Experience the Magic of Bradley Rose's Peloton Workouts

Peloton welcomed a new instructor last week to its UK studio. Bradley Rose joins the rest of UK team via a recent announcement on the Peloton blog.

Bradley was born in Norfolk, England, where it was obvious from an early age that he had a natural talent for mastering any sport. As a child, Bradley excelled in cricket. He even spent some time as a teenager at one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world.

Bradley became a professional actor after experiencing the thrill of competitive sports.

After graduating from Brighton University, he was inspired by his dream and decided to take a leap of faith and move to New York City.

Bradley made the move to New York after he had spent ten years onscreen. He appeared in many TV series and movies. Bradley’s flawlessly coiffed hair and British charm are not fooling anyone. He’s not a gifted actor.

Bradley took his first class last week. It received rave reviews from the Peloton community. Many people also claimed that they PR’d the ride.

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