Garmin Vivosmart 5: Exploring the Newest Smartwatch with Exclusive Features

Garmin just released the new vivosmart 5. This is an update that has been four years in the making. Garmin’s first vivosmart was released eight years ago. Three more versions were added over the next four. The 5 has made a significant improvement to the vivosmart drought.

Garmin vivosmart was introduced in 2014. It was the first activity tracker that sent notifications to users via their smart phones. This feature, along with many others, is still the cornerstone.

Garmin vivosmart 5 specs

Size of Touchscreen Display0.41’’ x 0.73’’ (10.5 mm x 18.5 mm)
OLED Display Resolution88 x 154 pixels
Battery LifeMaximum 7 days (excluding pulse ox sleep track)
Memory/History7 activities with time, 14 days of activity track data
Health MonitoringHeart rate constant
Respiration rate
Pulse ox blood oxygen saturation
Sleep score
Women’s health
Smart FeaturesBluetooth and ANT+
GPS Connected
Smartphone compatible
Garmin Connect Mobile Sync
Fitness trackingStep back
Profiles of gym activity, including rep counting
Heart rate zones
Heart rate alerts
Training in intervals

You will immediately notice that the vivosmart 5, which is larger than previous models, has a screen-embedded but also a bigger button. Garmin has also abandoned the unibody design and users can now swap out bands.


Garmin vivosmart5 review roundup

Is the 5 worth the wait after the quick-fire release of the first four vivosmart models?

The Verge

Garmin seems to know one thing better than any other wearables company: athletes love buttons. The button _works_and it is slightly higher from the display making it easier to feel. The touchscreen is also much more responsive and simple to use. Although I have yet to test the Vivosmart 5, it has shown a marked improvement over the Vivosmart’s greatest issue.

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The Vivosmart 5, which has fitness options, is limited in that customization can only be done via the Garmin Connect app and not the tracker. Even though I have experience with many Garmins , I am often confused about which options to use when using the Vivosmart.

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DC Rainmaker

This is a complicated device that perhaps shouldn’t have been. There are many improvements that could easily make it more efficient than the Vivosmart 4. However, I would hope that this was still the case four years later. The pricing simply doesn’t reflect the market realities.

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Mighty Gadget

Garmin Vivosmart 5 adds new features to the Vivosmart 4. One exception is Garmin’s removal of the barometric altimeter. This means that there is no stair tracking. Overall, there aren’t many changes and it is not enough to justify an upgrade .

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