Diversify Your Workouts with the Best HIIT for Runners & Cyclists

You may have heard of HIIT training if you are a runner, cyclist or walker. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is gaining popularity. It is a great way of quickly improving your fitness and burning calories. We will be discussing HIIT and its benefits for cyclists and runners in this article. You can also stream HIIT programs at home by checking out these popular reviews!

Why should cyclists and runners do HIIT training?

HIIT differs from standard cycling or running sessions for those who are familiar with it. Standard sessions can be repetitive and are not beneficial for your whole body. HIIT is a way to improve your overall health. Let’s talk about the benefits of incorporating HIIT in your workouts.

HIIT could improve your fitness level

HIIT is a more effective cardio exercise than other types of cardio, and helps build muscle mass. You will be stronger and more efficient over time. HIIT is more difficult than traditional exercise. Because HIIT can be very intense, you will need to be reasonably fit. It can be used as a cross-training exercise, to work muscles that are not normally utilized.

Calories will be burned faster

You’ll burn more calories with HIIT than you would with traditional cardio. It can burn between 5-10 times as many calories. HIIT is more effective than traditional cardio because it uses more muscle fibers. This causes your body to produce more heat which in turn leads to a higher calorie burn. This means that you burn more calories per minute and take fewer breaks. You’ll burn calories faster after your workout than traditional cardio.

There are ways to increase your endurance

HIIT will allow you to swim, cycle, and run for longer periods of time. These workouts improve your body’s ability use oxygen and increase muscle endurance. This will allow you to run/cycle for longer periods without feeling tired. You will reach a point in your running/cycling that more running/cycling can barely increase your VO2 max. However, some resistance training can help you get there - provided it is similar to HIIT which keeps your heart rate high.

Your speed could be improved

You are not only increasing endurance but also training your body for faster times and shorter durations. This will increase your speed, which can have an impact on your running and cycling. All of us would love to have more fast-twitch muscle fibers. HIIT workouts are a great way to achieve this.

Your Injuries will likely be reduced

Cross-training can be a great way to reduce injuries. You can reduce the number of injuries sustained by endurance runners and cyclists by strengthening your core and working out different muscle groups.

What are the Best HIIT Workouts?

We have used a few HIIT workouts and our friends and colleagues swear by them.

ProgramBest forDownsidePricing
TMAC HealthPeople who want to incorporate short, efficient workouts (emphasizing the core) into their larger training program. Also, yoga and flexibility.Workouts of 20 minutes. You can do longer if you prefer.Around $20 per month
P90XFor those who are looking for a more intense HIIT workout, this is the best option. This can be done on a daily basis for 60 to 90 minutes.It takes more time and is difficult to balance other training.$120
InsanityFor those looking for intense workouts lasting 60 to 90 minutes, this is the right choice.For those with a low level of fitness, it can be quite challenging.$99 per year



TMAC 20 may be the perfect workout for you if you are looking for a routine that can easily fit into your training program.

TMAC’s 20-minute workout is a great value for people of all backgrounds. It was designed for those who want to incorporate high-intensity weight training into their workouts. However, it has been found to be great for runners, cyclists and skiers. This program is great for anyone who wants to increase speed, flexibility, endurance, and improve their running skills. The full-body workouts strengthen your core muscles, allowing you to run with greater stability and balance. TMAC 20 focuses on the lower half of the body so it is best to do it after a long day on the bike.

TMAC isn’t concerned about your cardiovascular health. This workout will keep your heart rate up. TMAC 20 is a great program for anyone looking to work out without the need of special equipment. To be able to complete these workouts, you will need to be in good physical condition. You should take things easy if you are new to intense workouts or working out.

Many of the workouts include some combination of stretching and abs. This is a common mistake for endurance athletes. This alone will provide you with immediate benefits when you do the TMAC HIIT Training.

You can choose from a variety of 20-minute workouts when you log into the TMAC Mykajabi live streaming portal. There are cardio exercises as well as HIIT-style workouts. We recommend these after a run or race.

Why we like it: Easily integrated into your running, cycling or other training plans. It emphasizes flexibility and strength.

A Typical Workout Duration20 Minutes

Cost:$24 per month (
Get it for free for 10 days through this link



P90X is a well-known program for fitness. P90X is a well-known and trusted fitness program that has been around for many decades. If you’re looking for something more focused and dedicated, this is the home HIIT program for you.

P90X has a wide range of workouts you can do at your home with no equipment. Some routines require resistance bands or dumbbells, but these are optional. It is ideal for cyclists as it improves cycling performance, strength and flexibility. This is important in both running and cycling. P90X challenges you with new workouts every week.

P90X includes a variety workouts such as yoga, pilates and dance. While the focus is on building muscle mass and endurance, it can also help to increase strength and endurance in the lower body. High intensity and HIIT workouts make up the majority of the workouts. P90X can be used as a phase of training if you need to recover from heavy running or cycling that you have just completed or are about start.

P90X has a downside. It takes 60-90 minutes to complete each workout. For those who are in the offseason looking to get a strong boost of cross-training, this could be a benefit.

Why we like it:Intense training. Mix of yoga and hard strength training.

A typical workout Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

. (Find it here)

The Insanity Workout

Another popular fitness program that’s been around for some time is the Insanity Workout. The program doesn’t require any weight lifting equipment. Simply turn the program on and get moving.

You will find some similarities between P90X and Insanity, which are both made by Beachbody.


Insanity is designed to increase stamina, endurance, speed, and other physical abilities in a very short period of time. Although it is only 60 days in length, Insanity is a challenging high-intensity workout. It includes a variety HIIT workouts.

Insanity Workout is great for cyclists and runners who are in their base training period. It builds-in cardio days, which unlike P90X can be substituted with a run or biking. Although you’ll quickly get in shape, it is not as easy as the other programs. You only have 60 days to finish Insanity. This means you will need to be committed and willing to work hard.

Insanity will make a significant difference in athletes’ bodies, particularly in the areas of core strength and upper body muscle tone. This is a great program for those who are looking to really push themselves and improve their fitness, but it may not be the best option for beginners. To do this, you will need to be at least a basic level of fitness.

Why It’s Popular:Very intense training spurts. If you wish to use it, here is a daily workout plan.

A typical workout Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Price:$99 per 12 months
. (Find it Here)

FAQs about HIIT

Is HIIT not the same thing as circuit training?

Although they are very similar, they are not identical. HIIT focuses more on cardio training using explosive movements and doesn’t require any outside equipment. It is a form of cardio training that relies only on your body and its weight. Circuit training is based on weights and cardio. It often requires machines or weights outside of the body to complete. They all have one thing in common: a focus on intensity and minimizing rest time. This keeps your heart rate up while challenging your core and muscle groups. You can have a great workout in a very short time.

Are you able to do HIIT running and cycling?

Yes. Yes. A bike trainer is a great way for you to do intense, controlled intervals on your bike. You can also do intervals (“fartleks”) while running on the treadmill or trail. To be honest, you will need a good sports watch if you’re outside.

What are the drawbacks to doing HIIT exercise?

It is not a disadvantage. However, you will need to dedicate some of your training time to HIIT. This will mean that it will be less likely to be used for running or biking. This is likely to be okay, since most of the athletes we see are already overtraining. Another drawback to HIIT is the fact that it’s not something you can do for a long time. Also, if done wrongly it can cause severe injury to your body. If you aren’t well-conditioned, HIIT shouldn’t be done for more than 30-60 minutes. Before you start a HIIT program, you need to be properly warm up. After you finish the workout, you should cool down.

Do you have to do HIIT every single day?

You shouldn’t do HIIT every single day. Your body requires time to recover from HIIT and build muscle. Depending on your body’s recovery, HIIT should be done only a few times per week. To ensure that your body gets enough rest, you should alternate HIIT with other workouts.

Can you do HIIT if you’re a beginner?

Although HIIT can be done by beginners, it is important to set realistic expectations. It’s possible to not complete the entire workout at first. This is normal and completely acceptable. You can take breaks when necessary and then go back to work when you feel ready. It’s important to stretch and warm up, but don’t overdo it.

Many coached HIIT workouts have modifications to make it easier.

Is HIIT more effective in the morning?

If you are looking to lose weight, HIIT is a better choice. Your stomach is empty so you can do it in the morning. Your body’s fat stores will be targeted by the workout. Your body will use the fat stores stored in your body to produce energy. This helps you burn more calories. After a HIIT workout in the morning, you’re likely to feel tired. So make sure you eat a healthy meal.

It is essential to exercise at a time you can maintain over long periods of time and that fits in with your daily life. You should ensure that you get enough sleep and then fit the workouts into your schedule.

Do I need a gym membership to do HIIT?

No. No. Our key criteria for recommending a workout was the ability to do it at home without any equipment.

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