Best Pedals for Peloton Bike that Give Better Power Transfer and Rotation

Peloton bikes come with their own pedals. They are clipless and compatible with three-hole-cleats, specifically Look Delta or SPD-SL. The spindle thread is 9/16?.

Unfortunately, as with all spin bike pedals, their lifespan is very short. Peloton bike pedals last only for one year. You could also have other spin shoes you want to use but that are not compatible with the pedals.

There are many pedals that can be used with your bike, even though they are not from the peloton brand. This article was born out of the need to be careful when selecting pedals.

Peloton bicycle pedals are a subject of many questions. I mean, hundreds. Many readers have written to me with questions ranging from “Why are my pedals clicking?”, “Can I ride my Peloton in sneakers?” to “How can I remove my Peloton shoes off the pedals?"

It makes perfect sense. The Peloton pedals for spinning may seem strange and intimidating if you are new to the sport.

I remember that I tried to balance in my sneakers while riding on regular Peloton pedals when the bike arrived in 2016. Bad idea. I kept falling off the pedals because they are too small. I am lucky I didn’t injure myself.

It is important that I mention that I wasn’t new to spinning. I had been taking cycling classes at my gym for many years.

Spin bikes with pedals

All the bikes at the gym were fitted with SPD pedals. This is one type of “clip” (or “cleat”) that can be attached to the bottoms of spin shoes. Look Delta is the other type, which has a triangle shape.

Even so, my sneakers were always with me when I was spinning. The reason is that the pedals of the gym bikes had toe or shoe cages. These are the ones where your shoe is slipped into the strap or cage, rather than being clipped into the pedal. My outdoor bike had a cage.

6 Best Peloton Bike Pedals: Delta, Flat & Best Spd Pedals for Peloton

Here are 7 top-rated pedals that work with peloton. They were chosen based on material, performance, and real customer reviews. If you’re in a rush, let’s take a quick look. You can also find detailed reviews for every Spd SL, Delta Flat, Duel.

  • Venzo CNC Pedals - Best Shimano Spd & Look Delta Option for Peloton Bike
  • BV Bike - Shimano SPD & Flat Compatible Dual Sided Pedals for Peloton
  • Wellgo E229 - Dual Sided Best Shimano Spd Pedals for Peloton Bike
  • Venzo Fitness - Best Spd Pedals for Peloton Bike with Toe Clips
  • Shimano Unisex - SPD-SL Pedals for Peloton: Perfect Fit for Peloton
  • BV Pedals - Both Shimano SPD and Look Delta Option that Compatible with Peloton

Let’s get started with the complete review of peloton bike pedals:

1. Venzo CNC Pedals - Best Spd And Look Delta Option for Peloton Bike

The pedals are made specifically for spin bikes and meet all of their requirements. Let’s take a look at the specifications.

The pedals are made from a strong, die-cast aluminum body. The metal is also very durable, making it both safe for you and your bike.

The CNC Cr-Mo 9/16 inch axle is also suited for peloton bikes. Your rides will be smoother thanks to sealed bearings.

Third, the pedals have adjustable cleat tension which allows for a smooth clip in or out. You can adjust the tension of the pedals by turning a screw from the side.

Fourth, they can be used with either Look Delta shoes or Shimano SPDMTB shoes. The package includes a pair of 9-degree float Look Delta shoes and a set Shimano SPD.

The pedals are lightweight at 1.27lbs and spread across the 87 by 91 mm.


  • Highly compatible with the peloton bike and recommended
  • Strong, durable material.
  • Dual functionality means you have two options for your cycling shoes.
  • 2 sets of cleats in a gift box


  • Although the pedals can be quite costly, they are well worth it.

Available on Amazon

2. BV Bike - Shimano SPD & Flat Compatible Dual Sided Pedals for Peloton

You probably know that you can ride the peloton with either regular or cycling shoes. These pedals can be used with any type of shoe, and the accessories will make it easy. The package also includes a set of steel SPD cleats and toe clips as well as straps.

You have two choices when it comes to riding shoes with pedals. You have two options: non-cycling shoes with the straps and toe clips, or cycling shoes that have the cleats.

They are compatible with 9/16 inch spindles, making them suitable for peloton bikes.

The ED-painted aluminum frame and high quality nylon straps make the pedals durable and high quality. The clips and straps are pre-installed to the pedals. However, they can be removed if you don’t use them.

The pedals can be used with Shimano SPD shoes.


  • You can use the shoes for both casual and cycling.
  • Additional accessories, cleats and clips with straps are included.
  • High quality material makes it durable.


  • SPD cycling shoes are better than peloton shoes.

Available on Amazon

3. Wellgo E229 - Dual Sided Best Shimano Spd Pedals for Peloton Bike

These heavy-duty aluminum pedals are worth looking at if durability is your concern. They are extremely strong and come with a 2-year warranty to ensure a longer life span.

The pedals are SPD compatible and come with SPD cleats. These will be required if you have previously used peloton shoes to get the new pedals. The pedals also have clip straps, which you can use to wear casual sneakers.

The length of the Cr-Mo axle is 9/16 inches thread. This makes it ideal for installation in peloton. The pedals have 3 sealed bearings for smooth rides.

The pedals weigh 790 grams due to their high-density materials and large size. They measure 100.5 x 79 x 34 mm.


  • High-density, durable aluminum material.
  • Package includes shoe cleats and toe clip straps.
  • Thanks to the sealed bearings, smooth rides


  • Although the pedals are a little heavy, their durability makes up for it.

Available on Amazon

4. Venzo Fitness - Best Spd Pedals for Peloton Bike with Toe Clips

You can have a road feeling right at your home, on your peloton. These Venzo pedals are compatible with the peloton.

The pedals are designed for spin bikes and have the best sizing and properties. They are made of heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum for strength and durability. The pedals will last for a long time, regardless of how intense your workout is.

The platform measures 105 x 78 mm and weighs 744g to promote stability. You can focus on your workout knowing your feet won’t slip. The spindle thread is made of Cr-Mo 9/16 inch to fit perfectly the peloton crank arm.

The cleat tension can be adjusted by the pedals to suit your spin needs.

The best thing about this is that you can wear casual shoes as well as clip-in shoes. The pedals will increase the efficiency of your shoes in energy transfer. Clip-in shoes have a wider platform. Toe clips can be used for casual shoe wear.

The package also includes toe clips and cleats. This package saves you the hassle of purchasing an additional package.

The shoes can be used with any Shimano SPD MTB Cleat system. These pedals will make it easy to change your peloton shoe.


  • Compatible with the peloton bike and allows for the use MTB shoes.
  • Adjustable cleat tension
  • Comes with toe clips, cleats and toe clips.


  • Some people feel the pedals are heavier than others, but they compensate by being strong and quality.

Available on Amazon

5. Shimano Unisex - SPD-SL Pedals for Peloton: Perfect Fit for Peloton

You can still use your SPD-SL shoe shoes cleats with Shimano unisex. The SPD-SL and SPD-SL pedals have single sides.

The pedals can be used as a replacement for the peloton pedals by being 9/16 inches long and featuring a chromoly-steel pedal axle.

The bearings are sealed to protect the crack arm and provide smooth spinning sessions.

The pedals can be used to adjust the tension in your cleats. It can release tension up to 30 degrees.

The lightweight 6.7x6.3x2 inches pedals weigh in at 1.76 ounces. You will also receive a set of cleats to help you get started with your new pedals.


  • You can use your peloton shoes while spinning.
  • Adjustable cleat tension
  • Cleats included in the deal
  • Quality and durability.
  • It is easy to install.


  • They will need oiling to make it easy to clip in and out. However, one is enough to get you started.

Available on Amazon

6. BV Pedals - Both Shimano SPD and Look Delta Option that Compatible with Peloton

Many bike studios use SPD-style design cleats, so it is not surprising that most spinning enthusiasts will own SPD cycling shoes. This BV set is great for those who also own a Peloton, and want pedals that work with both SPD and Look Delta systems. The shoes can be worn with either Look Delta or SPD shoes, depending upon your preference.

The pedals are made of high-quality heavy aluminium, which is extremely durable. The ED coating prevents corrosion and rusting, which enhances long-term durability. The pedals come with a 1-year warranty, which guarantees outstanding pedal quality.

The pedals have an adjustable cleat tension to ensure smooth clipping in and outside.

The pedals are also easy to install, so it won’t take long to change them. The manual is clear and helps you to keep the thread safe.


  • Easy to use clip-in shoes
  • Durable and high quality construction
  • Use with Look Delta and SPD cleats


  • Shoes that are not suitable for cycling are not recommended

Available on Amazon

Can You Change the Pedals on a Peloton Bike?

Yes, you can. You should replace your pedals every year if they are made by peloton. You can also change the pedals to fit your cleat needs if you prefer other cleat types.

Can You Put SPD Pedals on a Peloton?

Yes, you can. You can. Most pedals that are compatible with peloton use the SPD cleat system. Your SPD pedals will work on peloton as long as the spindle thread fits the crank arm.

A Guide on How to Change Peloton Pedals

Let’s take you through the steps of changing the pedals on the peloton.

You will need:

  • The peloton Allen wrench
  • The new pedals


Step 1: Remove the Existing Pedals

First, take the pedals off your peloton bicycle. To loosen the pedals, twist the peloton Allen wrench.

Start with the left pedal. With the help of the wrench, turn it clockwise.

Next, you’ll need to turn the right pedal clockwise. You can then loosen the pedals and take them off.

Step 2: Install the New Pedals

You will need to locate the exact right and left pedals so that you can install them according to their respective positions. These will be marked on the package or simply written as R and L.

Oil or grease can be applied to the crank arm and spindle of your new pedals. This will soften your installation.

Now you can install the pedals. Install the pedals one at a time in their respective crank positions.

Twist the pedals clockwise and anti-clockwise.

You can then tighten the pedals using the wrench. When you feel resistance, it will be a sign that you are done.

Things To Consider: Buying Pedals for Peloton?

Compatibility with Peloton Bike

Peloton pedals that are compatible with your bike should be the best. The spindle should be no larger than the crank of your bike. The best thread size is 9/16 inches. Not only will it cause damage to your bike but also may cause injury during your workout. A smaller one can cause unexpectedly to fall off.

Quality and durability

The material and the performance of the pedals determine their quality. Quality pedals are made of strong materials like carbon, aluminum, and magnesium. The quality of the pedals will determine their performance.

You can also trust that a quality pedal will last longer than a year, even in the case with peloton.


So that you don’t feel stressed, the cost of the pedals must be within your budget. However, you must consider all other factors before deciding on the price. It is better to save money and wait than to buy poor quality pedals. You will end up spending more.

You will always find the right pedals at a fair price.

Platform Area

The platform area is the area where your feet will rest on the pedals. The more support you get, the larger the platform area. This improves stability and confidence, which in turn leads to improved performance.


Gifts can be impressive and can often solve a problem. If the pedals you are interested in come with extra clips, straps, cleats, or straps, this will add to their value. If the pedals you choose are durable and high quality, why not give them a token of appreciation?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I wear sneakers on peloton bike?

Yes, you can. You will only need toe straps or toe cages to secure your feet on the pedals.

Can you put on regular pedals on a peloton bike?

Yes, you can. You can use shoes and cleats from other systems, such as Look Keo or SPD. This is possible if you have the appropriate pedals for peloton.

What kind of pedals does peloton use?

Peloton has clipless pedals that utilize the Look Delta and SPDSL cleat systems. The bike can also use regular pedals that are suitable to spin bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my experience at the gym’s spin class. You probably landed here because you have questions about the Peloton pedals. Below are the top questions that blog readers most frequently ask about the Peloton pedals.

This post is a work in process. This means that as more people visit this site, they will ask different questions about the Peloton pedals. Then I can build on this post.

However, for now, I hope that you find the best answers and information to your questions about the Peloton pedals. Below are answers to over 30 common questions.

What type of pedal does a Peloton bicycle have?

You may be surprised to see that your bike has pedals that are not the same as a regular outdoor bike. If you are a regular road rider, you will be familiar with the pedals you need to clip in and out.

Look Delta pedals are a feature of the Peloton. Look Delta pedals are shoes that can be clipped in or removed. They are typically red, at least on the bottom of the Peloton brand shoe. They are also shaped like triangles. The name Delta is derived from this.

How do I clip into Peloton

This is how to connect your Peloton.

Begin by standing on the ground, with your bike straddling you. The second step is to point your “nose” towards the pedal with one foot.

Third, push until the Look Delta clip or clicks into the upward-bent portion of the pedal. Fourth, repeat the process with your other foot.

It may be easier to fit once your first foot is clipped in. Once you have placed one foot in, place the other on the seat, and then clip in your second foot.

How can I remove the Peloton pedal from my foot?

Clipping out is quite different from clipping in. This is a common problem for many. Perhaps you came here searching Google for the solution to your problem with unclipping your Peloton shoes.

Begin by sitting down on the bike. Next, push down on resistance knob and continue pushing down.

Push down while still moving your heel towards the Peloton bike frame. To unclip your shoe, you may need to raise your heel.

The resistance knob can be released. After removing your shoes from the Peloton have the foot unclipped on the floor. Do the same with your second foot.

Why can’t my Peloton pedal not allow me to take off my shoes?

Many people have trouble unclipping their shoes from Peloton, as we’ve seen. They end up putting their shoes on the Peloton pedals after they dismount.

If you are the only one riding the bike, this is a great way to deal with the Peloton pedals.

It is a good idea to learn how to unclip your shoes from a Peloton. There are two main tricks to unclipping shoes, especially if they are brand new or you have just tightened your cleats.

One trick is to push down on the resistance knob and try to unclip it.

The second trick is to push down on the resistance knob and turn your heel away from the Peloton bicycle.

In a few Ally Love post-ride stretching classes, I noticed that she will start on the bike. Before you can get off the bike to stretch she will show you how to unclip. If you’re in one of these classes, this is good instruction.

Love Ally Love? You can check out my post about the best Peloton instructor quotes. You can say yes or no!

Is it possible to change the pedals on the Peloton bicycle?

You can change the pedals of your bike. This could be done for many reasons.

You may choose to install pedals that fit a different type of bicycle shoe cleat such as SPD. You may also want to attach a toe box to your pedals so that you can wear regular or sneakers while you bike. You may also want to replace all your pedals.

How big is the Peloton pedal in inches?

When changing pedals, remember this: The Peloton crankshift or crank gear, or whatever you want to call it, has a specific size hole.

According to the Peloton support site, “The Peloton Bike uses standard 9/16” pedal connections. So, you’ll want to search for a pedal with a screw size of 9/16".

FYI: I discovered that there was a conversion to metric for the 9/16-inch size when searching for pedals on It’s 15 millimeters, or 15mm. This is the size of the tool you will need to install new pedals.

Are you looking for troubleshooting tips for Peloton issues? This blog post will help you.

Peloton makes toe cages

Peloton used sell pedals with toe-cage attachments. When we purchased our bike in 2016, we were offered the chance to purchase a second set with toe cages. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible.

FYI: Toe cages and shoe cages have straps that you can slip into your tennis shoes or regular sneakers. They may have been used at your hotel’s gym or fitness center.

What type of pedals does a hotel with Peloton bikes use?

Peloton hotels and hotels with Peloton bicycles often have shoe or toe cages, or pedals with straps. These pedals can be double-sided.

On the opposite side, you will usually find a SPD pedal. This means that you can take your SPD cleat-equipped spin shoes and attach them to your hotel bike.

This is my article on the hundreds hotels that have Peloton bikes installed in their gyms.

Are there any Peloton pedals that come with straps?

Peloton sells pedals with straps for $35. However, those pedals cannot be used with the Delta Look triangle-shaped cleats you wear with your Peloton shoes. They are intended to be used in hotels and gyms with Peloton bikes.

Performance Bike, an online bicycle retailer, sells toe clips straps you can attach to your pedals.

Are Peloton pedals compatible with SPD pedals?

You can swap out your Delta Look pedals with SPD pedals. A reader informed me that SPD shoes can be used on a Peloton bicycle. To do this, you will need to adjust the pedals of your Peloton bicycle.

You can buy SPD pedals from the following places: You can find SPD pedals at your local bike shop or Other specialty online retailers like these also have SPD pedals .

Do you see any reason to not switch to SPD for your Peloton pedals?

If you have already got SPD cleats-equipped cycling shoes, it is a good reason to swap your pedals out for SPD compatible ones. SPD cleats have two holes in the bottom of your shoes when attaching to the pedals. Peloton’s Delta cleats have three holes for attaching to your shoes’ bottoms.

This can save you money and allow you to make your old shoes into Peloton spins. You could also be violating your Peloton warranty by changing the pedals. This should be considered before you swap out your original Peloton pedals.

Do you know of pedals that can handle multiple types of cleats?

You may have different cycling shoes and are wondering if you should change the Peloton pedals. While you may be wearing the Look Delta cleat, someone else in the household might have SPD shoes.

Good news! I’ve just learned about a company called Fit 5 that has created a pedal that can accommodate_three_kinds of cleats: Delta (Look), Shimano (SPD) and KEO.

KEO pedals look almost like flat pedals. Clipless is the name given to them because they can be used on bikes or Pelotons without any special shoes.

How do you change the Peloton pedals

Peloton pedals can be changed easily. To remove the pedals, first you will need a 15mm tool to loosen them. You will need a 9/16" or 15mm pedal.

Keep in mind that the left and right pedals are attached differently. Their threading is different from each other so you don’t accidentally loosen your pedal when riding.

There are differences between the left and right Peloton pedals

To remove the right pedal, turn counterclockwise or to your left. To remove the left pedal, turn counterclockwise or to your right.

You can simply repeat the previous steps, but in the reverse direction, once the pedal is removed.

Your pedals should be labeled as left or right. If they are not, it will be obvious if your pedals are labeled as left or right.

What is the Peloton conversion Kit?

Peloton sells a conversion kit that converts pedals from Look Delta to another type. The conversion kit that we received when we bought our bike in 2016 included a set of new pedals with toe cages already attached.

According to Reddit I have read, the conversion kit was made only for commercial Peloton bikes. This means that hotels that have Pelotons in their gyms get the new pedals to allow them to have SPD-cleat-compatible pedals and toe cages.

Peloton toe boxes can be purchased from where?

Toe cages can be purchased for any pedal as long as it is the correct size. The 9/16" diameter of a Peloton pedal is 9/16". If you are purchasing a pedal that has a toe box attached, ensure you get this size.

You can also buy toe-cage accessories that attach to existing pedals. This is something I haven’t tried personally, so I don’t know how it works. However, I can recommend websites where you can purchase shoe cages and toe straps online.

What are the best Peloton toe cages?

I don’t have much experience with the different brands of toe cages so I can’t tell you which one is best. Nevertheless, I found some familiar brand names while researching this blog post. These were Shimano, Marque and Schwinn. Schwinn is a brand that I believe almost everyone can identify and share a positive opinion about.

How do you attach the toe cages to Peloton’s?

Peloton toe-cage toes are not like regular outdoor bikes, which might allow you to thread a toe box through the pedal. You will need a new pedal to attach the toe cage to your Peloton.

The toe cage will be attached to the new pedal. You will need to unscrew the original Peloton pedal, and then screw the new pedal with the attached toe cage.

Remember, one important thing: Peloton pedals use the 9/16 inch pedal connection size. If you are looking to purchase new pedals with toe-cages attached, ensure you select the 9/16’’ option.

Which toe cages work with Peloton and which are not?

We chose the toe cages already attached to our pedals when we needed pedals with toe protection that would work with our Peloton. Simply unscrew the pedal, and then screw the new one with the cages.

In this blog post I have offered alternatives that aren’t pedal-dependent. These are the kids that attach to the crankshaft or pedal. They should be compatible with Peloton, I’m assuming. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You can wear regular shoes with Peloton pedals.

You can only use regular shoes with Peloton pedals - and by regular shoes, I am assuming that you mean tennis shoes or sneakers - if you have toe or shoe cages.

Regular shoes can also be used to refer to regular cycling shoes. If your shoes have Look Delta cleats, you can use them. These are triangle-shaped cleats that attach to your shoe’s bottom with three holes.

If your shoes have a SPD cleat at the bottom, it is not necessary. Two holes are provided for attaching SPD cleats to your shoes’ bottoms. SPD pedals are popular among outdoor cyclists. Many people end up switching to SPD pedals from their Peloton pedals in order not to have new shoes.

This review contains more information about the Peloton bicycle shoes.

Peloton bikes can have pedals that you can swap between.

You can change the Peloton pedals, as I mentioned. If you have spin or cycling shoes that have SPD cleats, you may be able to swap them out for SPD pedals.

Are you able to put regular pedals on a Peloton bicycle?

Regular pedals are the ones you would find on a Peloton. Your riding will be more efficient if you attach your feet to the pedal with a cleated shoe.

There is an alternative to riding with regular pedals. Toe cages are designed to allow you to slip your shoes in. Outdoor bikes may have toe boxes. I know that I do.

Toe cages can be attached to the Peloton pedal. There are also toe cages that attach directly to the Delta Look cleat. These are the cleats that attach to your cycling shoes to hold the shoe to the pedal. Clipping in and out is what you do. A cleat’s toe cage is more sturdy.

When do I need to replace my Peloton pedals

This shocked me. Peloton recommends that you replace your pedals once every twelve months. This is exactly What Peloton has to say about pedals on their support page:

To avoid any failures due to wear and tear, stationary bikes should have their pedals replaced every year. To ensure your Peloton Bike’s continued good health, we recommend that you replace your pedals every year as part of your routine maintenance.


Which brand of pedal should I look for?

This is because I have not had to replace my pedals myself so I cannot give you an answer. The only thing I can say is that Shimano, a Shimano-brand of shoes that are compatible with Peloton-also makes pedals. Shimano is a respected brand in the world of cycling.

What pedals can be used with Peloton

Peloton bikes will work with pedals that are 9/16 inches in size as long as they fit.

Do the Peloton sandals need to be worn with the Peloton pedals

Another question that I must answer is yes or no.

The Peloton brand shoes don’t have to be worn with the Peloton pedals. Peloton pedals will work with any brand of bicycle shoe that has a triangle-shaped Look Delta cleat.

You must also wear cycling shoes that have the Peloton pedals. Make sure your pair can handle the Look Delta cleats. Learn more about Peloton shoes.

Why is my Peloton pedal clicking when I turn it on?

Peloton riders often complain about the noise from their bikes. They complain that the pedal is clicking and want it to stop.

First, the clicking is most likely at the bottom of your shoes. Recently, I bought new cycling shoes and needed to attach new cleats. I didn’t tighten the cleats enough with the Allen wrench (aka Allen wrench aka Allen key, aka Hex key) that I was using. After unclipping the clips, I tightened them more until the clicking stopped.

If you feel your pedal is not clicking, make sure to check your cleats.

If the pedals seem loose, you can tighten them with a 15mm wrench.

To drown out the sound, headphones are a good option. According to my experience, clicking or making noises is not indicative of a pedal falling off or something similar. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Are you allowed to wear sneakers while riding the Peloton?

You can only use sneakers on your Peloton if you have toe straps or shoe cages. You can also see the information above regarding regular pedals for a Peloton.

Where can I find replacement pedals to my Peloton bicycle?

Any cycling shop can sell replacement pedals. These retailers are recommended if you don’t live near a cycling shop.

Remember this, last but not least: If you decide to replace the pedals that came with your Peloton and you want them to fit the Look Delta cleat, it is best to do so in a comfortable pair.

What is the reason why my Peloton pedals are threading backwards?

Threading is not reversed. It is common for left and right bike pedals to thread in different ways. This ensures that you don’t accidentally unscrew your pedal when you pedal forwards or backwards.

To release your right pedal, turn the tool counterclockwise, anticlockwise, or to the side. Lefty Lucy is the right pedal. To tighten it, turn it clockwise or to the right. Or, Righty Tighty.

It is the opposite with the left pedal.

Turn the tool clockwise to loosen your left foot pedal. To tighten your left pedal, turn the tool clockwise or anticlockwise.

How do I change the Peloton pedal

You will need to remove the original pedal from the Peloton pedal in order to change it. Next, insert the new pedal into place and tighten.

These are two important points to remember.

First, it must be replaced with a 9/16" pedal. Remember that the left and right pedals are screwed in and unfastened in different directions as previously explained.

What is a Peloton shoe box?

A shoe basket can be described as either shoe straps, or toe cages. These are usually nylon straps or rubber cages that attach directly to the pedals. They allow you to slip tennis shoes or sneakers into them. They are used to prevent the purchase of cycling shoes.

Clipless pedals are still called clipless, but I have to still clip in.

This question was so confusing that I had to actually look it up. You see, I know that I push my cleats into pedals when I ride. How are they clipless?

Here’s the solution. Bike pedals used to have medal “clips”, which you could push your shoes into to attach them. These are the high-tech versions of the rubber shoe cages or shoe toes I mentioned earlier.

Even though those “clips” have been discontinued, we refer to using cleats for clipping in. However, manufacturers refer to shoes that have cleats or pedals that take the cleats as clipless.

What should I do if my Peloton pedals aren’t working?

Peloton can help you if your pedals are not working properly. They can be reached by phone or via the chat window on their website.

It is important to note that I used the Peloton pedal boxes before I bought my Peloton bike shoes. The pedal cages eventually caused problems.

That’s because when we tried to remove the pedals from their cages and mount them on the bike, the pedals broke. It was like shearing right off. Broke in half. It can be described however you like. They were completely inaccessible.

Peloton sent replacement parts free of charge when we called them. We were able to get new Peloton pedals for free. Last year, I heard of many people having problems with their pedals breaking. These suggestions may help them solve their pedal issue.


Peloton’s best feature is that you can use any pedals as long as the spindle thread measures 9/16??, strong enough to use on a spin bike. You can do more research on bike pedals for peloton if you base your research on these factors and then get on your sinbike.

You can find the best pedals for your peloton bike by adjusting your shoe and cleat preferences.

Did I leave out any questions regarding the Peloton bicycle pedals? If so, post a comment below. I will do my best to find you the answers that you need.

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