See What the Pros are Watching: The Best Cycling DVDs and Videos

Sometimes riding on the roads or on trails outside isn’t ideal. Maybe you have a limited time or it is raining. If you live in Northern climates, outdoor cycling may be too difficult due to the cold temperatures. In such cases, it is time to cycle indoors in the winter. A DVD or video is a great way to work out in such situations. You can take your bike to an indoor bike trainer or spin class.

A DVD can help you to follow your exercise plan, whether you choose to train or use a stationary trainer. While many videos can be streamed nowadays, many are still available on DVD. However, a DVD is the best option for most people due to its technical setup and the fact it works regardless of your internet connection.

Assuming you don’t have a smart bicycle trainer, then that is another story. You can use any app you like, from Peloton to Zwift, to get your workouts in.

The good-old-fashioned cycling DVDs are a great way to get some exercise. Below we will discuss what to look out for, but here are some of our favorite cycling DVDs.

The Best Cycling DVDs

Through Spinervals DVDs, Coach Troy has provided us with some of the most effective indoor workouts.

Spinervals Series

Coach Troy Jacobson is an outstanding coach who provides motivation and coaching to all levels of athletes. It takes a very special coach to be capable of speaking to both the Ironman triathlete and the beginner cyclist in one video. Coach Troy, as he is commonly known, can be seen in the videos walking around with a stopwatch and coaching you through your training sessions. Some videos are longer and focus on fat-burning and a sweat, while others are shorter and more intense.

These videos are great because Coach Troy explains why you do what you do and the benefits you get from different drills. This “why” is an essential element of coaching that is often overlooked in too many videos and web apps such as Zwift.

We recommend that every cyclist keep at least 4-5 of these on hand so they have a variety of options regardless of their time or intensity. We love the classic, intense sessions like No Slackers. These are his first videos, so the video quality may not be HD but the workouts are timeless. The Pain Cave is his latest work. This 50-minute workout can be as intense or as light as you wish. All links in this paragraph go to Amazon

Real Rides Series

Real Rides is a different perspective than Spinervals. Robbie Ventura, the coach, rides alongside you and guides you every step of the journey. Real Rides videos give you the opportunity to see the road from the perspective of the cyclist. This can be very useful for indoor rides. This is a more first-person riding experience. Spinervals, on the other hand, is more like a spin class experience.

These rides build on previous workouts and are usually built-up over eight weeks. ThePowerworkouts and theClimbworkouts are the most popular in cycling groups. You can find them both here on Amazon. You will likely get in good riding condition if you alternate between them.

There are many options for the Carmichael CTS Series.

Carmichael Training Series

Another set of DVDs for cycling is the Carmichael series. It offers a variety of workouts, some of which are quite intense. Interval sets are the main focus, so you’ll get a high-intensity training session. The video quality is excellent and the coaching is very good. The Climbing(Amazon)series also gets good reviews from our cycling network.

What to look for in Cycling DVDs&Videos

It is not always easy to find the right video for you. These are some key considerations when searching for a cycling video collection.

  • Session Duration.Make certain that the duration of your workouts is appropriate for your goals. Many times, you can find everything anywhere from 25 minutes to more than 90 minutes. These workouts should be performed in one session. Each session includes a well-planned warmup, peak, cool-down and cool-down. If you only want to do 40-minute exercises, don’t buy a DVD that lasts 70 minutes.
  • Workout Intensity. The intensity level should be in line with your goals. These video cycling workouts can be some of the most intense that we’ve ever seen. Some are intense enough to make you sweat, but not too much. The Spinervals team usually rates their workouts on a scale from 1-10. Most others will clearly describe who the workout is for in the description.
  • Coach Compatibility. If you’re not sure which type of coaching you prefer, you can try several. Some people have a coach that is visible and very motivating. Others are more focused on screen information and the coach is less visible.
  • Variety. We recommend at least three DVDs, but in some cases we suggest five or more. Why? Mixing up your workouts is important. Some days will allow you to do longer videos, while others will require more time.
  • Format.Some businesses only offer DVDs, while others only offer internet streaming. Some companies also offer both. It is important to ensure that the product you purchase matches your home’s technology.
  • Price. Technology has fallen in price. You can now get great DVDs starting at $15-25, or even on-demand for as low as $15. Consider the monthly subscription that coaches offer. Make sure to use it as much as possible. This will eventually add up to more.

Additional Gear You’ll Need

You probably already own the equipment you need to spin at home if you’re looking into cycling DVDs. To be sure, you’ll need a bike trainer or stationary bike. These are the differences:

  • A
    Bike trainer
    This is where you put your bike. Then you can ride your bike but with the help of the device.

    You can use a bike trainer to enjoy your bike even in winter.

    Tension is created by the resistance of your tire to the roller. In some trainer models, your rear tire can be removed completely and your chain connected to the equipment. A trainer has the obvious advantage that you can improve on your actual road or tricycle. This is especially true if you have a great bike.

  • A stationary bicycle is an indoor, standalone bike similar to those found in health clubs. To adjust your intensity, you can adjust the resistance with a knob or digital screen. You can choose from upright or recumbent versions.

Cycling shorts are also a good choice. You can either use them for outdoor rides or clip in your running shoes. Remember to bring water and a towel.


No matter what your goals may be, it is important to continue your cycling routines year round. Sometimes this means you have to do these indoor workouts. The surprising thing about these videos is that they are just as hard as outdoor rides. All of them are great. These will ensure that you can keep your legs and lungs in great shape, even in bad weather.

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