Keep Your Peloton Looking Like New: Expert Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance

Did you ever stop to think about cleaning your Peloton? Here’s an easy reason to learn: sweat damages exercise equipment.

Also, sweat can make things smell bad, especially if there is anything cotton on your bike or nearby. Your Peloton chair cover. These products absorb sweat like sponges.

Let’s not forget about the possibility of sweat damaging your Peloton. This is why you should be asking questions about cleaning your Peloton. When I was first thinking about how to clean my Peloton I wasn’t sure which products were best.

What are the safest products to clean your Peloton? Before I go into details, let’s talk about sweat. Yes, sweat.

Why is sweat bad for your Peloton?

Your sweat is salty, which can cause problems for your Peloton bicycle. If you are familiar with the effects winter road salt can have on your car then imagine how your sweat affects your Tread or Peloton bike from daily use.

Because sweat is corrosive, any metal that comes into contact with it could rust. Other dirt, grime, and dust can stick to non-rusting surfaces, if sweat builds up. Your Peloton ends up looking disgusting.

Don’t worry. Here are my top tips and products for how to maintain your Peloton bike. While you may already be familiar with the basics of Peloton hygiene, it’s never a bad idea to refresh your knowledge.

How to clean a Peloton bike

What are the best Tips & Tricks for cleaning your Peloton Tread or Peloton Bike? These are the top ways to clean a Peloton bicycle.

You should first clean your bike and Tread after every use. Even if you are just taking a scenic ride, do you sweat every time you get on your bike? Walking on the Tread is a great way to have fun. You need to wash up after you’ve worked up a sweat.

This has nothing to do w/ good gym etiquette. It’s about extending the useful life of expensive exercise equipment.

Protect your Peloton from sweat by cleaning it

Peloton owners, like us, have been blessed with features that protect against sweat. The plastic bumper that covers the flywheel and the cover for the chain guard are both included. Each of these plastic items can be held together by metal screws.

Salt from sweat is bad for metal, as you’ll see. You should wash your hands after every ride in order to remove any sweat.

This is a very silly suggestion. However, you should dry every single metal screw after each ride. This will ensure that the metal items don’t corrode.

After every ride, wipe down your bike

After every ride, it is important to clean your bike. This can be done in many ways, using multiple products and even some of the products you already have. You want your Peloton to be completely dry after your workout.

To absorb moisture, use a towel

While I ride, I keep a towel over my handlebars. My hands sweat just as much as my rest. This towel is essential for drying my hands, especially when I have to use the weight section in my Peloton class.

This towel is also used to wipe my face and mop my eyebrows. The My Goody Headbands do a great job at capturing sweat from my scalp. However, sometimes, when I’m doing HIIT, Tabata, or Power Zone Max, the sweat can be overwhelming.

After the ride, I wipe my bike down with my towel. I look for any areas where moisture may have collected and ensure that my towel is in all of them.

Microfiber towels are my favorite. They are great at absorbing moisture, whether it’s sweat from my forehead or my hands or the sweat I find on my bicycle. They don’t get soggy like cotton towels. I bought a multipack microfiber towels and that’s what you use.

How to Clean Your Peloton Using Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are ideal for soaking up sweat and not getting soggy.

Microfiber towels are ideal for soaking up sweat and not getting soggy.

How to clean Peloton

I use a cleaning product once a week to clean my bike. It is always dry afterwards. Excess moisture, even if not from sweat, can be harmful to your Peloton. These are the top cleaners for Peloton.

I used my non-bleach Clorox or Lysol wipes for cleaning the house. Wipex natural fitness equipment wipes were recommended to me by a friend. To save 15%, use code LEAH15 during checkout

They smell like lavender and are gentler than other vinegar-based wipes. They’re great if you need to use wipes. The Wipex wipes are my favorite for Peloton. I’ve used them in my home, too.

However, I have become more sensitive to how many waste wipes they produce over time. I was looking for a cleaner that could be used on my bike, but also with towels I can use in the wash. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray with my microfiber cloths. Below are some top cleaners for the Peloton bike.

How to Clean Peloton Bike: The Best Cleaning Product

How to clean Peloton. These are the top cleaners or cleaning products I use to clean my Peloton. These include the best Peloton wipes. These wipes can be used to clean your Peloton bike and tread.

Wipex Original Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes, Lavender, Vinegar, 2 canisters, 124 Wipes They are also available in Eucalyptus fragrance.

Get 15% off your order by using the code LEAH15 during checkout

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Three scents of Wipex Natural Cleaning Wipes For Gyms & Fitness Equipment

  1. Lavender
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Watermelon

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Sustainable Soft Touchscreen Wipes, 97% Natural Formula. This is a great way to clean your Peloton screen.

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How do you clean Peloton handlebars properly? You can wipe them down just like the rest of your bike. The best way to clean your Peloton is to not spray anything directly onto it, especially the screen. Use a towel or rag to clean your bike first. Follow with a dry microfiber towel to dry the bike.

You can also vacuum or dust your bike

Even with the best cleaning and maintenance, hair, dirt, and dust can build up between your pedal and the chain guard. It’s almost impossible to reach that tiny space and clean it.

To get rid of the gunk, you can use a Swiffer Duster or the narrow attachment to your vacuum cleaner. To get rid of the gunk, I have wrapped one of those wipes around a chopstick.

How to clean the Peloton screen

Do not use the same wipes or spray-on cleaner to clean your Peloton screen as you do for the rest. Remember that your tablet or screen is an expensive piece of electronics like your flat-screen TV or iPad.

The best thing you can do for your screen is to not wipe off your fingerprints every day. Electronic components can be damaged by oils from your fingers.

Although it may seem easy to clean the peloton screen, the delicate nature of the screens will keep us back. The best thing about the peloton screen? It doesn’t require large investments to keep it clean and maintained. It doesn’t take much time to keep the screen clean and ready for clear sessions.

To make your cleaning a healthy one, you’ll need to include some maintenance aspects. Are you ready for all this and more? Let’s get started!

The Peloton Screen

The peloton screen is not uniform in size. Each model has its own size. The screen on the original peloton bike measures 21.5 inches. The screen on the new plus bike measures 23.8 inches.

The screen size for the tread models is 23.5 inches for the new tread, 32 inches for the tread plus.

Despite the size and other aspects differences, the screens have one thing in common: HD touchscreens. Therefore, their cleaning procedure is all the same, regardless of which peloton screen you have at home.

How Often Should I Clean the Peloton Screen?

It is recommended that you clean the peloton screen after each use, just as with all indoor equipment parts. It is a touch screen that you can manipulate even during sweaty workouts.

Cleaning the screen daily is possible with
electronics wipes.

After a week or so, you can clean the entire peloton screen.

How to Clean the Peloton Screen?

Peloton recommends using microfiber cloths to clean the peloton screen.

Spray some electronic-friendly disinfectant onto a washcloth before wiping the touchscreen. It will help keep your touchscreen cleaner and disinfect it.

There are many screen cleaners that can be used on flat, touch, LED, LCD, and LCD screens. Spray the cleaner directly onto the screen and then wipe it clean with a microfiber towel.

To get rid of any dust trapped on the front screen, wipe it with a microfiber cloth. You can also check that the touchscreen is at the correct angle for you, or adjust the inclination.

It is very expensive to replace the screen in terms of convenience and money. Be gentle when you are working on it.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Peloton Screen?

The peloton screen is 750 dollars. This is quite expensive. You must take care of your peloton screen.

However, you can change the Peloton screen to a newer version for a subsidized price.

Can Peloton Change the Old Screen for the New One?

The new screen on bike plus and treads PLUS has many advantages that will entice even the most seasoned peloton riders. It has a better screen resolution, a greater angle of inclination and the ability to rotate at 360°.

So, yes. Peloton can replace the screen on your old model for a discount depending on which model you choose, whether it is bike plus or tread plus.

Does the Peloton Screen Come Off?

Yes. You don’t have to take the peloton screen off all the time. The screen will stay safe and prevent accidents by being kept on the tread or bike. It is safer to remove the screen when you are not using it.

Bottom Line

How do you clean the peloton screenFor occasional cleaning, all you need is a screen cleaner and some wipes. It is important to be gentle with your screen. The screen will last for many years if you follow the maintenance steps that you have set.

Eyeglasses that are cleaner can be more comfortable

A great Peloton cleaning tip that I added to my collection of Peloton tips is that you can use the same spray you use to clean your glasses to clean the Peloton screen. Spraying directly onto your Peloton screen is not a good idea. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to clean it. You don’t want anything to scratch the surface, so I use microfiber cloth. Are paper towels good for Peloton cleaning? It’s not possible. Microfiber cloths are a good choice.

It’s like oil in your hands can cause damage over time. Did you know how to change the headlight of a car? Because oils in your hands can reduce the life expectancy of light bulbs. The same goes for the screen on your Peloton screen.

How to clean your peloton mat

The mat likely came with the Peloton Tread and the Peloton Bicycle. I’m certain the installers placed the mat underneath your equipment to protect your floors. The mat was used when we lived in a house that had wood floors. The mat is no longer necessary for my Peloton, as it made the bike wobbly.

My point is that if there is a Peloton mat underneath, it should be cleaned regularly. Use the same cleaning protocol as for Peloton: wipes or spray cleaner on a towel followed by a wipedown with a dry towel.

How to clean the tread of a Peloton

The best way to clean Peloton Tread is to follow the same steps as how to clean a Peloton bike. After every workout, clean the tread. To prevent metal parts from rusting, dry any sweat with a towel.

Next, clean the screen of your Peloton. Use only safe products for your computer and eyeglasses.

You can then dust or vacuum your tread on a regular basis. It is possible that there is a buildup underneath the Tread or on the Peloton Mat. Don’t forget to clean it.

Finally, wipe the Tread with those best wipes for Peloton once per week. After drying, dry with a towel. Your Tread should never be wet.

Protect your bike from sweat with add-ons

Three products I came across that offer protection from sweat while riding are the VeloTowel. They can be thought of as a Peloton sweat shield or Peloton towel. They protect your Peloton from sweat. You can throw your Peloton sweatguard in the washing machine if they become gross. These towels are ideal for Peloton.

Spin Towel

Many people I know swear to the Spin Towel. The towel can be placed over your Peloton handlebars to catch sweat. It can be used as a Peloton handlebar covering to wipe your sweaty hands. Peloton sweat towels.

The Spin towel would be considered a Peloton towel. It’s made to fit perfectly over your Peloton handlebars, such as a Peloton towel cover or cover for the handlebar.


Velotowel has two products that are worth mentioning. These are the VeloTowel frame wrap to protect your Peloton bike and the VeloTowel towel that protects your handlebars.

The VeloTowel wrap for the VeloTowel Peloton frame is more like a sweatguard or giant towel. It can be worn over your frame with a hole at the middle to hold the resistance knob. The VeloTowel received a positive review on Amazon.

This towel provides additional protection for our equipment. It’s well made, fits perfectly on the bike, and can be easily removed to go in the wash.

How to Clean Your Peloton: Products that Protect You from Sweat

How to Clean Your Peloton: Products that Protect You from Sweat

Velotowel - FrameWrap for Peloton Spin Bike

Velotowel - FrameWrap for Peloton Spin Bike

Spin Bike Sweat Towel- Spintowel designed for use with PELOTON bicycles.

Here’s my latest piece about maintaining a Peloton.

Wash your seat cover to keep your Peloton clean

My blog post The best Peloton bicycle accessories discusses how to get a Peloton seat cover so that it doesn’t hurt as much. The truth is that you will be sweating on the seat cover. You should be washing your seat cover regularly.

This is why I bought three Komfy bike seat covers . So I can rotate the covers while the other is washed.

I also bought Forever New laundry soap. It is specifically designed for delicate items. It’s what I use for washing my bras.

It can even tackle the most stubborn odors. It is recommended for hand washing lingerie and lingerie but it can also be used on gym gear.

Recently, I came across Vaporfresh detergent which claims to remove sweat smells from items. It was easy to use. I used it with my padded shorts, and my Komfy gel chair. It came as laundry pacs, similar to Tide pods. It worked amazing.

It works every time. I have used Forever new for leaving my clothes with a pleasant smell. Both products do not leave clothing or accessories smelling sweaty.

FYI, Forever New laundry soap comes in two forms: a powder (they call this granular), and a liquid. I prefer the granular formulation.

How to Clean Your Peloton: Laundry Products

Regular washing of fabric items with your Peloton is a must. These laundry products can remove sweat odors and make it easier to wash them.

Regular washing of fabric items with your Peloton is a must. These laundry products can remove sweat odors and make it easier to wash them.

Forever New Granular Hypoallergenic Biodegradable Laundry Detergent, 32 oz.

Forever New Granular Hypoallergenic Biodegradable Laundry Detergent, 32 oz.

Vapor Fresh Laundry Powder - 72 Loads. - Free and Clear. - Unscented. - HE Safe. - Cold Water Enzymes. - Ideal laundry soap for sports, gym clothes and activewear (5 Pounds).

Vapor Fresh Laundry Powder - 72 Loads. - Free and Clear. - Unscented. - HE Safe. - Cold Water Enzymes. - Ideal laundry soap for sports, gym clothes and activewear (5 Pounds).

Bezport 2 Extra Large Mesh Laundry Bag Delicate Wash Bag, Travel Organization Bag for Lingerie

Cleaning Peloton heart rate monitor

You can’t clean a Peloton heart monitor. But you can clean its strap. It is made of fabric and will absorb your sweat. It’s best to wash it once a week. These are some cleaning methods for the Peloton heart-rate monitor.

You can wash a chest strap with a heart rate monitor by unsnapping the electronic component. The same goes for a heart rate monitor that you may wear on your arm.

The Scosche Rhythm+ Armband heart rate monitor I use currently is . It’s worn on my forearm . The Velcro strap can be removed from the monitor. I wash it in a lingerie bag every other week. To dry your heart rate monitor strap, hang it up. It should not be dried in the dryer.

FYI: has a great deal for anyone looking to buy a Scosche HRM. Enter code SCOSCHE15 when you checkout to get 15% off your purchase.

This is my blog about the best heart-rate monitor.

How to clean your Peloton cycling shoe

The majority of videos on how to clean your bike shoes were made for outside shoes. As if you were riding in the rain or mud.

They’re not getting dirt-dirty with indoor cycling shoes. They might be sweaty, and possibly smelling.

It’s smart to hang up your shoes after every ride and let them dry. This is similar to washing your shoes after each ride so they don’t get dirty. Hang your shoes from the back of the bike. Look under the weights. If you are a group rider, you might consider purchasing a Peloton shoe hook, or hanger that can hold multiple pairs of shoes at once.

Peloton shoe holder.

If you are using the Tread or running shoes often, it is a good idea to wash them occasionally in the washer. For washing sneakers, the lingerie bags are a great accessory. You might need two of these bags for each shoe. Hang the shoes to dry. Don’t dry sneakers in the dryer.

This is my blog post about How to remove sweat smell from your workout clothes

Peloton Cover

A Peloton cover is a great way to keep your Peloton bike and tread clean. You can be sure that it’s kept clean between uses, even after you have finished wiping it down.

You can choose from a variety of covers for your Peloton. Although the company doesn’t make any Peloton covers, there are plenty of aftermarket products to choose from.

Peloton bike cover

I found searching for a Peloton cover.

Peloton screen protector

Drip Accessory makes a Peloton screen protection or cover. A Peloton screen cover and a Peloton screen cover are available. This screen cover is a great accessory for your Peloton tread. The Peloton screen cover can be used to protect your screen from scratches and dust. It’s like a Peloton screen dustcover.

Peloton towel cover

The Spin Towel will protect your bike from sweat and keep your handlebars clean. The Spin Towel is designed to fit over a Peloton handlebar cover. It also acts as a Peloton towel.

How to Clean Your Peloton. Products to Protect against Sweat

Velotowel - FrameWrap for Peloton Spin Bike

Velotowel - FrameWrap for Peloton Spin Bike

Spin Bike Sweat Towel- Spintowel designed for use with PELOTON bicycles.

Cleaning Peloton yoga mat

Your yoga mat is another part of your Peloton workout that should be cleaned regularly. Although it is only you who use it, sweat can buildup over time. That’s gross. It could also lead to your mat becoming less durable, so you will need to purchase a new one.

Here are the reasons is included in the Manduka PRO yoga mat line.

After each practice, wipe down your mat with one of the best Peloton cleaning wipes or a clean cloth that you have sprayed cleaner onto. You can wipe it down with a towel, or you can drape the mat over something to allow it to air dry.

Final thoughts about how to clean your Peloton

Did I miss answering your questions about cleaning a Peloton Tread or bike? Let me know if you have any questions about cleaning a Peloton bike or Tread.

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