any budget MTB hydraulic brakes?

Hydraulic brakes are the other disc brake available, apart from the mechanical disc brakes. They are certainly more expensive than their counterparts due to the greater stopping power and efficiency they provide.

We do have a list of affordable MTB brakes under $100. These brakes are pocket-friendly, but they are also very competitive and, in many cases, comparable to the more expensive models. We also have a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Best Budget MTB Hydraulic Brakes

Let’s now move on to our top choice for budget hydraulic brakes. Let’s get to the point.


JGbike Shimano MT200: Best Budget Hydraulic Disc Brakes Mtb

A Shimano under $100? You can still expect the same quality as the Shimano classy. The brakes are also pre-assembled, pre-bled to make it easier for you to install them.

The brakes work with 26’, 27’, and 27.5’. The brakes are compatible with 26’, 27.5’, and 29.5’ for both the front and the rear wheels. The front can take 180mm rotors, while the rear can take 160mm.

These brakes are also important. The top-end models, XT or SLX, have the most stopping power.

Are you unsure if the hose specifications will work for your bike? The front brakes come with a left hose measuring 800mm, and the rear has a proper hose measuring 1500 or 1650mm.

The package includes a 160mm rotor mount bracket and a post-mount bracket. Four bolts are included to complete your mounting task.


  • Pre-installed, pre-bled
  • Excellent stopping power
  • This is suitable for most mountain bikes, fat bikes, and e-bikes.


  • The rotors must be purchased separately

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Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake: Best for Front Brake Replacement

Do you have reservations about changing to hydraulic brakes from your mechanical ones? Why not start with one? The budget is great for this Tektro front hydraulic brake set.

The brake stopping power is incredible, so you will be able to complete the brake system using hydraulic brakes. It has a dual-piston system that is open.

The hose length for the rear is 850mm. This is typical for most mountain bikes. The rotor measures 160mm and has a polygonal airflow.

The brake caliper pad for the front wheel is a high-performance metal ceramic compound. It is both comfortable and durable.

The package includes one brake caliper, its brake pad, a left lever, and a 160mm rotating rotor.


  • Aggressive stopping power
  • High quality
  • It is easy to install


  • Specific for the front wheel

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Lixada HB-875 MTB Hydraulic Disc Brake Kit: No More Oil Leaks

Lixada has a solution. Oil leaks are a common complaint about hydraulic brake users. The brakes are equipped with an integrated brake lever and oil tube that prevent oil leakage.

These brakes are also very efficient. These brakes are reliable and efficient, exceeding expectations in terms of cost. The brakes can be used with 160mm bike wheels.

The general construction of the aluminum alloy is durable and high quality. Two-way brake levers make it easier to maintain the MTB rotors.

The installation is quick and easy. The left and right brakes work well with handlebars measuring 22mm. This allows for easy control.


  • Design that prevents oil from leaking
  • High quality and durable design and materials
  • It is easy to install


  • The package does NOT include rotors
  • The reversed hose assembly could be confusing

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Keenso Mountain Bike Hydraulic Disc Brake: Best for Beginners

Keenso Mountain Bike Hydraulic Disc Brake - Best for Beginners

Keenso is the best choice for those who are just starting mountain biking. It is easy to break or reset, which will make you feel confident and safe on your mountain bike ride.

The bike is durable aluminum alloy and will not rust over time.

The brake set is easy to install because it integrates the handlebar with the brake pipe. This adds to the safety of the brakes and increases their strength.

The exquisite piano paint leaves a delicate texture on calipers, making it easy to use and smooth. The brakes are an efficient choice that will make your new venture a joy.

The front cable is 75 cm long and the rear cable 135 cm. This allows for a good MTB fit. They are compatible with handlebars with a diameter greater than 22.2mm.

The package includes four screws and two pairs of brake sets. You can choose from a variety of colors with this brake set: purple, green, or silver.


  • Design and quality materials that are durable and long-lasting
  • It is easy to use and handle
  • Easy to install, maintain


  • The package does not include rotors

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Bucklos MTB Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Economic Brakes

Bucklos MTB Hydraulic Disc Brakes - Economic Brakes

The Bucks, which is the cheapest set of hydraulic brakes for MTB, is still a better option than mechanical disc brakes. Let’s look at some of the fantastic specifications these brakes offer.

First, the brakes have a light one fingertip pull. This is the best option for downhill situations, incredibly steep or wet. The brake levers, calipers, and rotors are made from aluminum alloy. This is high quality. When you use thick anti-wear tubing or hydraulic hoses, you will have no problems with fraying, rusting, or kinking. These brakes are also easier to maintain and adjust than cable brakes.

The brakes are easy to install. This is due to the conversion seat AB column frame that frames the rear and front brakes, allowing universal installation. The brakes are 2-way to prevent rotor wear.

The brake system is easier to use by using a three-finger brake pedal. The brake set is compatible in any case with most MTBs.

Expect one hydraulic disc brake to be installed on the front wheel, one IS front 160mm disc brake mount adapter, and a pair of screws.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install, maintain
  • Durable and quality set


  • Only the front brake set is included

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Buying Guide for Best Budget MTB Hydraulic Brakes

1. Cost

Are you looking for hydraulic brakes that are affordable? Before you buy hydraulic brakes, you should consider their cost. The best thing about today’s competitive market is that it works in your favor as a buyer. There is a greater chance of finding cheaper products if more products are on the marketplace.

However, the price tag is not necessarily indicative of poor quality. You should not compromise quality when searching for hydraulic brakes at a low price. Before falling for the low cost, ensure that the quality is comparable.

You can find affordable hydraulic brakes but still have a high-quality product, as shown by the brakes on this list.

2. Quality

Hydraulic brakes are no exception to this rule. Quality is the most important factor you should consider when purchasing anything. Your life is at stake when it comes to breaks. You need brakes that will not let go mid-downhill.

Hydraulic brakes are very durable and don’t trust easily. However, this is not an unimportant fact. Budget brakes are a good option, but you need to be sure that the quality is worth the effort.

3. Stopping Power

The more powerful the brakes, the safer it gets. Safety is better when you brake quickly, especially on MTB trails.

Therefore, you should invest in hydraulic brakes to ensure you have better braking power. You are fortunate that hydraulic brakes outperform mechanical brakes in this sector. However, you can still get a competitive set.

4. Quantity

Brake sets can be purchased in singles or pairs. You can buy one brake set, such as the front, and only one for the rear. If you require both the front and rear brakes, you should choose a cover set. This will ensure that you don’t get disappointed by a discrepancy you didn’t know existed.

5. Rotor

Mountain bikes have hydraulic brakes that are R160mm or less. These brakes will stop the cycle no matter how steep the trail is.

Hydraulic brakes are available with rotors. Others require you to purchase the rotors separately. This is important to consider when choosing the best set.

6. Ease in Installation

When making a purchase, consider the ease of installing hydraulic brakes. Pre-assembled sets are available and can even be pre-bled. They will be mounted on your bike. All you have to do is mount them.

7. Hose Size

The brakes’ hose size will determine if they are suitable for your bike. For compatibility, make sure you get brakes that are not too small for your bike.

8. Your Bike Compatibility

To use hydraulic disc brakes, your bike must be compatible with disc brakes. Make sure your bike has disc mounts. Fortunately, they are available in all MTBs. However, disc mounts can be outdated or missing from your bike, so confirm.

If disc mounts aren’t available, disc brake adapters can be purchased that will allow you to use hydraulic brakes on other bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are hydraulic brakes worth it?

They are worth it. They are disc brakes, and the rotors last longer because they are less likely to wear. Hydraulic brakes are also more potent than mechanical disc brakes and are easier to maintain and last a long time.

Are Shimano hydraulic brakes good?

They are indeed good. Shimano hydraulic brakes are the best hydraulic disc brakes you can find.

They are high quality and have increased stopping power. Shimano brakes have a name, so you can always trust Shimano if you’re stuck with brakes.

Are disc brakes better than V brakes?

They are more effective than v brakes. V brakes stop the wheel by stopping its rim. They are usually very wearable. On the other hand, Disc brakes use the rotor to control wheels. This lasts longer than the rim in v brakes.

How often should you bleed hydraulic brakes?

The amount of time you ride will determine how often you need to bleed your brakes. If you ride every other month, it will be enough. If you frequently ride, over long distances, or in situations where you need to stop often, you’ll need to reduce the duration.

In a Nutshell

This is the place to start if you look for the best budget MTB brakes. You can find a top-rated list that considers your budget and the quality of the hydraulic disc brake recommendations.

You can now improve your mountain bike’s performance and confidence and explore new trails you would not have thought possible if your braking system was inefficient.

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