Unlock the full potential of your Peloton bike with these must-have cleats [Ultimate Guide]

Clipless pedals allow you to enjoy a full peloton ride. The cleats you choose should be compatible with your pedals and peloton shoes . Peloton bike pedal cleats are essential because they will ensure more power transfer and hence more cadence. Cadence is one of the two metrics in Peloton.

Peloton is very rigid with regards to cleats.
can only be used with two types of cleats:
SPD-SL and Look Delta. These 3-hole cleats will not work with bike pedals.

6 Best Peloton Bike Cleats

Peloton’s best feature is that any brand can provide compatible cleats, as long as they are Look Delta or SPDSL 3-hole cleats. We have compiled a list of the best Peloton bike-cleats you should use on your pedals.


Cyclingdeal (0 Degree Float) : Editor’s Choice Cleats for Peloton Bike

If you see black cleats then your next judgment should be fixed cleats. This means that the cleats have no float. These bike cleats might be the best choice for you.

They are compatible with Look Delta, so peloton compatible. They are made of high-quality engineering thermoplastic that is strong and durable.

The cleats are also stable because they are 3-hole stage resistant and adjustable. This makes the cleats an excellent fixed equipment choice for peloton.

The package includes 2 cleats and 6 washers. 6 bolts are included for complete installation. The cleats are precise and make it easy to clip in and out.


  • Best for zero-degree float.
  • All cleat requirements are met for a smooth installation.
  • Compatible with Look Delta, thus peloton bike pedals cleat.


  • Fixed cleats prevent lateral movement.

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BV (9 Degree Float) : Peloton Compatible Cleats

Are you concerned about lateral movement that will prevent joint injury? BV Bike Cleats is a winning wager.

They are compatible with Look Delta and 3-hole, so they can be used as a peloton pedal cleat.

The pedals are made of heavy-duty thermoplastic and are durable and strong. They are lightweight at 52g, which is a remarkable weight for spinning.

The cleats are equipped with 6 washers and 6 bolts for maximum stability and precision.

The cleats are essential for improving your -peloton performance because of their high level of power transfer and 9-degree floating. Boom! Soon, you will be at the top of the leaderboard.


  • To prevent injury to the knees and joints, increase lateral movement.
  • You can feel the power transfer from your feet to your pedals.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly durable.


  • Expert training is impossible because of the side-to-side movement between pedals and cleats.

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Look Delta (0 Degree Float) : Look Delta Cleats Peloton

If creaking sounds or cleat problems have been a problem, it’s time to switch to a bi-material model. Fixed cleats are the best option. Look Delta brand cleats feature a white Teflon material.

The Look standard in 3 holes is a market reference for cleats for Peloton bikes. This cleat is a good example of that.

First, the Look Delta cleats peloton strongly recommends dual disengagement and engagement. This will increase your safety as you can remove it from the inside or outside of the foot.

The black cleats will then be completely fixed. This eliminates side movements between the pedals and the cleats. Professional cyclists will enjoy a hot cup if coffee in winter.


  • Absolutely no parasite sounds.
  • Training with zero float is a better experience.
  • Safety is achieved when you combine engagement and disengagement.


  • Even if you are closest to the bike, you can’t walk in the shoes.

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Marque (9 Degree Float) : Peloton Bike Pedal Cleat

Marque Bike cleats are a great choice for those looking for floating cleats at an affordable price. They cost slightly less than $14.

They are lightweight at 50g/pr, but they are durable.

They also come with a 9 degree float that prevents injury and allows for lateral movement during spinning.

The 3-hole peloton shoe cleats are packaged in a set of 6 washers, 6 cleat bolts and 2 cleats. This complete set includes all necessary set-up.

The cleats can be used with any 3-hole-design cycling shoe, and are universally compatible with both men’s and women’s shoes.


  • They are quite affordable for their incredible functionality.
  • 9-degree floating allows for lateral movement
  • The cleats are made of durable, yet lightweight material.
  • Installation complete set
  • Universal Look Delta fit for men and women.


  • Incompatible with Shimano which is in most spinning classes.

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Shimano (6 Degree Float) : Exciting News for Shimano Fans with Peloton (SPD-SL Cleat Set)

Are you a Shimano nut? Would you prefer the brand for all of your cycling needs? These Shimano cleats are now available for peloton, as SPD-SL cleats are allowed in peloton.

Fundamentally, Shimano’s cleats allow you walk in cleated shoes. This is the same for these peloton compatible Shimano cleats. The walking point provides better traction for your bike when you clip in and out.

These cleats are made of a plastic material, which means they will last longer than the pedals.

The cleats also have a moderate 6-degree float. It is suitable for both professional and beginner spinners.


  • They are more comfortable due to the slight lateral movement.
  • You can walk in the cycling shoes.
  • Pedal protection: Wear out the pedals instead.


  • Less durable.

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How to Position Cleats on Peloton Shoes (Peloton Cleat Setup

Firstly, put on your cycling shoes. Locate the ball of your foot (it is located next to your large toe). Remove the shoe from the area where the ball is.

Secondly, using your mark, draw a line along the shoe’s bottom.

Thirdly, take the cleat. It will already have a line. Then, match the line to your shoe line and then attach the cleats.

Fourthly, install the cleats by first inserting washers and then loosening bolts. You can then tighten each bolt until it stops moving.

Fifthly, try the shoes on.

Sixthly, get on your bike and point your feet down towards the pedal center. Clip-in success will be assured by a creaking sound.

Which Things You Should Consider When Buying Peloton Cleats

Compatibility with

Peloton Bike Pedals

Not all cleat designs work with the peloton pedals. When buying cleats to use with peloton, make sure you choose the right ones. These cleats are compatible with the SPD-SL and Look Delta pedal systems.


Float is the rotation of the pedals on the cleats. It is an important part of cleats and something you should consider.

The cleats for peloton bikes can be used with three types of floating cleats. These are full float, medium and fixed cleats.

The full cleat flotation is red, while the medium and zero-degree floats are black. The cleat float level will be indicated by the colors.

Expert spinners prefer the black cleats, but the red cleats allow for lateral movement and protect from injury.

Material Quality

The quality of the material will affect how effective and durable the cleats are. It is important to consider this aspect when researching your preferred cleats.


Looking for value peloton shoes cleats? Go for the best value. This will meet your cleat requirements while still being within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put SPD cleats on peloton shoes?

You can, but not on the pedals for the peloton, as they only accept SPD-SL or Look Delta. You can switch the Peloton pedals if you plan to use SPD.

Do I need cleats for Peloton?

It’s not true. To spin on peloton, you can use
toe cages. You won’t need cleats. For optimal peloton workouts, however, cleats are essential for power transfer and better performance.

Can I walk in cleated shoes?

It will depend on which type of cleats you have. All other peloton cleats are not allowed to be walked except the Shimano. SPD cleats on the other hand are recessed and allow you to walk in them.

Does Peloton use any cleat system?

It only uses 3-hole cleats, which are SPDSL and Look Delta. The rest are incompatible and forcible.


The best cleats will enhance your riding performance and provide power transfer. No matter what float level you have, the cleats will enhance power transfer. You will feel less fatigued and be able to spin faster and for longer periods. The cleats also provide safety for clipless pedals and increase confidence during your Peloton workouts.

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