Workout at 30,000 Feet: Delta Airlines Launches Peloton Workouts

Delta Airlines announced that Peloton has joined its ranks to offer exclusive in-flight workouts to passengers who fly on planes with seatback screens. These classes are the first time Pelotoncontent has been made available beyond its app and hardware.

Like many travel companies, Delta Airlines is still trying to bounce back after a turbulent 18 months that saw a worldwide pandemic and travel restrictions. The airline’s in-flight entertainment has been stagnant due to budget cuts and fewer passengers.

Peloton , a fitness company, saw a huge growth during the same period that people all over the world sought to get in shape and stay fit while being confined to their homes.

The company’s growth has led to further exploration of content options and brandingbeyond connected fitness hardware.

As the world seems to be improving, there are more flights available and it is important that people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Peloton and Delta Airlines have partnered to create a unique set of content.

Peloton x Delta Airlines - Stay fit in flight

As reportedby _CNN Business_earlier today Delta Airlines was approached to discuss a collaboration that will include exclusive in-flight content.

Five stretching and meditation classes are now available on seatback screens exclusively for Delta Airlines. These classes last between five and 20 minutes and are taught by Peloton instructorslike Matty Makiacomo or Chelsea Jackson Roberts. These classes are designed to help Delta passengers fall asleep, relax, and stretch.

Peloton has taken a business-savvy approach to increase its exposure beyond its app and fitness hardware. This helps the anxious everyday traveler remain relaxed while also enabling them to expand their content’s reach.

Delta claims that it has served up to 200 million people each year and offers flights to 300 destinations in 50 countries. This is a lot of potential Peloton customers who could try the content while being held in their ever-shrinking seats or narrow aisles.

Peloton says that the first rollout of the program was made because community members requested flexibility and travel-friendly classes.

These classes are now available on Delta flights, and the companies plan to keep the workouts updated for passengers every few month.

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