Unbiased Comparison: Echelon vs. Peloton Bike - Which One Should You Buy?

Echelon and Peloton are prominent names in the new trend for spinning bikes, a popular form of exercise. Echelon offers a variety of spinning bikes that vary in quality and performance with each generation. They are available in EX-1, EX-3 and EX-5S as well as EX-7S and EX-Pro.

Peloton has only two types of bike on the market: the original Peloton and the Peloton plus. We will therefore compare the Peloton bike and the bike plus to Echelon’s excellent options, EX-5S, and EX-7S.

Are you confused about which peloton or Echelon bike to buy? Let’s clear your confusion by comparing the two brands head-on.

Echelon vs. Peloton Comparison Summary Table

ModelsPeloton bike, Peloton bike plusEX-5S, EX-7S
CostPeloton bike: $1495 Peloton bike plus: $2495EX-5S: $999.99 EX-7S: $1599.99
Payment plansPeloton bike: $39 per month for 39 months Peloton bike plus: $59 per month for 39 monthsEX-5: $27 per month EX-7S: $42 per month
SizePeloton Bike+: 59 inches X 22inches W (150cm X 56cm) Peloton Bike: 59 inches X 23 inches (150cm X 58cm)EX-5: 58 inches x 21.5 inches x 61 inches (147.3cm x 55.3cm x 154.9cm) EX-7S: 58 inches x 21.5 inches x 61 inches (147.3cm x 55.3cm x 154.9cm)
WeightPeloton Bike plus: 140lbs (63kgs) Peloton Bike: 135 pounds (61kgs)EX-5S: 124 pounds (56.2kgs) EX-7S: 127 pounds (57.6kgs)
Maximum user weight297 pounds300 pounds
HD ScreenPeloton Bike+: 23.8 (60.5-cm) rotating touchscreen Peloton bike: 21.5-inch (54.6-cm) touchscreenEX-5S: 22 inches (55.9cm) EX-7S: 22 inches (55.9cm)
ConnectivityBluetooth, Ant+Bluetooth
Live ClassesYesYes
On-demand ClassesYesYes
In-built appYesYes
Subscription cost$39 per month$39.99 per month $399 per year $699 for two years
Mobile App$12.99 (Peloton digital app)$11.99 (Echelon FitPass)
Type of resistanceMagneticMagnetic
Resistance levels10032
PedalsLook-delta design pedalsDual SPD and toe-clip pedals
ShoesDelta-compatible shoes (Look Delta and SPD-SL)SPD-cleat shoes Casual shoes Casual shoes Toe cages required
Seat and handlebars adjustmentSeat: height and depth Handlebars: heightSeat: height and depth Handlebars: height and depth
Heart rate monitoringYesYes
Dumbbells includedNoNo
Warranty12-month guarantee on parts, labor, and accessories 5-year on Frame12-month guarantee on parts, labor, and accessories Extended warranty for a cost
Delivery and installationIncluded in the costIncluded in the cost

Similarities between Echelon and Peloton Bikes

While it is clear that Peloton has dominated the indoor bike market in recent years, Echelon isn’t far behind. There are many similarities between two products. Peloton and Echelon bikes look the same, especially when you compare EX-7S and EX-5S of Echelon to Peloton’s bike and bike plus.

Let’s now look at the similarities between these two brands.

1. Console Features

Peloton has had almost always been the dominant console feature provider, but not when Echelon is concerned. While Peloton is still the better console, Echelon has most of these features.

The HD screen on the Peloton bike is 21.5 inches. The bike plus screen is 23.5 inches. Echelon EX-5S, EX-7S have HD screens that measure 22 inches.

Echelon’s bike tablets can also rotate 180 degrees, making it possible to do off-bike workouts. The original Peloton bike screen was rigid. However, the bike plus has an HD screen that rotates 180° on either side. The screen can rotate 360 degrees, so it can be used from any place in your home studio.

Heart rate monitors and audio speakers.

2. Classes and Subscriptions

Peloton offers unlimited classes for $39 per monthly. Echelon offers the package for almost the same price as their monthly subscriptions of $39.99. The monthly cost for a yearly subscription is lower, however. A 2-year subscription is available that will reduce your monthly subscription to $30 per month.

These subscriptions allow unlimited live and on demand classes. Live classes allow you to get the same workouts as at the gym, but in real time. The large touchscreens make the experience more real than virtual.

On-demand classes allow you to take the classes you want at your own time. You can always go back to any workout recorded in the studio. Although Peloton has a large library, you can’t exhaust the Echelon library.

Both bike brands have a Leaderboard that encourages competition and boosts your workouts. Leaderboards not only make it more competitive, but they also create a sense of community. This makes it feel like you’re not alone and increases your motivation. You can train harder and for longer sessions.

Peloton anniversary T-shirts to riders that manage more than 100 rides.

There are classes to suit all levels of riding from beginner to expert. Each user receives exactly what they need and can manage.

There are also off-bike workouts like cross-training or yoga. These classes can be added to your bike leg workouts for a full-body workout.

3. User Weight and Height

Maximum user weight on Peloton is 297lbs, while it is 300lbs for Echelon bikes. The user height should range between 4'11 inches and 6'4 inches, though the bike plus allows a maximum height of 6'5 inches.

If your weight and height are within the permitted range, you can ride any of the four bikes.

4. Seat and Handlebars Adjustments

Each bike has a seat and handlebar adjustment. You can fit in any bike regardless of your height as long as your height is between 4feet 11inches and 6feet 4inches.

Adjustment for the seat, and height adjustment for handlebars. Echelon provides the same adjustments but with fore-and aft handlebar adjustments.

5. Warranty, Delivery, and Installation

Both Echelon and Peloton come with a one-year limited warranty. You will receive free delivery and installation by the company experts once you have purchased either bike. You can now enjoy the accomplishment, rather than the hassle of fixing or messing up the new product.

Extended one year warranties for a fee. The extended warranties are worth it.

Differences between Echelon and Peloton Bikes

Although the bikes are almost identical, the differences between them will make it difficult to make an informed decision. Let’s get on the road.

1. Pedals

Both bikes have clip-in pedals that allow for better power transfer and spin speed. The pedal designs for each brand are different.

Peloton uses the Look-Delta pedal design. It utilizes the three hole cleat design. Look-Delta or SPD-SL are the most commonly used cleat designs.

SPD is the clip-in pedal design for Echelon bikes. SPD also uses two-hole cleat designs that are different from the three-hole Look-Delta Peloton design.

Echelon pedals are clip-in, but have toe clips on their opposite side. These clips allow users to ride the bike in casual, non-cycling shoes. Toe cages are required for non-cycling shoes.

Echelon bikes are more versatile than Peloton in terms of pedaling.

2. Resistance

Magnetic resistance is the best option on the market, and Peloton and Echelon both use it. They can also be adjusted manually by the user to adjust the resistance.

Peloton, however, has higher levels of resistance. It can withstand a range of 0 to 100 resistance levels. Echelon, on the other hand, has 32 levels for both options. A spinning bike with more incline or decline options can offer more challenges, so the higher the resistance levels, you get.

In terms of resistance, Peloton is a clear winner over Echelon.

3. Cost

The Peloton bike was originally priced at $2245, and then dropped to $1895 with the introduction of the bike plus. Today, the good news is that you can still get the original Peloton bike for $1495. The bike plus is $2495, but it’s still very expensive.

Echelon, on the other hand, has always promoted value bikes for its spin bike options. Echelon’s EX-7S bike is comparable to the Peloton bike plus. It costs $1999, which is almost 500 dollars less than the bike plus.

Peloton’s current pricing is the winner when it comes to Echelon EX-5S versus Peloton bike. The bike is priced at $1495, but the EX-5S costs more than 100 dollars, making the Echelon bike $1599.99.

Despite the obvious cost differences between the two bike brands, they still draw. Echelon wins the higher-end bikes, while Peloton takes the trophy for the value bikes.

4. Bike Models

Two models of the Peloton bikes have been released so far: the original Peloton bicycle and the Peloton plus. The Peloton bikes were compared to two Echelon options, but this was only for fairness. Echelon offers more options than Peloton, however.

There are five available spin bikes at the moment, with EX-1 the lowest priced and EX-Pro the most expensive. Although the overall quality is almost identical, the higher price comes with additional bike features.

5. Bike Dimensions and Weight

A lightweight bike allows you to move the bike easily from one area of your house to another. This is almost always necessary when you have a large house. A lighter bike is a priority as long as it is sturdy and quality.

The Echelon bikes weigh less than the Peloton bikes. EX-5S is 124 lbs, and EX-7S is 127 lbs. Peloton bikes weigh 135 pounds and the bike plus 140 pounds, respectively.

Echelon is lighter than Peloton and has a smaller footprint. Echelon bikes will work in any space you have.

Echelon wins in this instance.

So, Echelon Bike or Peloton Bike, Which is better?

Peloton bikes can be compared to Echelon Connect EX-5S or EX-7S. Both bikes have quality and competitive features. Your personal preference will determine which option you choose.

Echelon bikes are great for shoe and pedal diversity. This is a great choice for smaller studios, as it takes up a lot of space.

Peloton, on the other hand is a great choice if you are looking for better challenges and resistance levels. Peloton is best for a larger, more active group.

However, the bikes brands are all equal in terms of cost and class features, so there is no point in comparing them.

Bottom Line

Peloton vs. EchelonConsider which bike offers you the most convenience as a person. The best thing about each bike is its quality and admirable performance.

biking shoes. Peloton, on the other hand has more challenges and class integration features than Echelon.

Have you made your choice? Let’s get to the body toning or fat loss that you desire!

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