Peloton Bike Vs Bowflex C6

The Battle for Home Cycling King: Bowflex C6 vs Peloton Bike

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It’s no secret that the Peloton bicycle is very popular. This popularity only grew during the pandemic. I will be the first to admit that I have wanted one of these cult-like bikes ever since a blogger introduced it to me in 2018.

With two children at home and a full-time editor, the gym is a distant memory. I have never felt a class or instructor-like atmosphere in any of my at-home workout programs. Although a Peloton Bicycle+ package was on my list, every time I tried to justify it, the $2,435 cost made it impossible for me to make the purchase. (Diapers! Food! 529 plans! ).

A short introduction to Boxflex C6 bicycle

The Bowflex C6 indoor bicycle was the first to be launched by Nautilus in October 2020. It promised a connected exercise experience and was half the price of a Peloton cycle. I knew I had got to test it.

The Bowflex C6 bicycle is available on starting at $999 and free standard shipping within the U.S. The JRNY app is compatible with it. The Bowflex comes with a 1-year JRNY membership (a value of $149) when you buy it.

The bike came with a mat and an optional setup for $1129, or you can build it yourself. I downloaded the peloton app on iOS and Android to get a 30-day free trial. The Peloton app costs $13 per month after the free trial (which is a significant savings considering that Peloton owners pay $39 per month). The Peloton app includes the unlimited library of classes and live classes. The Boxflex does not have a touchscreen, unlike the Peloton. Instead, riders can connect their smartphones or tablets to the Boxflex’s screen. I used my iPad with the bike’s tablet holder. If you prefer a larger screen, you can also connect via Apple TV and Chromecast. A new Peloton app has been released for Apple Watch. It makes it easier to view your fitness data on the move and even offers an app for Fire TV.

Other things I love about this bicycle? The bike is quiet and smooth. This is important when you don’t want to wake your baby. It features a backlit LCD metric console with 100 resistance levels and magnetic resistance, dual-sided pedals as well as a pair dumbbells weighing three pounds with easy-reach handles, a Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor, and a media/device tray.

Bowflex C6 is a high-quality spinning bike made by Nautilus. Peloton is another company that has dominated the indoor workout market for many years.

Peloton is more expensive than Bowflex C6. However, you can still use the Peloton App on Bowflex C6. Peloton bike owners have access to exclusive benefits that other spinning bikes can’t offer.

Bowflex C6 and Peloton bike: What’s the difference?

Both bikes have 100 resistance levels so there is no difference. The Bowflex C6 includes 3 lb. The Bowflex C6 comes with 3 lb dumbbells (which is an additional $55 price with a Peloton). The Bowflex bike can be worn with any shoe, unlike the Peloton, which recommends that you use their cycling shoes at $145. The Bowflex C6’s first year total cost is $1,005, while that of the Peloton’s is $2,738, which is a savings of over $1,680. You can view a detailed comparison of the bikes and their costs .

So which of the two bikes should I choose?

Peloton vs Bowflex C6 Comparison Summary Table

FeaturesPelotonBowflex C6
SizePeloton Bike: 59 in x 22 in (150 cm x 56 cm) Peloton: 59 in x 23 in (150 cm x 58 cm)48.7″ L x 21.2″ W x 51.8″ H (123.6cm x 53.8cm x 131.6cm)
DisplayPeloton bike: 21.5-inch touchscreen Peloton bike +: 32 inches touchscreenLCD screen
Peloton WorkoutsPeloton unlimited Peloton digital appPeloton digital app, Zwift, iFit Coach, Echelon
In-built workoutspresentabsent
Live Classespresentabsent
On-demand classespresentabsent
Monthly membership cost$39 per monthDepends on the app
Pedal typeLook DeltaDual, SPD, and toe clip
ShoesLook Delta, SPD-SLSPD, casual non-cycling shoes
Casual sneakers on the brand pedalsNoYes
Type of resistanceMagneticMagnetic
Resistance levels100100
Maximum user weight305lbs330lbs
Heart rate monitor inclusionNoYes
Dumbbells inclusionNoYes
Military discountAbsentPresent
Warranty12-month guarantee on parts, labor, and accessories 5-year on frame10-years guarantee on the frame, three years on all mechanical parts, and one year on labor
ModelsPeloton bike Peloton bike plusBowflex C6

Similarities Between Peloton and Bowflex C6

We will first look at the features that rhyme while examining the two bikes.

1. Quality

Peloton is a product made by the Peloton company. Bowflex C6 is manufactured by Nautilus. Both companies are known for producing high quality products. Although Nautilus might not be a spin bike manufacturer, its other products are top-notch. It was obvious that their bikes would be of equal quality.

Peloton is dedicated bikes and treadmills. The bikes are high quality and well worth the high price.

2. Resistance

Bowflex C6 and Peloton both use the same type resistance, which is magnetic. The bikes have 100 levels of resistance, which is surprising considering their similarities. Both bikes are great choices if you want to maximize your biking experience.

3. Retailers and Delivery

Peloton and Bowflex C6 bikes are managed and distributed directly by the respective brands. Bowflex C6 can be purchased from Bowflex, and Peloton bikes are available from Peloton.

Moreover, both bikes come at free delivery. You only need to give your address once you have purchased the bike. The bike will be delivered within the shortest possible time.

4. Payment Plans

Both bikes can be purchased at the respective prices in the respective shops. Both bikes offer payment plans. Bowflex’s term is 18 months. Peloton’s payment plan is for 39 month, as it is more costly. With patience, you can still afford either bike even if you have a tight budget.

Differences Between Bowflex C6 and Peloton

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you might be distracted from one bike to another.

1. Cost.

Both bikes are high quality but Peloton is more expensive than Bowflex C6. There are two models: the Peloton and the Peloton plus. Peloton bike is $1495 and Peloton bike plus is $2495. Surprisingly, the Peloton bike is cheaper at $1495. This allows it to reach fans on a tight budget. The original price was $2245, but it dropped to $1895 when the bike plus was introduced. It is now only $1495

The Peloton bike’s low price is still a significant amount compared to Bowflex C6’s $999.

Peloton bikes are also expensive. A monthly subscription costs $39 and allows unlimited access to Peloton classes.

Bowflex offers several apps to choose from so that you can find a lower-cost option if you have a limited budget.

The Peloton bike does not offer the additional opportunity to be on the Leaderboard or keep track of your metrics during workouts. Bowflex C6 owners can still access all the benefits of Peloton workouts via the Peloton Digital App. To activate the subscription, they will only need $12.99

2. Classes

Peloton bikes allow you to create a community and provide a competitive environment for your classes. This is something Bowflex doesn’t offer. Peloton bike allows you to interact with other people during your workouts, so you feel connected, even if you live alone.

You will also be challenged to work harder and achieve your goals quicker by taking classes. With all the community support and competition you’ve been training with, the challenges are easy to overcome.

Bike owners have access to a variety of
Peloton classes. The digital app allows subscribers access to most live and on-demand Peloton classes. However,
scenic rides
can only be accessed by bike owners. Trust me, these scenic rides will take you to the best nature riding spots in the world that are only possible with our imagination.

Bowflex, on the other hand has ride apps that peloton bike owners don’t have. They can choose to use the
Peloton digital app or iFit
coach, Zwift, and even Echelon. The
heart-rate monitor
that comes with the bike can be connected to either one of these apps, giving riders freedom of choice.

3. Display

Peloton has an integrated screen that makes it easy to find the best workouts for you. The screen allows you to browse the thousands of workouts available in the Peloton library. You can also choose your course from live classes that are available every day.

The large screen on the Peloton bike is 21.5 inches. This is smaller than the 32 inch plus bike.

Bowflex C6 has an LCD screen that records metrics from your heart rate monitor.
To stream riding workouts
you will need an additional tablet. This is expensive and time-consuming.

4. User Weight

Bowflex is more flexible than Peloton when it comes to user weight. It can accommodate a maximum weight up to 330 pounds. This makes it a great choice for riders who are heavier than the Peloton bike. Peloton bikes can carry a maximum weight of 305 pounds.

5. Pedals

Both bikes have clipless pedal options. Bowflex takes it a step further by making its pedals dual. One side has clipless pedal options, while the other has toe cages. The SPD system cleats are used on the clipless side.

Dual pedals let users choose the type of ride they want. The clipped pedals can be used for casual riding and enable multiple riders to use the bike without having to wear cycling shoes. Clipless pedals provide maximum
power transfer for better performance when riders are attempting to achieve a difficult goal or riding hard.

Peloton’s bike pedals, on the other hand, are not clipless and use Look-compatible brake cleats. Because their shoes have rigid soles, they are better for power transfer than SPD pedals. Peloton compatible toe clips and toe cages are available if you’re looking for casual shoes.

6. Size, Weight, and Brands

Peloton bikes come in two versions: the Peloton Bike or the Peloton Bike plus. Both bikes are larger than Bowflex C6, which is 59? L x 53H x 23W and 59L x 59H x 22W respectively. Peloton bikes weigh 130 lbs each, while Bowflex is 106 lbs.

Bowflex C6 is slimmer and more compact, making it ideal for tight spaces. It measures

48.7? L x 21.2W x 51.8 H.

7. Military Discounts

Peloton doesn’t offer any military benefits for the bike. Peloton bikes are not often available with other discounts. Bowflex offers discounts for military personnel that make the bike even more affordable. You may also receive other discounts at the shop on special occasions.

8. Accessories

Peloton bikes are priced at $1495 and $2495, respectively. There are however cost-friendly packages available that include the bikes at an additional cost. Bowflex C6 at $999 comes with an armband, and a pair 3 pound dumbbells.

9. Warranty

Both bikes come with friendly warranty conditions because they are high quality products. Each warranty’s duration is different. Peloton bikes offer a 12-month warranty on parts, labor, accessories, and five years on the frame. Bowflex C6 offers a 10-year warranty on the frame, three-years on all mechanical parts and one year for labor.

Bowflex C6 Vs. peloton Bike: Which One Is Better?

Both bikes are great choices, but each person will decide what is best for them. Bowflex C6 is the best budget spin bike. It is cheaper than Peloton, even though it costs $999 per year. It also includes a heart rate armband, dumbbells, and a pair to get you spinning.

You also have the opportunity to receive friendly discounts on Labor Day and other important occasions. Bowflex C6 will also consider you if you are eligible for military benefits.

Peloton is the best option if you are looking for an active community that pushes your workout goals. Peloton bikes are more likely to help you reach your goals than Bowflex C6. This bike doesn’t require discipline, you just need to be part of a group and on the Leaderboard. This alone will push you beyond your limits.

Peloton is also a leader in indoor spinning, with its in-built classes, which are not available on Bowflex C6.

What are the downsides?

Although riders can connect to data sharing apps such as Strava, Apple Health and Google Fit, Sufferfest and Rouvy, FulGaz and TacX (which allow users to interact, train, and compete against other users), Peloton users will not be able see your class scores. You can stream the cycling classes using the Peloton App, but you won’t be able access to leaderboard participation or class metrics. You can still find your Peloton friend through their username and ride together in the same Peloton class.


Bowflex C6 and Peloton bikes are excellent options and attractive offers. Surprisingly no bike is better than its counterpart in terms quality and performance. It is possible to make your choice based on other features and costs.

I understand if you are budget conscious or think the Peloton is too costly at the moment. The Bowflex C6 could also be an option. Peloton was easy for me. I could access any of the workouts I wanted. You can even take a 10- to 20-minute ride if you don’t have the time for a longer ride. It’s a win for me, considering that it would only take 10-15 minutes to drive to the gym. Even though I don’t have the Peloton class leaderboard access, which may be a problem for competitive cyclists, I am more than happy to keep my beginner-cycler status. I felt so immersed in the classes thanks to the energetic instructors and the carefully-selected music that I didn’t want my name on the leaderboard. #Thankyouverymuch

Let’s just say the C6 was the Perloton hack that I needed to keep both my budget and fitness goals in check!

You can also compare the bikes head-to-head so you can make an informed decision before you buy your fitness bike.