Get the Most Out of Your Peloton Bike: How to Adjust Your Screen for the Perfect Ride

Imagine being told by someone that the Peloton screen could be used in a variety of positions. This would be incredible, wouldn’t it? It is true, because the Peloton screen can be adjusted. The screen can be adjusted to any degree, regardless of whether you’re using the original Peloton bike or the plus model.

Is it hard to adjust the Peloton screen. Is it possible to do it yourself? It is. Continue reading!

How to Rotate the Peloton Screen

Unfortunately, this process is only available to the bike and its users. You can rotate your bike 360 degrees, 180 degrees to your right, and 180 degrees towards the left if it is a bike. This is important to note: although the screen can rotate 360 degrees, it cannot make a complete circle. Rotation on either side of your screen was sufficient to complete the full turn, right or left.

When rotating the screen, make sure it is at a straight vertical angle. If it is tilted, you can bring it back to a straight vertical angle. Rotate it until you are satisfied with the position.

The best thing about rotating the screen is that you can do both on-bike and floor workouts. The screen will adjust to your location and position, no matter where you choose to work out.

Rotating the Original Peloton Bike Screen?

As we have already mentioned, it is impossible for the original Peloton screen to be rotated. Is it really possible? What if I said there was a way around this limitation?

There are now swivels available that can be attached to your original peloton bicycle screen. They allow for a 360-degree rotation. These swivels, unlike the bike plus half-turn, allow for a complete 360-degree rotation. These are the top two products.

  1. Adjuster 360 Degree Screen Monitor for Peloton Bike
  2. Crostice Pivot to Peloton Bike Screen

The screen swivels, in addition to the 360-degree rotation, allow the screen tilt at any angle you prefer. The swivel was designed for the original Peloton bicycle and is compatible with the bike. The swivels will not work with the Peloton Plus because they are only designed to bring the standard bike closer the Peloton bike plus convenience.

For the safety of your screen, make sure you use strong and high-quality material. You should also ensure that the material is rust-free. This will allow for smooth tilting and rotation, even after long periods of use.

You don’t have to watch your Peloton workouts on TV, especially if it is your first time doing so.

You don’t have to worry about not having a bike plus. For less than 50 dollars, you can get the screen rotation function on your standard peloton bicycle.

How to Move the Peloton Screen Up and Down

This is the most common problem for Peloton users. The best thing about the Peloton screen is that you can move it up and down using the bike or bike+. Simply move the handlebars up or down to raise or lower the touchscreen.

The height adjustment knob on the Peloton handlebars is located at the handlebars frame. Rotate it clockwise to loosen the handlebars. Then raise or lower them as needed.

How to Move the Peloton Screen Farther From or Closer to You

Are your elbows and hands constantly knocking against the screen, making you uncomfortable on a ride? You can also block certain content from the screen. You will need to gently pull the pole that holds the touchscreen outwards. To protect your screen maximumly, be gentle and not force it.

How to Tilt the Peloton Screen Up and Down

Tilting the screen upwards is a better way to get rid of it and get a better view. For the best workout view, tilt it to the side or downwards. The best position for yoga and strength classes is to place your body downwards. You may need to have your bike a bit higher or straighter.

To ensure stability when tilting the peloton screen screen, hold the screen on the top or bottom of the screen. Next, tilt the screen in the direction you prefer.

Final Thoughts

You can now practice on the bike by setting up the Peloton screen. You can use your screen and peloton workouts in any way you like, regardless of whether you have an older Peloton bike, or a newer Peloton plus. The screen adjustment options ensure your comfort while watching on and off of the bike. You won’t feel any neck pains or eye strain from using the screen as it is installed by the delivery crew.

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