Stay Visible on the Road: Best LED Safety Lights for Road Biking on the Market

They are tiny, blinking red or white lights that catch your attention when you come upon a cyclist. We have a secret: They work!

From experiments at Clemson University to those in Denmark , it has been shown that safety lights can be used by cyclists to reduce the risk of accidents by around 20%. The NTSa also found that bicycle deaths are most common between 6 and 9 p.m., which is when a light might be visible at dusk. Complete Tri believes that any improvement in cyclist safety on the roads should be taken into consideration.

You should invest in a reliable safety light for your road bike, no matter how dedicated you are. The right safety light can help prevent serious injuries or even fatal accidents. You are at risk of being hit by automobiles. However, there are steps you can take to minimize that risk.

There are many things to take into consideration if you have never bought a road bicycle safety light. You need to consider the size, mounting location, battery life, rechargeability, durability, and cost. This review includes the top safety lights available. We hope it helps you make an informed choice. Before you make a purchase, be sure to check out our reviews.

BLITZU Cyborg 180H

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This bright, ultra-bright bike light deserves to be on our list of top safety lights for bikes. Because it can fit on any bike, the Cyborg 180H is extremely versatile. This model is an upgrade to the Cyclops 120T, which was a best-seller for BLITZU. The Cyborg 180H is now 50% larger and 15% brighter, according to BLITZU. These are the key features of BLITZU Cyborg180H:

  • **Visibility.**BLITZU doesn’t joke around when it comes down to visibility. The Cyborg 180H’s headlights produce a wide beam of white light that can be seen from all angles. It emits up to 180 lumens. White lights are more visible than duller colors like yellow and other dark-colored lights. These headlights allow cyclists to see the road clearly. You’ll be able see all that is ahead of you as a cyclist.
  • Stability. You might ride on rocky terrain, or over large rocks you didn’t know existed. You may fall off your bike, and it could cause it to smash into the ground. The Cyborg 180H’s durable construction can withstand a two meter drop. Not only that, but the light is also water-resistant. Your lights will not turn off when it rains again. However, you need to be cautious.
  • **USB rechargeable.**There is nothing worse than replacing your electronics with new batteries. It is a waste of time and money to go to the nearest convenience store or gas station to replace your electronics. The Cyborg 180H bicycle light can be recharged via USB. You can now recharge your bike light simply by plugging it in to any USB power source, such as a computer or laptop. It takes only two hours to fully charge the Cyborg 180H. Plug the Cyborg 180H into a USB outlet next time you’re out for dinner. It will be amazing how quickly the batteries can come back to life.
  • Power modes and battery life. You can change to a lower power mode to prolong the Cyborg 180H’s battery life. It is important to choose a power mode that suits your needs. You don’t have to turn the power mode too high if you are biking in the morning. There are six modes: Strobe (runs for 2.5 hours),100% flashing (3 hours),50% flashing (5 hours), High(1.5 hours),Mid (2.25 hours), Low(6 hours).

Cycle Torch’s Bolt Combo

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This combo of a headlight and taillight deserves to be on our list of best safety lights for bikes. This product is not only affordable but also very genius. Bolt Combo lights can be installed at your front (at 20 lumens) and back (at ten lumens). This is a great way for maximum visibility in fog or rainy days. These are the key features of this Cycle Torch Bolt Combo.

  • **Visibility.**Like the Bolt Combo, it comes in a double set to give you as much visibility as possible. This will help attract attention from other vehicles.
  • **USB Rechargeable.**The Bolt Combo, just like BLITZU’s Cyborg 180H is also USB-rechargeable. You can quickly recharge your batteries with a USB cable and a USB power supply. Bolt Combo includes two charging cables. It takes just over two hours to fully recharge.
  • **Installation.**We have all had to struggle with installing safety lights in the past. Cycle Torch’s Bolt Combo installation is very simple. Both lights can be mounted on your bike in less than a minute. You can mount the lights on multiple bikes if you like riding them.
  • Compatibility. If you own multiple bikes, or plan to purchase more, these lights are a great choice. These lights are universally compatible with road, mountain, cruiser, and tandem bikes.
  • The Bolt Combo offers different battery life for the tail bolt and front bolt. The frontbolt has three power modes. High runs for 2.5 hours, Quick Flashing and Pulse (5-8 hours), and slow Flashing (8-10 hours). The rear boltalso offers three power modes: High (runs for five hours), Quick flashing&pulse (10-15 hours), and slow flashing (15-20 hours). These lights will make it feel like you’re able to ride a marathon.

KNOG Blinder Road R70 Rear Lamp

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This rear light from KNOG is the last road bike safety light worthy of a place on this review. This rear light can emit 70 lumens of bright red light. It’s super bright and can be attached to any bike to make it look like a car. Attach a blinder mob headlight to your bike’s front and the R70 rear light to your back. These are the key features of KNOG Blinder Road R70.

  • Waterproof, dustproof. If you want to ride in difficult terrains or weather conditions, the R70 is your best choice. The R70 lights should be seen by every driver, regardless of the conditions.
  • **Aerodynamics.**Performance is a key factor for any cyclist looking to purchase a bike. You can mount the Blinder Road R70 on any handlebars and posts of your bike. This makes it a very performance-driven product. This 52-gram rear lamp eliminates drag.
  • **USB Rechargeable.**Like the other two lights on the bike, the Blinder Road R70 can also be recharged via USB. This is an important feature for us, and many other cyclists. The R70 has a built-in USB stick. The USB charging cord is already included so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost.
  • Compatibility. This rear light is compatible with three interchangeable straps. They range in length from 22 mm up to 32 mm. This allows you attach the rear lights to almost any bike.
  • The Blinder Road R70’s power modes include battery life and power modes. These power modes can be used depending on what you do.

What should you look for in a roadbike safety light?

  • Size. Always choose a safety lamp that is compatible with your bike. It’s not worth buying a light that doesn’t fit your bike. Also, don’t buy lights that are too small as they will not be visible on the roads.
  • **Weight.**Some bike lights are larger than others. This is to produce more light. This can lead to a heavy product. You’ll need lighter lights if you intend to do tricks on your bike or go for a long ride.
  • You’ll have a completely different experience riding your bike. You might go on a short ride or a longer one. You never know when you will need it so make sure you choose a light that can handle longer rides.
  • Durability. We don’t want to make you spend your money. We recommend choosing bike lights that will last for many years. Bike lights should be able to withstand wear and tear, as well as rough terrain.
  • Waterproof. We all get wet in the rain so everything on your bike must be water-resistant. If you are caught in a downpour, make sure that the safety light you purchase will not be shorted or damaged.
  • Rechargeability. If you see a safety lamp that lasts for 5 hours, but takes 5 hours to charge up, then you have a problem. You should look for lights that can be charged quickly (USB compatibility). It shouldn’t be difficult to find an outlet to charge your bike.


These road safety lights were tested and researched extensively by us. We hope you enjoy our reviews. You will enjoy the sport for many years by using simple safety features and finding a good road bikethat fits well. Here are some suggestions to help you make your decision.

  • If you ride later in the afternoon (afternoon or night), the BLITZU Cyborg180H is the best choice.
  • If you have multiple bikes or want something affordable but still very effective, the Torch Bolt Combo is for you.
  • If you don’t have a headlight, use it with KNOG Blinder road R70 and your bike for more athletic purposes.

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