Keep Your Peloton Bike and Bike Plus Screen in Top Shape with These Must-Have Covers

You don’t want to have to clean the screen constantly. You must also read my thoughts if you are reading this.

There is no reason to be unhappy when the solution is just ten dollars away. Whether you’re using the Peloton Bike Plus or the original, we all want the best screen protector for your bike or peloton.

Best Screen Cover for Peloton Bike and Bike Plus

I will share screen covers I love for the peloton bicycle that are high-quality and affordable. The best thing about them is that they preserve our pride, the Peloton logo, and one even share what it is we love doing, sweating in the peloton bike ride!

1. Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Oxford Screen Cover for Peloton Bike Plus

Available on Amazon

Here’s a top-rated solution for your Peloton plus, which has an even larger screen than the original peloton bikes screen. This dust cover is made of high-quality, heavy-duty 600D polyester Oxford material. It enhances performance and durability.

The cover is also dust-proof and UV-rays-proof, protecting your screen. You don’t have to sacrifice your riding position to protect the screen from the sun’s rays.

It is easy to remove and install the cover from your screen. It doesn’t require any tools or time to figure out the shape.

Amazingly, even though the screen is not covered, the cover includes a peloton logo.

You might be wondering what happens if the cover does not meet your expectations. You can return the cover for a full refund.

2. CyclingDeal Polyester Oxford Dust Cover for the Peloton Bike

Available on Amazon

CyclingDeal offer a unique screen cover that is lightweight and strong for your original peloton screen. The cover weighs only 2.08 pounds and is easy to put on and take off while riding. One customer claimed that the cover was used while she rode the bike to cover screen content and focus on the TV.

The cover is also precisely the right size for your bike screen. It fits perfectly, creating a beautiful bike screen image.

The screen cover also features the peloton logo, which has been well-engraved at its back. It serves as a guide for the cover positioning and adds to a bike’s elegant look.

The 12-month warranty ensures top-quality material quality. It is a 420D polyester Oxford. It protects the screen from moisture and dust.

3. Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Oxford Peloton Bike Screen Cover

Available on Amazon

Do you want a screen protector that reminds you of yours? Ride and Sweat’s goals. This screen cover is an excellent addition to your peloton. This inscription is bold and cute. It matches the peloton bike workouts.

The best part is that the cover fits perfectly with the original peloton screen. It is designed for the screen!

The 600D polyester oxford cover is high-quality and durable. It offers long-term performance and durability. This material provides optimal protection against moisture, dust, and UV rays.

It is simple to put on and take off the cover. It is easy to store and remove when it is not in use.

If you are not satisfied with the quality or performance of the dust cover, you can return it for a full refund.

Why You Need the Peloton Screen Cover

The peloton screen protector protects the screen against dust and other particles. It does more than protect your screen from dust and other particles. Screen covers protect your screen from damage and UV rays.

The screen cover protects the screen from scratches by pets and children, which could cause damage.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Screen Cover for Peloton Bike and Bike +


There are many screen cover sizes available for different screen sizes. Make sure the size of the screen you purchase is compatible with your bike screen. There are two sizes of peloton bikes: the bike plus and the original screen. When making a purchase, check which bike screen the cover will fit.


Identify high-quality cover material in terms of durability and performance. This will increase your satisfaction with the cover.


Lighter covers allow for greater versatility, so you can install them and take them off while riding.

cover Design

Choose a cover for your Peloton bike screen that fits comfortably and doesn’t look bulky. It will give your screen a sophisticated look. The cover’s inscriptions add a beautiful touch to the screen.


Usually, darker shades work best as screen covers. Because they make it easier to protect the screen from the sun’s rays, they are also easier to clean and maintain because they are easy to wipe.

In a Nutshell

Always strive to get the best from your screen cover for Peloton bike or bike plus. Ensure that at least the five factors listed above are in your favor. It should improve the efficiency of your peloton screen.

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