Bowflex Max Trainer MT16: An Honest Review

The Bowflex Max Trainer 16 (Max Total 16), is Bowflex’s most advanced Max Trainer. We’ll be covering all details so you can decide if this elliptical/stairstepper hybrid is right for you.

Bowflex Max Trainer video review

What is the Bowflex Max trainer?

First, the Bowflex Max Trainer should be understood that it is not an elliptical. It is more like a combination of an elliptical&a stairstepper.

Ellipticals can be used for aerobic sessions with a lower intensity and take up more space. Stairsteppers are better suited for interval training of high intensity and take up less space.

The Bowflex Max Trainer strikes a good balance between both. It’s compact and takes up almost the same space as a Peloton bicycle. The Max Trainer is well-suited for any type of training, and I found it to be equally effective in both aerobic and intense work.

Bowflex Max Total 16 is now available

Bowflex Max trainers have been very popular for a long time, but the latest models now include a JRNY connected fitness membership.

The Max Total (MT16), has a 16-inch high definition touchscreen, which allows you to use JRNY.

There are other big differences in the Bowflex MT16

  • Six-grip handle bar system vs. four-grip system
  • 20 Resistance levels vs.
  • New dual rail design

The new six-grip handlebar system was my favorite. It allows you to adjust your body to allow for more focus and gives you the ability to work in different areas.

The MT16 is similar to the M9 or M6 Bowflex Max Trainer models. It has a new steel resistance dial, decent bluetooth speakers under the screen, and a heart-rate strap that can be connected via Bluetooth.

The MT16 has a built in USB charging port, large bottle holder and transport wheels, making it easy to maneuver the Max Trainer.

JRNY Fitness App

Bowflex’s JRNY connected fitness service is a departure from other connected services like iFIT or Peloton. While this may seem disappointing to some, I believe that others will love the way the workouts are integrated.

The JRNY workouts can be broken down into three main

  • Adaptive exercises that can be adapted to your individual fitness level
  • Scenic Routes with over 50 stops. Your speed controls how fast you move.
  • Classes on-demand taught by a coach like popular programs such as Peloton

The best thing about JRNY is its ability to do all of the adaptive exercises while you watch any scenic ride, while watching any series on Netflix, HBO Max or Hulu, Amazon or Disney+ (membership not required).

After you have selected an adaptive workout, then you can choose which streaming service or scenic ride to view it. This will display a horizontal moveable line so that you can follow the workout and monitor your metrics.

JRNY cleverly integrates Netflix into the experience, unlike other connected fitness companies that literally patch their devices to block members from streaming Netflix. That was something I really appreciated, and it was a great way to push myself through difficult workouts while simultaneously watching Squid Games.

JRNY members are eligible for a free one-year Max Trainer membership. The membership costs $149 annually after that. This is less than half of the cost of many connected fitness services but it seems excessive considering how often new adaptive workouts and on-demand classes are added.

Final thoughts

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Bowflex Max Trainer and have enjoyed every moment of it. The Bowflex Max Trainer is quite expensive at $2,799. I recommend the Bowflex M6 for a similar piece of equipment, although it does not have a touchscreen.

Bowflex’s JRNY connected fitness service is not recommended if you are looking for the best instructor-led classes. The MT16 will be a good fit if you enjoy the idea of doing personalized workouts while watching your favorite films or shows.

Purchase Bowflex Max Trainers MT16 here

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