The Secrets to Finding the Best Road and Triathlon Bike Tires

For a moment, let’s forget about the top three tires on the market and focus instead on the characteristics that a tire must possess. A tire should be extremely light, fast, and impervious in ideal conditions. Unfortunately, this tire is not yet available. You can often have both of these characteristics.

Your riding style will determine the type of tire you require. For example, if your riding style is gravel backroads, or rough roads in the city, you will need a tire that can withstand puncture. In this instance, you might want to consider a gravel bicycle.

If you ride regularly on roads in summers where there isn’t much flotsam or jetsam, then lightweight race tires might be the best option.

There are three types of road bike tires

These are the most popular type of tire. They have an outer casing with an inner tube. These tires have several advantages. It’s easier to fix a flat by the side of the road. The cost of clinchers is lower than the other types. You will find the largest selection of clinchers in many bike shops. A clincher is a tire that can be used as a standard bike tire.

These are the tires that pro-riders use. These tires offer a premium experience because the tubes are sewn directly onto the outer casing. They are unbeatable at resisting pinch flats. They are lighter than clinchers and more easy to change.

Tubeless.No internal tube is required for tubeless tires. Instead, the tire and the edge are joined to form a seal. This seal is complemented by an exceptional valve stem and a fluid sealant within the tire. Extraordinary strips are required for airtight seals on most wheels. Only certain wheels will work with tubeless tires because the fit between the haggle and the wheel must be perfect. As cyclists become more comfortable with tubeless tires, we expect them to be more in demand over the next few years. More bike manufacturers will ship new models with tubeless-ready wheels.

We wrote an entire article comparing the most popular types of tire, tubular and clincher . If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please check it out.

Best Road and Tri Bike Tires

TireBest for
Vittoria Rubino ProExcellent all-around, excellent on wet surfaces
Continental Grand PrixRoll resistance is reduced; great for winding trails
Fortezza Quattro TriFor those who want to put a lot of miles on their tires; ideal for long distances
Continental GatorskinFlat-scaring riders are those who value minimizing their flats

We’ve ridden thousands of miles on tricycles and road bikes. We understand the frustration of too many flats and the joy of having a light, comfortable tire while you cruise down the road. These are the top three tires for a tricycle or road bike.


Vittoria Rubino Pro, our top pick.

Vittoria Rubino Pro Tire

Vittoria Industries is a leading manufacturer of tires. They are known for their outstanding quality and strength. Vittoria Industries offers a variety of off-road and road tires. No matter if it’s a local event or an international championship, you will always find Vittoria tires behind winners.

Rubino Pro (available on Amazon). is Vittoria’s most-loved tire.

  • This tire is our favorite all-purposeroadbike tire. The Rubino Pro tire is a combination of all the necessary elements that make it a great tire. Experts designed it, with special attention to making it suitable for racing events as well as training.
  • Superior Quality. The components that make Rubino Pro special are what makes it so unique. It is made of 3-compounds to ensure the highest speed, suppleness and grip. The extra protection of a thicker thread means that you don’t need to worry about unexpected punctures.
  • Graphene option. The Rubino’s Graphene model will give you two benefits: 1) A better grip on wet surfaces and 2) Better puncture resistance.

These tires have been a problem for riders who prefer the tubeless-ready option. Vittoria makes it difficult to tell which tire is tubeless-ready and which one is not. This has led to some customers being confused, who mistakenly believed they were purchasing tubeless tires. This review was based on a lot of miles on the Rubino Pro Clincher. To ensure that you get the tubeless-ready model you desire, make sure you do your research.


Continental Grand Prix. Durable and practical.

Continental Grand Prix Tire

Continental is a full-service bike tire manufacturer. Their product line will satisfy most cyclists. Their special rubber mix, made in Germany by the company, aims to revolutionize tire manufacturing. BlackChili compounds, which are used to make this tire, reduce rolling resistance by 26% in comparison to the average silica compounds.

The Grand Prix 5500 (here at Amazon ) is a tire we like. It has a great ride and has lasted a long time. The Grand Prix lineup has been a favorite of ours for many years. We’ve recommended the 3000, 4000 and 5000 series. These are an excellent line with great durability. Each upgrade brings about improved rolling speed, friction, and overall durability.

We especially like:

  • Neutral Design. Continental tires did not focus on looks but instead built solid tires that are suitable for all types and levels of cycling.
  • Excellent road grip. Black Chili compounds provide excellent road grip, making every ride easy.
  • Durable. These tires are durable. We have never had any flats. These tires can be used for many years and you will not get punctures as often as a lighter, thinner road tire.


Fortezza Quattro. High quality and robust construction. Perfect for extreme weather and road conditions.

Fortezza Quattro Tri Tire

Our third tire is Fortezza Quadro (on Amazon) which is a racing clincher. The double-overlapping casing provides a smooth ride and excellent cornering feel. Their recommended tire pressure is 145psi. However, your experience with the tires may be different if you do not maintain this pressure. This is why it takes third place on your list.

  • Unmatched strength. Fortezza Quattro’s high-quality polymers give it unmatched strength. Your tire will not go flat. The extra puncture-resistant coating can make it last up to 7000 miles.
  • Premium feel. Vredestein tires have a reputation for being grippy, responsive, and comfortable. Fortezza Quattro lives up to the Vredestein standards. It has all the features that you would expect from a tire. This tire is exceptional on wet and tricky roads.

Fortezza Quattro Tri tires are great for all terrain. However, we found one flaw. Fortezza Quattro Tri is the most popular choice of professional riders. However, it is heavier than modern-day tires. Modern tires are lighter than feathers and provide better acceleration.

Gatorskin: A tough bike tire option

Continental also offers a slightly heavier tire. It’s the Gatorskin (here on Amazon) and is bulletproof. Gatorskin is a well-known tire that hardcore cyclists use when punctures are possible.

Gatorskins have been ridden on pavement, gravel, limestone and pavement. These tires are made to last and won’t go flat. Although you may lose a little speed, it will be worth it over the long-term because you’ll need to stop less frequently to change a tire.

The Gatorskin is a great tire for people who ride on gravel, trail or pavement.

Gatorskin is a tire that’s heavier and designed to be ridden with less pressure. Duraskin rubber has very strong sidewalls and fewer punctures. They are stronger with more reinforcement and won’t fold as easily if you like to have a spare tire. These are great for those who want to have fewer road flats at their top priority. As we age, we appreciate the ability to move at a slower pace even though it means we have to stop more often. Get it here on Amazon.

Last Thoughts

These tires are suitable for both professional and seasonal cyclists. Each tire has its own benefits. These tires are high-quality and have unmatched road grip and puncture resistance.

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