Best Mats for the Peloton Bike. Stop Wearing Out Your Floor or Carpet!

Peloton’s bike mat is an essential accessory for your gym. To protect your room from scratches and damage. This is a maintenance measure for your peloton bike.

First of all, let’s decide if you’re on he right page, as there can be three peloton yoga mats:

  • The Peloton Bike mat, or the mat that goes underneath the cycle (which will cover on this page)
  • The Peloton Yoga mat. It is something I discussed already in my review of the best mats for Peloton Yoga Classes.
  • The Peloton Treadmill mat that goes underneath the tread (which will also cover on this page).

Many people ask me, for example, if you need a mat underneath your Peloton cycle or bike. Or if your Peloton comes with an official Peloton rug?

A 24x48 bike mat is the best size for peloton. You don’t need a larger mat. However, larger mats are available for indoor equipment and larger bikes. Based on the information we have, you can decide which mat is best for peloton riding on carpet or floor.

8 Best Mats for Peloton Bike on Carpet and Floor

We have listed a number of the best peloton bike mats so you have a wider selection without sacrificing the quality you expect. Scroll down to see the full every peloton mat review.

  • Cyclingdeal - Floor & Carpet Protection Workout Mat for Under A Peloton Bike
  • Sunny Health and Fitness - Hardwood Floors and Carpet Protection Equipment Mat
  • Supermats - Safe Bikes and Exercise Equipment Mat for You and Your Household
  • Balancefrom - Hardwood Floor Mat Works Great with Peloton Bike & Treadmill
  • Amazonbasics - Great When You Have Tile or Wood & Impressive Grip on Carpets
  • Motiontex - Spin Bike Mat for Under Stationary Bike: Utilize Your Small Space
  • Marcy Equipment Mat - Nice Mats for Exercise or Small Exercise Machines
  • IMPRESA Pads - Great for Exercise Bike on Hardwood Floors & Carpets

1. Cyclingdeal - Floor & Carpet Protection Workout Mat for Under A Peloton Bike

The Bike Bicycle floor mat is a 3mm thick, high-density mat that will last a long time. This is a great choice for your peloton bikes if you don’t mind the 10kg weight.

It is made from PVC, which is durable and high quality. It is also 3 by 7ft in size, making it a good fit for the peloton bikes.

The bike mat protects both floors and carpets from dirt, vibration, and other damage. It also doesn’t leave any marks on the ground and is easy to clean after use.

The mat is non-slippery so it will not slip on the floor. The bike will also remain in place on the mat. Safety on the bike is guaranteed if you don’t shift during a workout.

Peloton should always be kept dry. This bike mat is waterproof and will protect your bike from any moisture on a wet floor.


  • Durable, high quality material.
  • Non-slippery: keeping the bike and the trainer in the same place regardless of intensity.
  • Waterproof protects the bike from humidity, and the floor from sweat and waterdrops.
  • Protects bike parts from dirt and dust.


  • The mat is made from
    PVC material
    and has a strong odor. However, it fades over time.

Available on Amazon


Sunny Health and Fitness - Hardwood Floors and Carpet Protection Equipment Mat

Sunny Health and Fitness mats are made of high-density Eva foam material that dampens vibrations from the bike during exercise. It also reduces the noise from your bike, so you don’t attract attention from neighbors even if you live in a flat.

The mat protects your floor from any equipment damage. This protects your floor from wear and tear as well as scratches from bikes. Your floor and carpet will be easier to clean than ever, and the bike won’t compromise their durability.

The bike mat is also lightweight, making it easy to transfer between places during cleaning or other activities.

The mat is also water-resistant and therefore easy to clean. This will protect your bike against any moisture on the floor.

The bike mat can also be used to carry a peloton bicycle, as well as treadmills and other fitness equipment.


  • Absorbs vibration and noise while exercising, so you don’t disrupt your environment.
  • Protects the floor from bike-related damage.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Because it is lightweight, it makes it easy to transport and fold.


  • The mat’s durability has been questioned.

Available on Amazon


Supermats - Safe Bikes and Exercise Equipment Mat for You and Your Household

You want a bike mat that promises no chemicals or metals will be emitted. Even when new, this bike mat contains no metals or chemicals. This mat is ideal for protecting pets and children.

The larger the bike mat, it is less likely that dirt or dust will get to your bike. This is the strength and durability of the equipment mat. It measures 30 by 72 inches and will protect your bike from damage.

Even better, the floor mat absorbs the impact of heavy bikes, protecting carpet and floor.

The vibration and noise generated by the bike is minimized with the SuperMats Equipment mat. You don’t have to decrease the intensity of your workout to be a nuisance to the neighbors.

Take a walk in the park to clean the mat with a towel or damp cloth.


  • Safe mat for pets and children, as well as you as a sensitive rider.
  • Protects your bike from dirt and dust
  • Protects the flooring from heavy bike impacts
  • Reduces vibration in workouts.


  • First day strange smell.

Available on Amazon


Balancefrom - Hardwood Floor Mat Works Great with Peloton Bike & Treadmill

Are you having trouble finding a mat that will work on your hardwood floor? BalanceFrom GoFit has a mat that you can trust.

It measures 3x6.5ft and is perfect for the peloton bicycle. It will protect your floor from the damaging effects of the bike and keep your bike safe from dirt and dust from the floor.

The mat absorbs vibrations and minimizes noise from rough workouts, because it is high-density.

It is said to protect the floor from any damage. This is not all. This mat will not bleed or leave marks on your floor. It will make it easy to clean up.

The carpet is also easy to clean. It takes only a damp cloth to bring back the carpet’s sparkle.


  • Best hardwood floor mat for a bike mat
  • It leaves the floor clean and is easy to sweep.
  • Protects your bike from dirt and dust.
  • Absorbs vibrations and minimizes sound during workouts.


  • It doesn’t grip well on carpets.

Available on Amazon


Amazonbasics - Great When You Have Tile or Wood & Impressive Grip on Carpets

Most people raise a concern about mats on carpets. They literally move far too much. This AmazonBasics mat however, has changed that. It stays in place even on carpets, protecting your carpet from the impact of the heavy bike. At least finally, you don’t have to move your carpet to accommodate the bike and its mat.

The high-density high-density carpet is very light for a high density mat, but it still has a great quality. It doesn’t fold at the edges, which provides safety.

The mat doesn’t leave any marks on the carpet or floor, so it won’t be a problem to clean.

The mat is available in three sizes: 2.5 by 6 feet, 3 by 8 feet, and 4 by 6 feet. They are all suitable for peloton depending on the space and preference.


  • Amazing grip on floors and surprising, even on carpets.
  • Because of its light weight, it is easy to fold and store away when not in use.
  • Leaves the carpet and floor unaffected, and without a single scratch.


  • Too thin to be used as a heavy-duty mat.

Available on Amazon


Motiontex - Spin Bike Mat for Under Stationary Bike: Utilize Your Small Space

You are worried that your bike will not fit in the available space. A bike mat will need to be folded or cut to fit. You can save money and then relax by buying a bike mat. MotionTex 24 by 48 inches carpet is just what you need.

The bottom of the bike mat is patterned so that it can be glued to the floor or carpet. It will protect your flooring from the impact of the bicycle and keep it clean.

The mat’s top has a non-directional texture that is slip-resistant. The mat can be used to transport you from one place to another. The mat also has round corners that prevent curling at edges.

The mat is made from PVC and repels sweat, grease, and other fluids. This keeps the floor clean and safe.

The mat will effectively take care of vibrations and noises caused by the bike.

The mat also has antibacterial features that protect it against fungi and bacteria that can cause damage.


  • Allow just enough space to accommodate the Peloton bike.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Top with rounded corners to prevent accidental falls
  • Reduce vibration and noise
  • Anti-bacterial properties are present.


  • It is thinner than most high-density carpets.

Available on Amazon


Marcy Equipment Mat - Nice Mats for Exercise or Small Exercise Machines

Do you have any indoor workout equipment that isn’t the peloton? Marcy Fitness mats are great for indoor workouts. It can hold an elliptical, treadmill, or other exercise equipment.

The bike has a high-impact foam surface. This ensures that the bike lasts longer and is durable. It also provides quality and resists damage from any other equipment.

It absorbs impact and cushions the flooring perfectly against any type of workout equipment, regardless how heavy they are.

The mat’s matte top ensures stability for your bike. The non-slip surface provides safety for you while walking on it.

The protective barrier will stop vibration and noise from leaving the area.

It is lightweight and yet strong enough to withstand pressure and weight distribution. This makes it an ideal mat for any type of equipment.


  • Large enough to fit any indoor exercise equipment if not under the peloton bicycle.
  • Protective barrier that absorbs vibrations and noise during exercise.
  • Non-slip surface is stable and safe to walk on.


  • When the mat is new, it emits an odor.

Available on Amazon

8. IMPRESA Pads - Great for Exercise Bike on Hardwood Floors & Carpets

These mat pads, which cost less than $20, are the best choice for those looking for the best peloton bike mat.

A single pack will usually suffice for a Peloton bicycle, or any other indoor exercise equipment. The 6 pads will protect the entire 6 feet of the peloton bicycle and will keep it from slipping away, regardless of how intense your spinning session is.

These mats are made from high-density rubber and have a remarkable ability to cushion the floor against bike impacts. The mat also prevents vibrations, which will increase the bike’s lifespan and the life expectancy of its parts.

Amazingly, the rubber pads don’t absorb water. This prevents water from getting to the bike from the ground and vice versa. It also prevents bacteria and odor from building up over time. This prolongs the bike’s life expectancy.

Finally, these pads can be placed on any type of flooring: vinyl, tile, hardwood, or carpet.


  • Bike mat pads that are affordable and highly effective.
  • High-density, which enhances vibration and noise control.
  • Non-absorbent, so there is no fungal or bacterial build-up.
  • All types of floors compatible


  • If you have more equipment than a pack, you will need it.

Available on Amazon

Peloton Tread mat

The Peloton Tread, like the bike has upgrades and additional equipment. The “works” and family packages also include a mat. This mat is not meant to be used under the Peloton tread. This is a Peloton mat.

This mat can be used for off-Tread exercises. These include strength, stretching, and bootcamp classes. You can even take the Peloton app classes without any equipment if you read.

When it comes to a Peloton mat that you use for your Tread, don’t-I repeat, don’t-put a mat under it. I’ve heard from people who have Treads that the mat will pile up beneath if you increase the elevation. This can be quite dangerous!

Peloton Tread mat size

According the company website, the mat included in the Tread package measures 26" x 71".

According to the Peloton website it has two sides-red on one side and black on the other. The sticky side can be used for yoga, while the sticky side can be used for floor exercises.

Peloton support was able to help me with the thickness. It is 5mm, according to them. If you are looking for a cushion with lots of support, it is probably best to buy one for yoga.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Mat for Peloton Bike

These are the top considerations when you’re looking to buy a peloton mat for your bike.


A bike mat’s quality will determine its ability to perform all of the functions. It will, for example, be water-resistant, absorb vibration, and reduce noise. It will also last longer.

Peloton Bike Mat Size : Dimensions

The minimum size for a peloton bicycle is 24 by 48 inches. While you can get larger mats for multiple purposes, you can save money and space by choosing a smaller size for your bike.


You should consider a lower-cost mat if you have a tight budget. There are many great value mats available, such as the one mentioned above. Despite the low price, the quality and performance are impressive.


A longer-lasting bike mat is always better. A longer warranty will ensure that your bike mat is in good condition for a longer time.


You should consider the material of the bike mat you choose. This is because different materials have different functionality and performance. Let’s take for example, a PVC mat. It is extremely durable. It does have a pungent smell that lasts a few days. It doesn’t matter how long the smell lasts, it won’t matter if you have allergies.

Peloton Bike dimensions

Here are the dimensions of the Peloton bikes:

  • From the broadest part of the base, 49 inches from front to back
  • From side to side, along base: 20 inches
  • From the weight rack to the front of the screen arm, 52 inches from front to back
  • Side by side, across the handlebars and screen: 23 in

The actual mat size

Here are the dimensions of the Peloton mat. Peloton’s mat footprint measures 36 by 72 inches. Or, three feet by six inches. You can center the cycle on the mat for six to twelve inches.

Why do I share the Peloton mat dimensions and footprints with you? This is for the purpose of allowing you to choose a different mat. You’ll then know the right size mat for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Peloton on Carpet Without Any Problems?

Can I use Peloton on my carpet? Absolutely. Without any problems? No! Carpets trap dust and you can’t be certain that the fluffy particles won’t get into the delicate mechanical parts.

A plastic carpet would also be a good option. Would the bike not slip on the carpet and cause damage?

Carpet damage could also be caused by the bike. The bike is very heavy and puts more pressure on the carpet. It would be difficult to clean it later.

What’s the Alternative to Using the Peloton on a Carpet?

You don’t have to risk your expensive carpet and your prized bike. Instead, consider an alternative. A stationary bike mat will work in any dimension.

  • The mat will protect your bike from dust and other elements. The mat will not come in direct contact with the floor or carpet.
  • The mat is non-slip so that you can avoid any accidents that could result from your workout equipment sliding out of its place.
  • The mat is designed to save you the laborious task of cleaning up after a hard workout.

Especially if you live in an apartment you don’t want to disturb your neighbors every time you have a good time. Your intense workouts will cause vibrations to the mat. You will also be able to exercise more intensely, knowing that you are protected from the outside world.

What does the Peloton mat do?

What is the Peloton Mat? This mat will protect your floor and go under your Peloton bike. Because you might sweat a lot while riding your bike.

Our first Peloton was in our home gym. We never used it.

The hardwood floors were present in this home. The mat underneath the bike was more for cleaning.

But, I’ve heard people claim that the mat protects your floors. It is true. The Peloton bike has six stabilizer feet, three on each side and three at the back. It’s also heavy. These feet can damage your flooring if you move the bike around or do high impact classes.

Can a Peloton bicycle ride on carpet?

You can definetly place the Peloton bicycle on carpet. The mat is not necessary as the bike can be stoopy on carpet just like mine.

But, it’s all changed with the addition of a mat beneath. It’s much better. It’s even better than the time I tried to put plywood under the bike.

Don’t do it. If you don’t have perfect plywood, the chances are that it is slightly warped. Your bike will then wobble more.

How to stabilize your Peloton bicycle on carpet?

To stabilize the bike, I also placed the Peloton mat underneath it on carpet. I adjusted the “feet”, which are located at the bottom of my bike.

You didn’t know that feet existed. I didn’t either.

However, feet can be felt under the “crossbar” at the bottom and front of the bike, where the wheels are located. They can also be found on the back crossbar of the bike.

You can turn them to change their direction. This will make your bike feel unstable and rockable.

Is it safe to place plywood underneath your Peloton Bike?

Do not put plywood underneath your bike. We tried to put the bike on plywood when it first got on the carpet. It didn’t work.

Why? The plywood we bought at our local home improvement shop wasn’t flat enough. The plywood rocking made the wobbly bike even more wobbly.

For this reason, we got rid of plywood. It’s not worth it to have your Peloton on plywood.

How to clean underneath the Peloton bike?

Now, with the mat down I can wipe my sweat off the bike. To collect sweat, I used to lay down towels on the beach. They would then go in the washer.

Is the Peloton mat worth it?

Yes. It is expensive. Keeping it in good condition will help you avoid costly repairs. A good bike mat will last a long time and protect your bike from moisture and dust. Your precious flooring will also be protected.

Do I need a mat for peloton bike?

Yes. The bike mat will protect your carpet and floor from the impact of the stationary bike. The bike will also be protected from dirt and dust.

What type of mat should you buy to cover your bike?

If you are looking for a cover for your Peloton’s bike, please refer to one like this or if you’re looking for a Peloton Tread cover, then one like this would provide best results.

The Peloton’s bike mat is not very thick. It is only 4mm thick. Yoga mats can have a thickness of 10 mm. This is almost one quarter inch.

However, I cannot give you any advice on the benefits and drawbacks of using a yoga mat as a part of your cycle. This is a common hack, but I don’t know if it works.

Alternatives to mats on Amazon

Amazon is a popular alternative to traditional shopping, as I mentioned above. I have linked to several of them below. I have also included the Cyclingdeal mat. This seems to be a very popular choice among Peloton owners.

Amazon isn’t the only site that sells bike mats. I found a similar bike mat on and one on Wayfair. Did you know that sells bike mats Nevertheless, I have also included these shopping options.

I also made sure that you had options available at a lower price than the Peloton website. What good is a second option that costs more?

You can also use your exercise mat purchased from Peloton to do yoga, as I have mentioned. My Gaiam yoga pad is what I use when I practice Peloton Yoga.

Recently, I purchased a 10 mm thick. Those few extra millimeters make a big difference in my knees when I am a cat cow. This is compared to the Peloton mat, which measures only 5mm thick. Here are some Gaiam products that you might consider adding to your practice of yoga.


Peloton bikes can get dust and debris in their delicate parts, such as the chain, if they are placed on unfinished flooring. It might also become humid from the floor, which could cause bike damage. Your expensive flooring will also be affected by the impact of the heavy bike. It is important to have a 2-way protection. This is possible by using the best mat for peloton floor and carpet, which protects both the bike as well as the flooring.

Peloton Matt (Matt Wilpers)

Are you looking for Peloton Matt? I assume you are looking for information on Matt Wilpers, the Peloton instructor.

Matt Wilpers is a Tread instructor and teaches on the bicycle. He is also the founder and instructor of Power Zone cycling classes. Matt Wilpers offers remote bike fitting via FaceTime. I was able to have one fitted and reviewed the service.

If you are looking for quotes from Matt, you might want to check out my post on Peloton instructor quotations. You’ll find many gift ideas there, including milestone gifts and fun swag featuring well-known quotes by some of the most prominent Peloton instructors, such as Matt Wilpers.

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