Best Clip On Aerobars: Unlocking a New World of Performance

You might have a roadbike you love riding but you want it to be more aerodynamic in the tuck position. Maybe you don’t have enough money to buy a time trial bike for your road bike. Clip-on aerobars are the answer.

Aero bars can transform a road bike into a triathlon bike. No. They do not help. Yes.

Clip-on aerobars can be installed quickly and are functional. Although they don’t convert your road bike to a triathlon bike, they can increase your comfort, performance and speed. We’ve written extensively on road bikes and triathlon bike. These pieces provide details about the advantages of each. We will now focus on adding aero bars to your roadbike.

You may need to replace an older set of aerobars or repair worn ones on an existing triathlon bike.

This article will examine the five most popular clip-on aerobars and show you how to select the one that suits your needs.

Top 5 Clip-On Aerobars

We’ve put together a list of five top clip-on aerobars that every cyclist can use on their road bike. There are many great products available. Spoiler alert! Two companies own the aerobar market.

Profile Design T2+ Clip-On Aerobars

Best Price.

Profile Designs has been a major name in aerobars for more than a decade. We love that they offer bars for all budgets. The T2 is also budget-friendly, if you want to keep costs down (as long you don’t buy the carbon version).

The Profile Design T2+ Clip On Aerobars have a subtle S bend that allows your hands to stay low and aggressive. You also get the added comfort of the height difference between the armrests’ ends and the extensions’ end. This is similar to the way skiers hold their poles fully tucked. Your wrists will bend and your hands will tilt down.

These S-bend extensions, made of 6061 aluminum and fitted with the same hardware and clamps as the T1 aerobars, are some of the most sought after on the market. Separately from the extensions and armrests, the handlebar clamps can be tightened to the bars. You can determine the width of the extension first, then adjust the length and angle of the armrests. The armrest clamp is round and attached to a tube, which allows you to adjust the cant. This allows you to tilt the armrests in either an outward or inward direction, giving you a more secure position. It also allows for height adjustment. If you prefer a wider position, you can lower the armrests and tilt them outward.

The armrest clamps are also known as J2 Brackets. They can be moved forward and backward on the extensions. This allows you to place the armrests in three different positions fore/aft, two widths and adjust the angle.

These bars are great for replacing worn or damaged aerobars on tricycles that are not professional-level. These bars have been used by us and we’ve had many years of great success.

Reviews mention how the product is simple to set up and use, it’s comfortable and works well. Profile Designs T2+ clip-on aerobars are highly recommended by users for long rides. They’re durable and high-quality.
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Profile Designs T5+ Carbon Clip-On Aerobars

Top Pick Overall.

Profile Designs T5+ Carbon clip-on aerobars make it easy to dial in the ideal time trial position. It is an aerobar that performs well with stock equipment and is comparable to the T4+. The product features a traditional ski-bend design with a shallow angle between the shifters, extension and shifters. It facilitates aerodynamics through a neutral wrist angle and a low extension height.

These bars could be used to replace damaged or inferior aerobars on a triathlon bicycle. In fact, many Felt and Cervelo tribikes come with bars that are very similar to those in their stock.

Profile Designs T5+ Carbon Clip On Aerobars come with a J4 bracket that can be controlled by one bolt. This allows you to easily adjust rotations and length. F-35 armrests complete the T5 bars and offer 3x fore/aft positioning. The F-35 also allows for a 30mm adjustment and has approximately 15 degrees rotation adjustment. You will find the right fit every time. It is worth mentioning that these aero bars can be used with both 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars. Our experience shows that the slope at the ski-like end of the bar is 13 degrees. This makes it a very comfortable bend.

Profile Designs also offers this aerobar in aluminum. However, the carbon is less expensive and probably worthwhile if you want to outfit your bike with the best parts.

A large majority of people who reviewed this product thought it was top-notch, simple to install, made a significant difference in effort and was very comfortable on their wrists. Profile Designs T5+ Carbon Clip On Aerobars made it possible to enjoy long rides. The aero bars are light and easy to adjust, which users also love. Shop Here

Profile Designs Sonic Ergo 35a Clip On Aerobars

The Profile Design Sonic Ergo 35a Clip On Aerobars (here on are undoubtedly one of the brand’s highlights. The Sonic bracket offers a wide range of adjustments thanks to its Ergo armrests. The ergonomically designed armrest provides rider comfort and a supportive curve that cups the arms. It also offers a wide range of fit options.

Profile Designs Sonic Ergo 35a clip-on aerobars offer performance. They are designed to have minimal frontal area to reduce aerodynamic drag. The aerobar is minimalist in appearance, but it offers a wide fit range that allows the rider to be in a comfortable position.

The top bolt allows for easy adjustment of both rotation and extension length. You can adjust the armrests to achieve 100 positions. This clip-on bar has over 1500 configurations. It is also adjustable in width and tilt, making it one of our most versatile products. Its adjustability is what makes it so popular among riders.
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Vision Team Alloy Clip-On Aero Bars

These aero bars weigh only 464g and are light – many aerobars weigh in at 600g or more. They are lightweight thanks to their aluminum construction, making your cockpit aerodynamic and strong without breaking the bank. The VisionTeam Alloy Clip-On aero bars are made of alloy and bead blast anodized black. They measure 31.8mm in diameter and 40mm in length. Bars can be adjusted from 230mm up to 270mm by means of a fixed extension adjustment. The J-bed design and low-profile armrest pads ensure a comfortable, ergonomic and fast position.

These bars aren’t very expensive and would not be a permanent addition or replacement for a tricycle. This is a great way for those who want to add the bars to certain rides without spending a lot of money. The product’s secured armrests are well-received by those who have purchased it. However, some people weren’t satisfied with the limited extension adjustment.

Vision is a cool company that has been around since 1990. They are a company that focuses exclusively on aerodynamic bicycle parts. They are a company that focuses exclusively on aerodynamic bike parts.

Vision Team Mini TT Clip-Ons Aero Bar

The UCI-compliant Vision Team mini TT Clip-Ons aero bar offers a comfortable riding position. It features a beautiful, minimal CFD-refined design with a black anodized finish and white graphics. The 170mm long butted aluminum extensions connect at the forward end with a UCI adaptable 3:1 aerobridge. The adjustable ergonomic armrests let you fine-tune your riding position. The Vision Team Mini TT Clip-Ons Aero Bar also features molded armrest pad that are extremely comfortable, even for long rides.

Some people might find the bars a bit too short. They measure 170mm in length, while others can reach between 300 and 400mm. You might consider other options if your aerobars are too long or you want to stretch them out. These are great for anyone who wants to modify their bike and do longer flat, aero stretches.

The product is very well made and easy to put in, according to most riders. Arm pads are also very comfortable, especially when compared with other products in this price range. Arm pad comfort is important when you’re riding 70 miles.
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What are the Key Features of Clip-on Aero Bars

You should choose something more affordable if you are a complete newbie to clip-on aerobars. You can then get an accurate feel for the device’s advantages.

Carbon aero bars are great for those who prefer to ride a carbon bike. The two pieces do not necessarily have to be used together. Carbon can be used to reduce vibrations when you compete in triathlons that are subject to road shocks or rocky terrain. Experts believe that an aerobar pad can be used to do the same thing, but at a much lower cost. It is possible that the weight difference could be negligible.

You will also need to decide on your preferred design. The J-Bend is a design that allows bars to rise at the ends like a J. Because they look like ski-bends, they are also known as the J-Bend. Some are called the S-Bend. This means they rise a little but then flatten out. You can choose which one you like. The Complete Tri staff prefers the S-bend for its comfort.

When shopping for clip-on aeropads, the rule of thumb is to choose lightweight, comfortable models. Top manufacturers such as Zipp, Vision Tech and Profile Design offer aero bars with all of these features.

Aero bars have many benefits and are now used by professional cyclists as well as everyday cyclists. It can be difficult to choose the right one for you from the many products that are available online or in stores. We know this, so we have created this mini-guide to help you choose the right clip-on aero bar for your riding needs.

Aerobars will convert my bike into a tri-bike.


Aerobars can be used to help you achieve aero position. This will improve your aerodynamics. These bars are particularly useful for long straightaways, where you can be comfortable while you pedal for speed. However, they won’t change the geometry of your bike.

Different frame geometry is used for a tribike and road bike. Tri bikes have steeper angles that are more upright. This allows the rider the ability to get in a good groove on flats. It also gives the rider fresher legs because the geometry engages the quads.

Road bikes have a more relaxed geometry which can be useful for hills and curves where responsiveness is desired. It is also more comfortable when you are not pushing at 110%. A road bike’s geometry can make your legs tired as you begin the run.

Aerobars can help you to get in an aero position and many riders find them more comfortable than riding down on the drop of your handlebars. We want people to know that there are more differences between tricycles and road bikes than just the bars.

Aerobars have a Shifter, and Brakes.

Shifter, maybe. Brakes, no.

Aerobars can be a bolt-on part with no components or a simple piece. In many cases, the shift function can also be extended through the aerobar so that you have the shifter at your fingertips when in aero position. This is what we prefer, because it’s easier to reach for an aerobar from any position than to get out of a tuck to shift. However, it is not a choice between the two. You can choose to have the shift on either your aerobars or your handlebars. You can either do the self-installation or hire a professional to help you set up your shifters. When you’re on the road, it is important to get your shifting correct.

Aerobars do not include brake levers. Brakes will be mounted exactly where they were originally on your bike. They are most likely mounted on your handlebars under some type of brake hood. They should remain there. You should keep them there. After a while, it will become second-nature.

You will notice that aerobars are often fitted to bikes, such as triathlon bikes. The shifters are usually integrated into the aerobar.

How do I put Aerobars on my Bike?

Because every set of bars is different, we will not address that issue. It is easy to put them on. You just need a few tools and maybe 30 minutes to do a good job.

It is crucial to know where you are. Aerobars should allow you to hold the position for several minutes. Aero is not something you should do for 30 seconds. Aero bars must be long enough to allow you to hold it.

Safety is crucial for both your bike and future rides. It is important to ensure that the bars are properly attached to your bike. A bike-manipulating gear failure on a busy street could have devastating consequences. Just don’t do a haphazard job.

You don’t want to tighten the screws too much, considering the delicate materials that you’ll be using on your bike and the aerobars. It could cause damage to expensive items. This job is best left to a bike torque wrench ( >such as this). It is important to follow the instructions for your new aero bars as well as your existing handlebars and bike frame. You could damage expensive parts of your bike if you turn one half too much. A torque wrench is a tool that can be used to tighten bolts and other parts. Take a look at some Youtube
videos to get an idea of how it works before you start to crank your bike.

If you are unsure, take it to your local bike shop and have a professional install it. We want you and your bike to be safe.

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