Make Working Out Easier with a Peloton Bike and Gym Combo

Recently, a reader contacted me to inquire if I knew any information on gyms that have Peloton bikes. He has read my articles about various Peloton hotels, vacation rentals and college towns that have Pelotons. He explained that he prefers to go to a regular gym when he’s on the road for work, so he can do his Peloton workout.

He doesn’t own a Peloton at his home. He does enjoy the workouts that the bike offers and rides it away from home every day. He probably has an app membership. The idea of finding a Peloton in a gym rather than paying for one at home is innovative and brilliant.

This made me realize that gyms, such as the YMCA and Planet Fitness-with Pelotons, were something I had not covered in all my Peloton topics. This is the result of this article.

is actually part of Peloton’s new commercial mission. targets non-profit clubs such as YMCAs.

Why not write about American gyms with Peloton bikes?

Like I did with many of the Peloton guides, this information about gyms has been organized alphabetically by location. Next, I have listed each location in alphabetical order. This is a work-in-progress, so I will also say that. As I find additional gyms, Jewish Community Centers (lots are JCCs equipped with Pelotons), or cycling studios stocking Pelotons, I will add them to this post.

Most gyms offer a free trial. If you don’t have the funds to purchase a day pass, ask for a free trial membership. Then you can use the Peloton bikes in that manner.

Questions about Peloton bikes in gyms

Before I go into the details of the gyms, I wanted to answer some questions about using the Peloton app at a Gym or how to use the Peloton bike away from home.

Is it possible to use the Peloton app while riding a bike at the gym with the Peloton app?

Yes. Yes. You can log in to a Peloton app membership and use that to access a bike at a gym. My daughter used this app to log into a gym at her apartment. Remember your username, also known as your Leaderboard name, and password. You won’t be able to use the bike if you don’t have it. But your workout will not be saved to your account and you won’t have a streak.

Is it possible for you to work out in a Peloton store or showroom?

Peloton stores and showrooms stopped allowing users to ride their bikes in the showrooms or stores starting 2020. Some have since created private rooms with Tread and bikes. If they offer this type of private space, you can request a workout. Keep in mind, however, that you are usually limited to 30 minutes of equipment use.

Are you required to wear bike shoes in order to use the Peloton at the gym

Many gyms have shoe cages attached to their bike pedals. You can use regular shoes, trainers, or tennis shoes to slip into the cages. SPD compatible cleats will be found on the opposite side of pedals with cages. You can attach your cycling shoes to those cleats if they have cleats with the SPD compatibility (though they are different from the Delta Look, triangular cleats used by at-home Peloton cyclists).

It makes sense to inquire at the gym about the type of cleats they use. If it’s the Look Delta, you can bring your own shoes.

Planet Fitness has Peloton bikes

Peloton bikes were not available at Planet Fitness, which I found while researching this article. I did however find many Anytime Fitness locations, as well as YMCAs or JCCs with them.

Listing of gyms that have Peloton bikes according to location

Let’s now look at a list of American gyms that have Peloton bikes.

California gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Gyms in San Diego

Toby Wells YMCA

Two Peloton bikes were added to the San Diego YMCA’s gym by Toby Wells a few years back. You can’t find a San Diego hotel that has a Peloton. Instead, inquire about a day pass for this YMCA.

Additionally, I know that people are interested in Los Angeles gyms equipped with Peloton bikes. They are still available.

This article includes a list of all California hotels that have Peloton bikes.

Colorado gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Crested Butte Gym

CB South Fitness

One Peloton bike is available at the CB South Fitness in Crested Butte. It has been in place since at least 2019.

Fort Collins Gyms

RainTree Athletic Club - Alive

Multiple places on the Alive by RainTree Athletic Club Facebook page and website mention Pelotons. One Boomerang video that I found showed eight Peloton bikes.

Vail Gyms

Dryland Fitness

You might be familiar with Dryland Fitness in Vail, also known as the Vail Athletic Club. It closed in 2021. The older version of this gym had Peloton bikes. Dryland Fitness has the same. FYI: While Dryland Fitness does have locations in Breckenridge and Denver, Vail, Vail, Winter Park, and Vail, the Pelotons are only available at the Vail location.

Vail Racquet Club

You will need a day pass to ride the Peloton. My research shows that the Vail Racquet Club’s daily drop rate was $35.

Florida gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Davie gyms

David Posnack JCC

One Peloton bike is available at the David Posnack JCC, Davie.

Miami Gyms

Alper JCC

In 2018, two Peloton bikes were added to the Alper JCC gym. You will need to register online in order to use them.

Miami Dade College Kendall Campus

The Kendall Campus fitness center at Miami Dade College has Pelotons.

Gyms in Pompano Beach

Fit&Fight Gym

The Fit&Fight Gym is a Peloton gym. Members can use both a Peloton Tread and a Peloton Bike on the premises.

Tallahassee Gyms

Town Center Fitness

Town Center Fitness added Peloton bikes to its Tallahassee location last year, while also offering a $1 off membership. I would recommend reaching out to Town Center Fitness in Tallahassee if you need to ride.

Tampa Gyms

Bayshore Fit

Bayshore Fit has at least two Peloton bicycles.

Georgia gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Atlanta Gyms

Cowart Family YMCA

The Cowart Family YMCA is located in Northeast Atlanta. It added two Peloton bicycles to its gym floor a few year ago.

East Lake YMCA

Two Peloton bikes are apparently available at the East Lake YMCA, Atlanta.

Marcus JCC Atlanta

At least one Peloton bike is available at the Marcus JCC in Atlanta, Brill Family Fitness Center.

Gyms in Covington

Covington Family YMCA

Just learned that at least two Peloton bikes are available for use by members of the Covington Family Youth MCA. Below is a Facebook post.

If you’re a member at your home of YMCA, I would ask about a guest pass to the Covington, Georgia location. This will allow you to use their Peloton bike.

Cumming Gym

Forsyth County Family YMCA

To reserve one of these Peloton bikes, you will need to use the online reservation system at the Forsyth County Family YMCA.

Kennesaw Gyms

Northwest Family YMCA

One Peloton bike is available for use at the Northwest Family YMCA, Kennesaw, GA. To ride the bike, you must sign up at least 24 hours in advance. This may be changing this year.

If you are a member of another YMCA, you might be eligible for a day pass to the Kennesaw, GA YMCA. Kennesaw, Georgia is a suburb of Atlanta.

Idaho gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Gyms in Boise

Eighth&Main Gym

Three Peloton bikes will be available at the Eighth&Main Gym, downtown Boise. Online reservations can be made for 20-, 30-, or 60-minute rides. You can use the bikes free of charge with your gym membership.

Peloton bikes in Illinois gyms

Champaign gyms

Hatha Yoga&Fitness

Hatha Yoga&Fitness may offer a Peloton challenge to its members from time to time. They can win prizes if they ride on the studio’s two bikes for a set number of times. Peloton incentives are a great way to get moving.

The University of Illinois has a Peloton bike on campus. This is explained here.

Indiana gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Gyms in Valparaiso

Anytime Fitness Valparaiso

Two Anytime Fitness locations are available in Valparaiso in Indiana. However, the Southwest section is the only one that has the Peloton cycle.

Kansas gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Gyms Colby

Flex Fitness

In 2019, the Flex Fitness gym added a Peloton bicycle to its workout floor.

Kentucky gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Louisville Gyms

Trager Family JCC

The Trager Family JCC launched its new cardio studio in Spring 2022. It also includes Pelotons.

Massachusetts gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Boston Gyms

Lynx Fitness Club

Three Peloton bikes are available at the Lynx Fitness Club located at Boston Park Plaza hotel.

This article lists dozens of Boston hotels that have Pelotons.

The University Club of Boston

A reader asked me to write this article. I now know that the University Club of Boston offers 10 Peloton bikes to members. Membership in The University Club of Boston also gives you access to other clubs and fitness centers throughout the country. Although I am not sure how many have Peloton bikes, I will investigate.

Gyms in Cambridge

Hemenway Gymnasium

Peloton bikes are available at the Harvard University Campus’ Hemenway Gymnasium. It is not known if day passes or memberships are available for members of the public.

Falmouth Gyms

Sweat Studio Cape Cod

Sweat Studio Cape Cod’s amazing work has blown my mind. Their entire Peloton studio has been created with Treads as well as bikes. It appears that there are at least two Treads, and six Peloton bikes.

It’s possible to take classes with others, then work on the bike with an instructor. It’s a win-win situation for those who want a continuation of their Peloton training but don’t want to do it alone. Below is the post I reproduced from this gym’s Facebook page.

Gyms in Hyannis

Club Fitness 500

The Fitness 500 Club on Cape Cod has a Peloton area in its gym. You’ll find four Peloton bikes to use. The pedals of all bikes have shoe cages.

Newton Gyms

JCC Greater Boston

Two Peloton bikes are available at the JCC of Greater Boston.

Sandwich Gyms

Snap Fitness Sandwich

Snap Fitness is located in Sandwich, Cape Cod. It has one Peloton bicycle on its fitness floor.

Nevada gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Las Vegas Gyms

Circuit Fitness Las Vegas

I took a tour of Circuit Fitness Las Vegas. Three Peloton bikes were hidden near the entrance.

New Hampshire gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Dover gyms

Granite Fitness and Performance

Three Peloton bikes are available at Granite Fitness and Performance in Dover, New Hampshire. They are located close to Portsmouth and the Maine Border.

Manchester Gyms

Southern New Hampshire University

Four Peloton bikes are available in the Southern New Hampshire University’s fitness center. Students and staff can use the center every day.

New Jersey gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Gyms in Bordentown

Team 85 Fitness&Wellness

The South Jersey gym has added four Peloton bike racks last year. This is what you need to know when using the Pelotons at team 85 fitness and wellness. You must book your time online. You can only spend one hour on the bikes. To log in, you must have your own bike membership. You forfeit your bike time if you are more than 15 minutes late.

Cherry Hill Gym

Katz JCC

The Katz JCC will have the Peloton Bike at the TechFit Studio.

New York gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

New York City (NYC), Manhattan fitness centers

Chelsea Piers Brooklyn

This tweet, which I found below, tells me that there are at most four Peloton bikes at Chelsea Piers in Brooklyn. It is located in downtown Brooklyn, FYI.

Manhattan, New York City (NYC),

Harvard Club of New York City

One Peloton bike is available on the 7th Floor of the Harvard Club in New York City.

New York Athletic Club

In 2019, the New York Athletic Club purchased two Peloton bikes.

Princeton Club

The Princeton Club has two Peloton bikes.

Tarrytown Gyms

Snap Fitness Tarrytown

One Peloton bike will be found at Snap Fitness Tarrytown, located in Westchester County, just north of New York City.

Ohio gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Cincinnati Gyms

University Club of Cincinnati

The University Club of Cincinnati has one Peloton bike you can use.

Gyms in Cleveland

Tremont Athletic Club

In 2017, the Tremont Athletic Club purchased its first Peloton bicycle. It appears that both Tremont and University Circle have four to five Peloton bikes available for members.

Toledo Gyms

Wayman Palmer YMCA

Peloton says that even though it has abandoned plans to build a manufacturing facility outside of Toledo, it will keep its promise to equip the Wayman Palmer YMCA in Toledo with Peloton bikes. There is no date yet for when these bikes will be available.

Pennsylvania gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Conshohocken Gyms

Daily Grind Fitness

Two Peloton bikes appear to be at Daily Grind Fitness Conshohocken in Philadelphia.

Gyms in Media

Rocky Run YMCA

Rocky Run YMCA, Media, PA on the Philadelphia Main Line added a Peloton bicycle to their gym. Ask if you can obtain a day pass for the bike while you are in the area.

Gyms in Philadelphia

Christian Street YMCA

The Christian Street YMCA is part of the Great Philadelphia YMCA Family and has two Peloton bikes available for members. If you are unable to find a Philadelphia Peloton hotel, you might inquire about a day pass.

Oakmont Gym

Anytime Fitness Oakmont

One Peloton bike is available at the Anytime Fitness Oakmont near Pittsburgh.

South Carolina gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Columbia Gyms

Anytime Fitness Devine St.

Three Peloton bikes are available to members at the Anytime Fitness on Devine St., Columbia.

YMCA of Columbia Association

I took a virtual tour of Columbia’s YMCA of Columbia Association. I was able to spot four Peloton bikes that members could use.

Tennessee gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Clarksville Gyms

Clarksville Anytime Fitness

Two Peloton bikes are available at this Clarksville Anytime Fitness.

Memphis Gyms

Klein Fitness

Multiple posts (one of which is shown below) were posted on the Klein Fitness Facebook page, promoting the Peloton bike in this Memphis gym.

Texas gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Fort Worth Gyms

Pop’s Gym

Pop’s Gym in Fort Worth is a boutique gym. Pop’s Gym has three Peloton bikes, according to a Facebook post.

Longview Gyms

Anytime Fitness Kate Street/Gilmer Road

One Peloton bike is available at this Anytime Fitness in Longview, Texas.

Vermont gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Gyms in Burlington

University of Vermont

Peloton bikes are available in some residence halls of the University of Vermont.

Washington State gyms equipped with Peloton bikes

Bellevue gyms

The Bellevue Club

The Bellevue Club appears to have two Peloton bikes. Bellevue Club Hotel, so please see Washington State peloton hotels article.

Liberty Lake Gyms

The Liberty Lake Athletic Club

The Liberty Lake Athletic Club has added four Peloton commercial bikes to its club in 2018. They are all there, as far as I know.

Final thoughts about American gyms using Peloton bikes

As I said at the top, this article about where to find Peloton-equipped gyms will still be in development. As I find new places or learn that the old ones don’t have their Pelotons, I’ll update this post.

This article is not about hotel gyms equipped with Peloton bikes. This Peloton hotel search tool will help you.

Final note: The price for a Peloton bike to be purchased at your home is now $550.

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