Step Up Your Game with the Best Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes

My first pair of road shoes was a discontinued and discounted model of Pearl Izumi Mountain Bike Shoes. I began my cycling journey with a very limited budget. They are still my favorite shoe for gravel, CX and bad weather riding. I was thrilled to see that Pearl Izumi had updated some of their iconic cycling shoes to keep them technologically-advanced and fashionable for the new year.

We trust Pearl Izumi’s quality, and they make some of our favourite cycling gear, including shortsto jerseys. Let’s look at Pearl Izumi’s selection of cycling-specific shoes. This includes the best from their range of high-end, mid-range, and mountain bike shoes as well as gravel shoes.

High-End Pearl Izumi Road Shoes

Two models of high-end shoes for road are offered by Pearl Izumi. One model is designed specifically for men and the other is made for women. There is no reason women shouldn’t be able to wear a man’s shoe, and vice versa.

High-end road shoes are lightweight and stiff so that you can pedal as hard as possible without feeling weighed down. These shoes fit the theme of high-end road bikes - trying to reduce weight where possible. Most high-end shoes, including the Pro Road V5, are available in three bolt cleat configurations.

Pro Road V5

Two years of hard work have paid off and the Pro Road V5 has been redesigned with a lighter upper shoe and a stiffer, carbon sole. This will save you 22% on your shoe weight. The upper shoe features a knit design that increases flexibility and ventilation.

Dual Boa’s fit system allows you to adjust your shoes quickly and easily with micro-adjustments. The shoes are small and slim so it is advisable to order half a size larger. It is important to note that these shoes only come in the three-bolt classic road shoe system. This means that unless you have an adapter, these will not be compatible with your SPD cleats. Both men’s- and women’s sizes are available for the Pro Road V5.

The high price tag is not without its benefits. If $400 is beyond your means, you can still get a shoe that fits within your budget.

Mid-Range Pearl Izumi Road Shoes

You can still get a great cycling shoe with many benefits from a mid-range option. The price range won’t include full carbon soles, so you’ll likely lose some weight. There are four models for men and four for women. You have many options. You can still get a stylish, fast shoe at a fraction of the price.

Attack Road

The Attack Road shoe is one example. This shoe was created to compete with more expensive cycling shoes. A single boa system is cheaper than a dual one. It provides even pressure to the feet for a more comfortable fit. The little boost at the heel allows for more comfortable walking, should it be necessary to get off the bike.

The carbon insert aids power transfer without having to spend the large sum of a full carbon sole. These inserts are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and come with cleats for both two-bolt or three-bolt cleats.

You may also want to attach walking adapters to your cleats in case you have to walk a lot.

Pearl Izumi Mountain Bike Shoes

A good mountain bike shoe made of nylon will have a firm fit. It can be stiff enough to pedal hard but flexible enough for you to climb off-road or shift your weight on the bike. It must have great grip, good fit, breathability, foot protection, and excellent grip. Two bolt/SPD compatible mountain bike shoes can be used to shed mud and easily clip in and out for technical terrain.

Pearl Izumi offers four women’s and five men’s mountain bike shoes. There are also a variety of flat-pedal and all-road grippy kicks.

Summit X-Alp

The Summit is a popular mountain bike shoe in Pearl Izumi’s lineup. The shoe features a combination Boa Fit System and Velcro straps for a comfortable, flexible fit. The sole is made of a nylon composite for a balanced pedaling performance and easy walking. It also has a rubber outer sole which provides a lot of grip. The ventilation system helps dry the shoe faster and protects your feet.

The X-Alp Summit can be used with two bolts or SPD, making it the industry standard in mountain biking and gravel riding.

Pearl Izumi Gravel Cycling Shoes

The gravel category in Pearl Izumi is last but not least. Gravel bikinghas been very popular in recent years, and many cyclists find that slightly modified gear is the best. You get the best of both worlds with a gravel shoe. If you only have one pair to choose from, this is the one. Gravel shoes are lighter and stiffer than road shoes but still provide enough grip to handle tricky hike-abike sections. Although they offer less protection than mountain bikes shoes, they still provide plenty of ventilation for hill climbs. They are designed to be compatible with SPD/2 bolt-cleat systems.

Pearl Izumi has two shoes that are specifically made for gravel, as well as a range of flat and all-road shoes. The X-Alp Gravel Shoe is the most distinctive of all the shoes.

X-Alp Gravel

The X-Alp Gravel truly is the best of both gravel and mountain worlds. It offers a remarkable balance between pedaling stiffness and walking comfort. This option offers comfort and speed on both off-road and on-road adventures thanks to a vibration-damping heel, extra protection for the feet, and extra toe protection. You’ll also enjoy plenty of breathability, a snug fit and a Boa closure.

It is a must-have investment to ride in cycling shoes. With their high-performance, stylish shoes for cycling, Pearl Izumi offers a wide range of options.

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