Retro Rides: Best Vintage Mountain Bikes to Take You Back in Time [Must-Read]

Modern mountain bikes are unique, and make biking more enjoyable and easy. Classic MTB models are still unbeatable in certain ways. They are elegant and durable. Most of them have steel frames. Old is indeed the best!

Are you looking to have a great riding experience on a classic bike? This article will help you find the perfect bike. We’ve compiled a list of the best vintage mountain bikes that you can still find on the market.

Top 5 Best Vintage Mountain Bikes


Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike

Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike was our first choice for the best retro-style mountain bike. This bike is super easy to ride because of its simple design. Its lightweight aluminum frame is 6061 aluminum construction for durability and ease of use. This MTB features an aluminum crown front suspension. It is 18.5 inches wide and can be used by riders between 5ft 7" and 6ft 2".

It also features front and rear derailleurs, as well as a freewheel with seven speeds. It also features a rapid-fire system with 21 speeds. You can have a great mountain biking experience. The bike also has front and rear mechanical disc brakes. They provide reliable and safe stopping power on all terrain. The bike’s dual-wall alloy rims fit 29x2.30 tires with maximum ease.


  • Durable frame and design
  • Brakes are reliable and convenient
  • Easy to use, therefore ideal for beginners
  • Shipping may cause some parts to be damaged

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Eurobike Mountain Bike

Next on the list is the Eurobike Mountain Bike. It comes with 27.5-inch wheels to give you a comfortable and perfect cycling performance. Besides, the 21-speed shifting system makes it fast and ensures efficient pedaling. With the dual disc brakes, you can expect an incredible stoppage power. Interestingly, this MTB comes 80% assembled. Other bike parts, tools, and user instructions are available for easy assembly.

It is also available in three different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. You can be sure of a smooth ride even if you are overweight. Eurobike Mountain Bike is built to last. This bike comes with a mini pump, making it even more affordable.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Gives reliable performance
  • Quite affordable
  • Some riders claim that the seat is uncomfortable

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Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

Are you looking to buy a lightweight, yet sturdy bicycle that can handle any type of riding? The Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike is the best choice. Its aluminum frame makes it lightweight, and will last for years, no matter how difficult the trails. The robust Schwinn suspension fork provides excellent cushioning against bumps and thumps. It provides a comfortable and durable riding experience.

It comes with 24 speed Shimano EZ shifters, front and rear Shimano derailleurs. Thus, you can rest assured to get smooth and efficient gear changes. Additionally, its dual mechanical disc brakes offer a precise stoppage on any trail. More importantly, the bike has a high profile double-wall alloy rims. They tend to be light and robust for extra longevity. The bike accommodates wheel sizes of 29-inches and comes ready to assemble.


  • Aluminum construction is strong and durable
  • Shifting gears is easy and quick
  • Reliable braking system
  • It is designed to provide cushioning on bumpy terrains
  • A little pricey

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Gravity 2020 Mountain Bike

Gravity Mountain Bike, an affordable and high-quality entry-level bicycle, is a great choice. It is made by a highly-respected manufacturer. Its 24 Shimano speedshifters are simple to use, depending on your speed goals. It also features adjustable suspension forks at the front and back. You can adjust the suspension forks to your riding experience with ease.

Other than that, you will find it with strong and lightweight double-wall rims. This guarantees you a perfect fit for a tire size of 26 by 2.1. Other than that, the hydro-formed aluminum frame allows for extended riding experience. The best part is, this MTB is available in different sizes to suit riders of varying heights. Plus, the three colors lets you find on that suits your style and décor desires.

  • This is the perfect guide for novice riders
  • Awesome design
  • You can choose from a variety of sizes and tints.
  • Best performance


  • Tires may wear out faster

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Schwinn High Timber - Best Vintage Steel Mountain bike

Our top pick is the Schwinn High timberMountain bike. This bike is a great choice for those who want to ride on varied terrains with maximum comfort. It is also very durable due to its steel frame construction. It can handle even the most difficult terrain with ease. The 21-speed Shimano shifters are combined with derailleurs to provide a smooth gear change.

The best part is that the front and rear aluminum linear-pull brakes provide real stoppage power when needed. It also has alloy wheels that offer incredible strength and durability. It is also perfect for all-terrain tires. The seat has a quick-release pin. You can adjust the seat’s height easily to achieve the ideal riding position.

  • Comfortable and high-quality ride
  • Excellent quality bike with exceptional performance
  • Precise braking performance


  • Shipping may cause some parts to be damaged

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Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Vintage Mountain Bike

A vintage bike is a source of pride for MTB enthusiasts. Many bike riders still prefer older models for a reason. Are you having trouble deciding which vintage mountain bike to buy? Are you unsure if the model you are considering buying will deliver a satisfying ride? This buying guide will help you to make an informed decision.


First, the frame is an essential part of any bike. Vintage bikes have the same frame design and construction as modern bikes. Most retro bikes have aluminum frames or steel frames. They are extremely strong and will last for years of intense biking. They are more durable than modern bikes. They are also easy to put on and take off.


Vintage bikes are unique because of their mechanical disc brakes. Many models have both front and rear brakes while others only have one. You should choose one that offers more reliable and convenient stopping power for all terrain. For ultimate confidence, think about the materials used to make the brake system.


Most vintage mountain bikes have low speed gear shift systems. Some bikes have multiple speed systems to suit different terrains. Some have seven speeds, while others can have up to 24. It is a good idea to choose the highest gear system.


Mountain bikes need tires. These bikes are best suited for different terrains so it is important to choose a bike with excellent design. This means that the bike should have durable wall rims to increase its durability. For top-notch traction, tires must be the right size and have a good grip pattern.

Ease of assembly

Vintage bikes are often assembled. You will need to complete the final assembly. To make the installation process easier, a good model should include all the necessary tools and user guides.


Are old mountain bikes any good?

Ask a true mountain biker and the answer is yes. These bikes can be used in many different ways. They are durable and elegant in appearance. They have low-speed shifters but most are quick and easy to use. These models are still loved by most mountain bikers today.

How long can a mountain bike last?

Durability is determined by the quality of the materials used to make an MTB. Mountain bikes are usually made of strong steel or aluminum. They are heavyweight and extremely durable, just like those made from steel. Aluminum bikes, on the other hand, are light and durable. An original MTB can last at least 20 years if it is maintained properly.

Which one is best: vintage or modern mountain bike?

Vintage mountain bikes are known for their durability and exceptional resilience on tough terrains. They are simple in design and feature elegant color schemes. They also have fewer features and lower speeds than modern models.

Modern mountain bikes are fashionable and stylish. These bikes have amazing features that will make your riding more enjoyable and comfortable. Your needs will determine which mountain bike you prefer, a vintage or current.

Final Words

In ancient times, vintage mountain bikes were the best-sellers in the biking industry. These bikes have seen some modifications over the years, but they still retain their retro-style. These bikes are still beloved by many riders because of their outstanding performance. Today, finding one is like discovering a hidden treasure.

You can choose from one of our top 5 best vintage mountains bikes that will suit your needs. Our buying guide will help you narrow down your choices to make the perfect choice.

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