The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Indoor Cycling Shoes

An interesting fact about Peloton bikes is that it’s recommended to use indoor cycling shoes.

Yes, the Peloton bicycle has Delta-compatible cleats. These can be added to any pair of Peloton shoes or any other bike shoes with three-screw holes. While you can technically ride with your sneakers, Peloton recommends indoor cycling shoes.

Peloton is not the only company who recommends indoor cycling shoes. SoulCycle and NordicTrack as well as Bowflex all recommend using spin footwear for their at home bikes. Here’s a quick reminder: There are two types of cycling cleats. The triangular-shaped Delta cleats have a more open pedal attachment. SPD cleats are two bolts that are recessed into the sole of your shoes.

But why would you want indoor spin shoes? It all comes down to the pressure you put on your foot, says Hannah Corbin , Peloton instructor . She says that riding in a toe box will cause riders to dig in their toes, to both stay in the cage and try to create power. This will make the Achilles and calves angry and it is mentally exhausting to feel like you’re about to fall out of the cage.

Connecting a cleat to your bike will increase power, as the cleat can allow you to pedal in 360 degrees. Corbin says this invites the quads to sweat and allows the hamstrings in to the fun.

Corbin explains what you should look for when choosing a cycling shoe.

  • A bigger size . Most cycling shoes are small. Corbin states that you need a few millimeters space. If you don’t know how to measure it, try to not to smush the feet.
  • The sole. Corbin advises that you want one that does not feel brittle when you step on it.
  • You might consider spending a little. A good pair of cycling shoes is essential for regular riders. Corbin says that cheaper shoes may have a cheap sole, which will cause your muscles to work overtime to stay stable. Don’t be afraid of spending a bit more.

You should also ensure that the shoes you purchase are compatible with the cleats on your bike.

These are the top options for anyone looking to buy a new pair of cycling shoes or upgrade their existing ones.

Best indoor cycling shoes

Peloton cycling shoes

Peloton shoes are a great option if you own a bike. The $125 pair has a breathable upper that is compatible with Delta cleats and is comfortable. The base features a mesh vent to keep your feet cool and dry. To ensure a perfect fit, the shoes feature a quick ratchet clip as well as velcro straps. Oh! They also come with cleats. You can find Peloton Bicycle Shoes here.

Shimano SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe

Shimano’s SHRP100 is compatible to SPD and delta cleats. This makes them very versatile. Although the cleats cost $85, they are still very affordable. However, reviewers say you get a lot for your money. They have a lightweight, stiff sole made of fiberglass that provides a good transfer. To ensure a snug fit, the entire thing is secured with a double strap closure. The ShimanoSH-RP1 High-Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe are available here.

Specialized Torch 1.0

Specialized’s $110 Torch 2.0 cleats are Delta compatible thanks to their three-bolt cleat design. Specially designed footbeds have been tested to increase power and decrease the chance of injury. You will also get more out of your pedaling because the sole is lightweight and stiff. The Specialized Torch 2.0 is available here.

Tiem Slipstream

You are looking for a shoe that feels more like a sneaker? It’s here. The Tiem Slipstreams are $130 and pack all the best features in an indoor cycling shoe. This sneaker features an adjustable hook-and loop strap and a mesh upper that wicks moisture away from your feet while you pedal. SPD cleats allow you to lock-in. The Tiem slipstream is available.

Scurtain Unisex Cycling Shoes

These indoor cycling shoes are a bestseller on Amazon. These shoes are available in a range of prices from $46 to $67 depending on the size and color you prefer. They have a faux leather upper that has venting holes for your feet to dry your feet while you exercise. The shoes have a soft, cushioned, memory foam insole with a mesh lining for maximum comfort. A slip-on closure with an adjustable rotating buckle makes it easy to get into and out of your shoes quickly.

Pearl Izumi Women’s Vesta Studio Cycling Shoe

The Vesta $125 sneakers by Pearl Izumi are made to feel and look like regular sneakers, but have two-bolt SPD pedal cleats that can be used indoors. The shoes have a comfortable mesh front that is breathable and a recessed design cleat which makes them easy to wear. These shoes are stiff enough to allow for strong pedaling but have enough flexibility in the toe to allow you to walk normally. The Pearl Izumi Women’s Vesta Studio Cycling Shoe is available.

Nike SuperRep Cycle

SuperRep fans can enjoy the Nike quality while still enjoying all the essential features of an indoor cycling shoe. These shoes cost $90 and feature a lightweight mesh upper with vents at the sole. The shoes have adjustable hook-and-loop straps that hold your foot in place while you pedal. A stiff internal plate provides a great return. Cool perk: The rubber under your heel and toe provides you with traction as you move to and from the bike. These shoes can be used with any major cleat system. The Nike SuperRep cycle is available.

Soul Cycle Legend 2.0 Cycling Shoes

The Legend 2.0 shoes were created for SoulCycle fans and allow them to enjoy the full SoulCycle experience at their home. The shoes cost $215 but are built to last. The shoes have a breathable upper that provides extra durability at the toe, and the insole is sock-like. You can adjust the shoes while riding on your bike. The Soul Cycle Legend2.0 Cycling Shoes are available here.

Venzo Riding Shoes

Venzo’s indoor cycling shoes were made for Peloton bikes. These $125 shoes will work with any type of cleat and include Delta cleats. They dry quickly and feature a mesh upper. You can get a snug fit with a removable sockliner. The Venzo Riding Shoes are available.

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