Adjust Peloton Bike Resistance

Master the Resistance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Adjusting Your Peloton Bike and Bike Plus

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It can be challenging to adjust the resistance of a peloton bicycle, especially if you don’t know how to do it. You will need to try different methods. These are not always the best for your performance. Sometimes, your bike resistance knob is too tight to control.

Remember that resistance is more efficient than cadence in increasing your output. This should be enough to motivate you to do it right. This guide will walk you through the peloton bikes. Resistance adjustments. But first.

What is Resistance?

Resistance is the weight of your wheel. This forces you to pedal more challenging to move the wheel. It improves your performance and is one of the top two performance metrics in Peloton, after cadence.

Does Peloton Automatically Adjust Resistance?

Yes. This feature is not available on the original Peloton bike. It is not possible for live classes, but only for the on-demand classes.

How to Use Auto-follow Resistance on the Peloton Bike Plus

Bike Plus users can auto-follow resistance, which allows resistance to adjust automatically during an on-demand class. It will typically use the Peloton target metrics for readjustment, facilitating optimal performance.

This is a straightforward yet simple guide on using this powerful function.

First, you must choose a recorded or on-demand class. This is the only option that has auto-follow resistance.

You will find the resistance option in the metrics section. Clicking on the resistance tab will reveal a lock option. This is it. You don’t have to adjust resistance anymore.

Adjusting Peloton Bike Plus Resistance Using the Screen?

Although I have not yet managed it, more and more riders can adjust the resistance using the screen with bike plus. It is easier to ride with and more efficient.

Go to the Settings tab in the upper right corner of your touchscreen. Go to Device Settings from here. This will open the System. Click on System and then click on About. Next, check the Build Number option. Tap it at least seven more times to activate the Developer Mode.

Now, return to the main menu, and the Developer option will be available. You can click on it to open the Peloton Gestures options. Next, enable the In-Class Gestures. This will allow your screen to control the resistance.

You can now ride along to test the functionality. Scrolling up and down with more than one finger will adjust resistance. Scrolling up will increase resistance while scrolling down will decrease it.

But, it is possible for this to not work for everyone.

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How to Manually Adjust Resistance on the Bike Plus

The best thing about the Bike Plus is the variety of resistance adjustment options available. You can always choose to manually adjust the resistance if the above options are not for you.

The resistance knob can be turned to the right to increase the Bike’s resistance and to the left to decrease it.

The resistance knob on the Bike+ is much easier to adjust, so you don’t have to slow down.

How to Adjust resistance on the (First version) Peloton Bike

The resistance setting is done manually when using an original peloton bicycle. To increase resistance, you must turn the resistance knob left. This will increase the wheel’s weight. To decrease resistance, turn the resistance knob to the left.

You will usually use a specific resistance range during a ride. You can adjust the resistance to suit your needs so that it is easy to adjust when needed.

Your resistance will be displayed at the bottom right of your touch screen, making it easier to see your adjustment levels.

What Do I Do If My Peloton Resistance Knob is Too Tight?

Contact Peloton customer service if the resistance knob is too tight. Peloton can replace your Bike for you if it is a manufacturing problem. It would help if you did not attempt to find external help as this could jeopardize your warranty and possibly cause more damage. Peloton customer service will be able to advise you on the next steps.

Bottom Line

How to adjust the resistance on a peloton and bike plus? This is not a difficult task. If your adjustment isn’t working, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Peloton customer support.