Stay Cool and Dry: Best Moisture-Wicking Workout Underwear

A Facebook group of Peloton enthusiasts had a lengthy discussion about the best workout underwear. In less than an hour, over 200 people had provided feedback on the best underwear for workout.

Several things were clear after I read through the discussion and added my opinions. Many people believe that no underwear is the best for working out. Natural. Naked. None.

For those who exercised, it was important that they didn’t wear any show-off underwear. They didn’t want to have any worrying about their panty lines. These no-show underwear lovers didn’t all wear the same thongs. We’ll be talking more about their choices soon.

Third, there is the worry about moisture. Moisture from sweating and other bodily fluids can also cause problems for women. For example, it was difficult to find suitable workout underwear during this time of month.

Why not write about the best workout underwear?

Peloton users found this a very intense topic in one Facebook group. Nearly 400 people had already posted their opinions on their workout underwear choices by the end of the day.

It was obvious that this was something that many people were interested in, even though it was only a small group of them. With so many people working out at home, it is possible that more people are wondering what the best underwear is to wear to run on the treadmill, do Pilates or yoga, or to take part in any other type of exercise class.

In this article, I will discuss the different types of underwear you should and shouldn’t wear when you exercise. I will discuss specific brands. I will also discuss the importance of the fabric used for underwear in moisture wicking and maintaining your cool.

Best underwear for working out

If this Facebook group were a random sample of exercisers, the answer to the question “What’s the best underwear for exercising?” would be no underwear. You can call it Commando, but Commando underwear is what many women wear to the gym. We’ll be talking more about this brand shortly.

Many women find that wearing no underwear is the best option. This held true regardless of whether the woman was running, spinning, or taking up yoga.

Peloton instructors wearing while working out

This no-underwear policy has been recommended by Peloton instructors. Christine D’Ercole, world champion cyclist, and Peloton instructor, has recommended that you not wear underwear when wearing a padded short for cycling or a short for cycling with chamois padding. Go au naturale.

Matt Wilpers is another Peloton instructor that wears padded shorts. Matt has not mentioned the need for underwear or his recommendations. However, other Peloton instructors have shared with me that they wear bib shorts and go without any underwear. These sleeveless sleeveless padded shorts are similar to a bodysuit.

Do not rub your saddle while you are in it

To avoid the waistbands rolling down and the shorts moving about while cycling, serious cyclists wear bibshorts. You run the risk for friction if things are moving.

Instructors like D’Ercole encourage and not wearing of underwear while riding. This is because friction is one reason. The more layers you have between your skin and the seat, as well as the padding of the shorts and seat, the greater chance for things to rub against each other. Trust me, friction is not something you want to be dealing with in any part of your body.

This article discusses friction, padded shorts, and other ways to make the Peloton chair more comfortable.

Exercise underwear and the moisture factor

Avoiding moisture buildup is another reason to skip underwear. Many women have seen the consequences of wearing a wet bathing suit. There is a good chance that you will get a yeast infection or another type of vaginal infection.

This is because yeast and bacteria love dark, warm places. Guess what your underwear looks like if you exercise for a while? It may sound gross and explicit, but this is the truth.

Even if you decide that no underwear is necessary for your workout, don’t wear it for too long. You should get out of sweaty clothes immediately and take a shower.

Don’t forget to put your sweaty clothes in the wash. They can become very smelly if they are left in a ball after a workout. It may seem impossible to remove body odor from wet workout clothes. Ask any parent who has had to deal with uniforms or sports equipment that were left in a bag at the gym for too long.

This is my article about how to remove sweat smell from workout clothes.

Moisture wicking fabrics

You can also keep your skin dry by choosing underwear and work clothes made from moisture-wicking fabrics. What is a moisture-wicking material? A fabric that moves moisture away form your body to the outside of the garment.

What fabrics are the most water-wicking?

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Synthetics

Even wool can wick moisture.

They are great for keeping you cool. They are also quick drying and great for athletic underwear.

Synthetics such as nylon and polyester are the best choice for underwear for exercising. Modal, which can be a synthetic blend, is also possible.

You can also use it as a workout underwear. Bamboo. This is what you might have seen in sheets that keep your cool.

, the Cariloha brand, is all about everything made of bamboo. Underwear that can be worn while exercising is included. Cariloha also offers a complete line of bamboo-based exercise attire.

Wool underwear is also available, although it may not be as scratchy and itchy as you think. Smart Wool makes wool clothing that will keep you warm and dry.

This type of wool underwear is mostly for men’s boxer shorts. These are ideal for exercising as they keep you dry and are also moisture-wicking. In this blog post, I will discuss the best underwear for men when working out.

Which fabric is the most moisture-wicking?

Cotton. Cotton underwear is best for gym wear. A clean pair of cotton pants might be nice for everyday wear. Cotton becomes soaked and stays that same way.

This article by REI does a great job explaining how different fabrics work together to wick away moisture. These fabrics are great at keeping you cool during exercise.

If you do choose to wear undies while training, don’t wear any with lace or other embellishments. You don’t want friction from lace edges and the like.

The best women’s workout underwear

There are many opinions on the best underwear for women to work out in. No show or seamless underwear are the best, as I said earlier. Thongs, which are no show and seamless, are best for others.

As we have seen, no underwear is necessary for women who are looking to work out. What if you don’t feel like going to the commando and want to exercise underwear? Here are some ideas.

Based on the type of underwear, I will break down the top women’s workout clothes. This will include sports thongs, sports panties, boy shorts and seamless, no-show thongs.

As mentioned, I will also provide suggestions for materials. Think synthetics and naturally moisture-wicking fabrics like bamboo and wool.

Women face a unique challenge at this time of the year. While you don’t want your gym to be canceled, it is important to not neglect your sanitary needs. Let me address your period and menstrual issues. I also recommend that you wear a leak-proof, comfortable underwear while exercising. This is also for women who suffer from stress incontinence, which can make it difficult to exercise comfortably.

This is my article about period panties

The best seamless underwear for working out

Let’s not forget about seamless underwear when it comes to finding the best. Many lingerie brands sell seamless underwear as no-show because there are no seams that can cause a rash. These seamless underwear are popular because they allow women to exercise comfortably.

When I refer to seamless, no-show underwear, I mean _regular_bikini, or hip hugger panties. Thongs are not what I am referring to. There is a separate section for them.

People recommend Victoria’s Secret, Reebok seamless hister and Somavanishing edge as great brands for seamless, no-show underwear you can wear while exercising.

The Best Seamless Wear for Working Out

When women are working out, they want seamless underwear. They are thinking about shorts, no-show panties and hipsters. They desire a seamless look with a slimming edge. These brands can meet this demand.


Bamboo Boyshort Briefs - Merlot


Womens Seamless Hipster Panties 5-Pack


Microfiber bikini with vanishing edge


No Show Cheeky Underwear

commando brand

Women’s Minimalist Boy shorts


The Seamless Hipster for Women

The best thong underwear to work out in

Although I have never worn a thong, I do know many people who do. Why do they choose a thong? The no-show look. You don’t need to worry about your underwear having any lines. Yes, I get it.

It’s not surprising that thong-wearing women love to exercise in thongs. You should choose thongs that are made of moisture-wicking materials, just as you would with other types of underwear. Even though a thong may not have much material, it should still be quick drying and able keep moisture away from the skin.

These are the top thong brands women love to wear while exercising.

Best Thong Underwear for Working Out

Thong-wearing women who exercise regularly will want to be able to wear them while they train. These are the top brands of thongs for exercising.


Hanky Pantky

Bare Necessities

Photo Credit

Victoria’s Secret

Seamless Mini Heart Thong Panty

Photo Credit

Under Armour

Women’s Pure Stretch Thong Underwear, 3-Pack


The No Show Thong

Photo Credit


6 Pack Kalon Women’s Nylon Spandex Thong Underwear

Wear workout clothes with built-in underwear

Running shorts with built-in underwear is one way to get around the question of what type of underwear you should wear. It turns out that even non-runners can do this.

Peloton bootcamp participants and other non-cycling class attendees are increasingly choosing to wear shorts that have built-in underwear. If their shorts already have a mesh or another type of panty, they don’t need to wear an additional pair of underwear.

These types of built-in running shorts can be found at brands such as Nike and Baleaf. Lululemon also offers shorts with a built in liner.

When searching for this type of short, you should look for phrases such as “interior liners”, “integrated boy shorts”, or “built in liners” or similar. The manufacturers may not refer to them as having built-in underwear, or any similar.

Here are a few examples.

Lined running shorts with built-in panties

Baleaf, Nike, and lululemon offer a variety of options for underwear that can be worn while you exercise. They do this by providing lined shorts that have a built in panty. You don’t need to have an extra pair of underwear. These are just a few examples that I came across.

Baleaf, Nike, and lululemon offer a variety of options for underwear that can be worn while you exercise. They do this by providing lined shorts that have a built in panty. You don’t need to have an extra pair of underwear. These are just a few examples that I came across.

Nike Tempo Script Shorts for Women

Nike Tempo Script Shorts for Women

These Baleaf High Cut Back and Hidden Pocket Split Leg Running shorts have a mesh brief.

Get 15% off with coupon code LEAH15

Get 15% off with coupon code LEAH15

Running shorts from the North Face

Running shorts from the North Face

2’’ Knitted Quick Dry Beach Board Board Shorts w Mesh Briefs

Save 15% with coupon code LEAH15

Underwear subscription services

One of most requested blog posts is about the best subscription boxes for women in America. It shouldn’t surprise that there are subscription services for underwear.

At least two of these underwear brands have been voted the best for women who exercise regularly. They include Meundies, Knix Leakproof, and Luv My Skivvies.

There are many other brands of underwear that you can also subscribe to. You can subscribe to Cratejoy online, which is a subscription box shopping mall. Below are links to the top-rated subscriptions for underwear, as well as those that I consider the best for exercise.

Best Underwear Subscription Services

A subscription box of underwear is a great way to keep up with the latest underwear news for exercise. These are the best.

Photo Credit

Luv my Skivvies

Photo Credit

Club Knix

Photo Credit


What are the best underwear to wear while working out?

As I said, many women choose not to wear underwear when exercising. This presents a problem for them when it comes time to have their period. If they are used to wearing a sanitary pad, this is a problem.

For exercising during your period, the best option is to wear period panties or leakproof panties that women wear for light incontinence (aka light incontinence). These pants can be used for exercise as they are designed to draw moisture away.

Knix is one of the brands I mentioned above in the subscription services for underwear. It’s not the only brand you can choose from. Modibodi is another option.

The Best Underwear for Workouts During Periods

If you are unsure of what to wear underwear when you have your period, the best option is to invest in period panties or menstrual lingerie. These are just a few examples.

Photo Credit


Buy Period Proof Bikini Pants - Leakproof Bikini Bottoms

Photo Credit


Hi-Waist period panties



The Original Period&Incontinence underwear

Best underwear for men working out

The Smartwool performance briefs for men are hands down the best underwear while working out, according to men. They’re loose enough to allow everything, ahem… breathe. The wool fabric keeps him cool and dry while also being moisture wicking.

Smartwool’s moisture-wicking underwear for men can be purchased at many retailers including Amazon, Backcountry, and REI. Here are some examples.

Men’s underwear should be supportive but not too tight. It is important to be breathable and moisture-wicking.

What is the best type of underwear to wear for working out? it is impossible to breathe down there. This would mean that boxer shorts are the best.

Wool Boxer Briefs: Best Underwear for Men

Wool is a water-wicking fabric, contrary to popular belief. This makes wool the ideal material for underwear during exercise. Smartwool and Icebreaker boxer briefs are the most popular underwear for working out according to men I spoke to.

Wool is a water-wicking fabric, contrary to popular belief. This makes wool the ideal material for underwear during exercise. Smartwool and Icebreaker boxer briefs are the most popular underwear for working out according to men I spoke to.



REI Co-op

REI Co-op


Final thoughts on the best workout underwear

It all comes down to your preferences when it comes to what kind of underwear you should wear while training. Are you comfortable going commando i.e. You can go naked in your running or bike shorts, yoga leggings, or biking shorts. If you aren’t, I believe I have a variety of options for your consideration. These include those who wear thongs and those who wear panties.

Men are also included in this mix. Because men deserve to know which underwear is best for them when they exercise.

Please let me know if you think I missed something or if you have any suggestions. If you are a Peloton fan like me, please visit #Leah_is_Pawsome at the LB. If we meet up, give me a high-five.

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