Giphy's Peloton Channel: Powered by Fun

Giphy, which is owned by facebook now has an Official Peloton Channel for GIFs from your favorite instructors.

There are 409 GIFs in the initial batch. As of this posting time, there were over 29 million views to the PelotonGIF collections. GIFs are a popular way to communicate via iMessage, Twitter and Facebook. Spike is my primary email client and has built-in Giphy support. Bing powers Apple’s GIF search in iMessage. To get these GIFs into iMessage you will need to download the Giphy application and install the iMessage extension.

This collection will be very popular with Peloton fans, as it allows them to share their workouts and encourage each other.

This GIF is my favourite of all the ones that I’ve seen. Which Peloton GIF is your favorite?

Check it out here

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