How to Connect Apple’s BlueHeart to Peloton [Step-by-Step Guide]

BlueHeart, an Apple app, allows you to ditch the Peloton heart rate strap and use your Apple Watch instead. The Apple Watch does not transmit your heart rate to the Peloton tread or bike. BlueHeart bridges this gap.

All you need to get started is an iPhone, an iPad, or an Apple Watch that is newer than the original generation. The connection works between the Apple Watch, the Apple gadget (say, the iPhone), and the Peloton equipment. The projections are impressive, as one would expect from Apple software.

How Does Apple’s BlueHeart Work?

BlueHeart takes your heart rate and transmits it to your iPhone. It’s free if you don’t mind watching a 30-second advertisement before using the app. This is only for casual riders. If you have a live class or a Leaderboard to race against, it will not work.

The app allows for an in-app purchase of $9.99 for unlimited access. The app also offers a $6.99 payment option that allows for a limited amount of ad-free access.

BlueHeart displays the Apple Watch’s accurate heart rate track. It is only an approximate measurement, and most users are satisfied with the app.

The only problem with this app is the poor connection between iPhone and Apple Watch. The iPhone will indicate that the connection between the Apple Watch and the iPhone is broken when the Apple Watch enters sleep mode. Some users have been dissatisfied with this feature and prefer Scoche plus or other reliable armbands for heart rate.

We will still cover how to connect your gadgets to make BlueHeart work. We also have a solution to the annoying problem of constant disconnect. You might even want to give the app a final go if you have it already.

How to Connect BlueHeart to Peloton

This is not an easy process, I won’t lie. It was a tedious process that I had to do several times before achieving a good result. The best thing about it is that you can always go back and do it again when you are done.

Here’s how to connect the BlueHeart with a peloton bike,
plus, tread, or tread plus.

You will need:

  • Equipment for Peloton (bike, bike plus, and tread or tread plus).
  • Apple gadget (iPhone, iPad) - iOS 13.1
  • Apple Watch (2nd Generation or Newer)


  1. Download BlueHeart App

BlueHeart is available from the AppStore. Make sure you have it installed on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It will be listed under the apps installed on your devices.

  1. Open the BlueHeart App

Next, click on BlueHeart on your Apple Watch. You will be presented with two options: spin or run. If you’re on the tread, you’ll choose to run. The same applies to riding a bike. You can choose to spin.

Clicking on either spin or run will prompt your iPhone’s request to open BlueHeart. Open BlueHeart on iPhone.

A pop-up reminds you to grab your water bottle and get moving. Get ready for your workout.

Click on Start to get started with your workout.

  1. Connect to Your Equipment

You can go straight to the “Connect To Your Equipment” option if you have the 9.99 dollars in-app purchase. However, if you’re using the free app option, you will need to wait for the ad play and then cancel it. You will then be able to “Connect To Your Equipment.”

Add the new heart rate monitor to your Peloton touchscreen. It will either be called “BlueHeart” Or have the name “BlueHeart” or your iPhone username. It will connect to your Peloton in seconds.

Your heart rate will be recorded by your Apple Watch and your Peloton equipment. You can have an excellent peloton workout while still tracking your progress on the Apple Health App.

What If the BlueHeart Connection to Peloton Fails?

These tips are available if the above steps fail to work.

  • You can reboot your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Peloton equipment
  • Peloton has removed BlueHeart from its list of heart rate monitors.

Even if your iPhone is disconnected, you can be sure that your heart rate will still be displayed on Peloton. This should not discourage you. You don’t have to go through the entire process again if your iPhone can still display the heart rate progress.

Is It Safe to Use the BlueHeart Apple App with Peloton?

Yes. All your information will remain private when you download the BlueHeart App. Your security is enhanced because no personal information you have added will be displayed elsewhere.

It uses Apple No-Tracking technology, ensuring that you are safe with your Apple product.

Bottom Line

BlueHeart Peloton connects your Apple Watch to Peloton equipment in one of the most convenient ways. While there are some failures and disappointments, it is still a great tool once you have it.

You only have a few steps left to prove it. Start with the free package and move on to the paid ad-free option if it works for you.

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