Recharge Your Life: How to Integrate Eight Sleep with Peloton and Apple Health?

Eight Sleep, which makes temperature-adjusting smart mattresses and covers, have announced new integrations on Peloton, Apple Health, Oura, Garmin, and others. You can now connect other fitness and health services to gain more insight into your body’s recovery process.

Eight Sleep adjusts the temperature in your bed, with a range of 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It also tracks your HRV as well as your sleep quality. Eight Sleep can use your AI ‘Auto-Pilot" system to automatically adjust the temperature of your bed while you sleep. This will help you recover faster.

Eight Sleep now integrates with Apple Health and Peloton to provide additional insight into how your workouts affect your sleep and recovery.

Our thoughts

I have spent 240 nights with the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover ( read my review here) and cannot praise it enough. Auto temperature adjustment has been a great help in improving my sleep and that of my wife (it adjusts the temperature for each side).

Eight Sleep continues to make improvements to their software and app. This is especially exciting considering these integrations can further optimize your sleep.

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