An Unparalleled Ride: DT Swiss 350 Reviewed

The DT Swiss hub with wheelset is a favourite of the cycling community. It is used as a rear hub base on many road bicycles. Recently, we noticed that it has become a popular choice for gravel bike which we are seeing more of. Why? This hub and wheel upgrade is great for anyone looking for one.

Since over 27 years, DT Swiss has been a top manufacturer of bicycle wheels. They are a top-seller in bicycle wheels and other components, which increase speed, smoothness and durability. DT Swiss, based in Switzerland, is a trusted brand among cyclists.

The DT Swiss 350 hub can be used for mountain bikes as well as road / tri (and even gravel) bikes. We will focus our review on the road/gravel hub. However, the features and engineering are similar.

Continue reading to learn more about the DT Swiss 350 hubs, and how they compare to their competition.

DT Swiss 350 Review

It gets two thumbs up from us.

Since over ten years, the DT Swiss 350 ( on Amazon ) has been a reliable choice among road bikers. They seem to improve the overall performance and decrease in weight every year. The best thing about 350 wheel hubs are that they retain the DT ratchet inside and are now much faster.

Depending on what you need, the DT Swiss350 hubs come in eight different versions. The eight models are all made of high-grade aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. However, they differ in their size and weight. The hubs for the 350 are light at 108g. If you want to be lighter, you can opt for the DT Swiss 180 which weighs in at 87g.

It is a reliable hub with a light weight and power transfer, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make their own wheelset. The DT Swiss hubs are often used by local bike shops as the base for custom-built wheelsets. This is a sign that this hub is one that skilled bike mechanics turn to frequently. It is easy to swap between the 350’s freehub bodies. The 350 allows riders to change the cassettes and hubs quickly without having to use advanced tools.

The 350’s have no tools, which allows riders to switch drivetrains easily. Although DT Swiss claims these conversions can take less than a minute, most riders will want to spend a few minutes inspecting their work and make sure it is done correctly.

What’s new in the DT 350

The DT Swiss 350 hub wheels, as we have already stated, aren’t a new product. The 350 series was largely refined by DT Swiss to be lighter and more durable.

To help lose weight, the 350’s seem to have a similar angular design to DT Swiss’s elite 240 Hubs. The 350’s are a great choice for mountain bikers who don’t want to pay a high price, but they also come at a lower price.

The 350’s have some other recent upgrades. The new end caps are one of the most obvious changes. Although it may not seem like a significant upgrade, the notched caps allow them to be removed without any tools. These caps are a great way to keep your hubs in good condition, swap out axle standards or maintain them. These caps can also be used with older models of the 350’s or 240 hubs.

The 350’s new generation claims to have double the engagement, reducing them to 10 degrees. The hubs can still be adjusted to fit your bike and riding style. You still have a wide range of adjustment options for the hubs, ranging from 6.7 to 20 degrees. This gives you many engagement options.

DT Swiss 350 Options

There are many options available on the DT Swiss Swiss 350s, as we have already mentioned.

DT Swiss 350 hubs can be ordered with the ability to drive straightpull spokes. These are the ones that do not have the J-bend. The J-bend can be a weakness in spokes, so it is important to remove it from the design. This will reduce the likelihood of them breaking while on the road. This upgrade is worth considering for gravel riders, as you are more likely to be in “spoke-compromising” situations on gravel and to damage more spokes than the average road-rider.

You can choose between 5mm and 12mm Axles to fit most new bikes on the market, including those with open dropouts and thru axles.

You can also adjust depending on whether you use disc brakes or rim brakes.

The DT Swiss hubs and wheelsets will fit most bikes made today and almost all other bicycles we find. It will not fit a custom-made, handcrafted bike. In that case, we recommend you reconsider.

Price Check

The DT Swiss 350 is now available for purchase.
They are available on Amazon. Just make sure to order the correct specs for your bike.

The 350’s claim of fame is their lightweight and durability, which makes them just as durable as the DT Swiss 240 but at a lower cost.

This can often make a huge difference in the price of premium DT Swiss 240. Do a quick price comparison between the 240- and 350-series wheels. Consider upgrading if the 240 is available for less than the 350.

Get the 240 here.](

How they compare to others

There are many road bike hubs that offer excellent points of engagement and durability. But how does the DT Swiss 350 compare?

Industry Nine Hydra is an excellent choice if you want instant engagement and responsiveness. North Carolina’s brand uses a 115 tooth driver ring to create 690 points engagement. Each ring has.52 degrees, giving them unrivalled engagement. The price range of the Industry Nine Hydra is nearly twice that of the DT350.

Project 321, another good hub option, is also available. These are similar to the DT Swiss350 in that they are easy-to-adjust. The hub’s lifespan is extended by the use of Japanese EZO bearings. The Project 321’s have magnetic pawls which are extremely fast and can be adjusted to make the noise more or less annoying depending on your preferences.

Let’s conclude: How do they stack up?

DT Swiss has done it again with a high-performance hub wheel for advanced and average riders. Although the DT Swiss 350 is not as expensive as the 240, they offer unparalleled performance and cost-effectiveness. The 350’s are a great option for those who have multiple bikes.

Easy installation is another advantage of the DT350. It is easy to set up and move from one bike to another with no tools.

Bottom line: The DT Swiss 350 is a great choice for mountain bike riders looking for hubs that are affordable and high-performance.

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