Get Real-Time Data: Ultimate Guide To Connecting Your Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor To Peloton Bike

Peloton works with both Bluetooth and ANT+ devices.

The Orangetheory heart rate monitors are all Bluetooth compatible, which makes them a good match for Peloton. So, here’s a simplified guide into connecting the heart rate monitor to Peloton.

Turn on the Heart Rate Monitor

Turn on the Orangetheory heart monitor by pressing the power button. It will blink until it turns on. The blink indicates that the heart rate monitor has entered pairing mode.

Enable Bluetooth on your Peloton Touchscreen

To connect to Bluetooth heart rate monitors, you must enable Bluetooth on your Peloton touchscreen.

If Bluetooth is disabled, the screen below will appear. Before you try to connect, please ensure that Bluetooth is on.

Allow the heart rate monitor to be brought closer to the touchscreen and the two devices to connect for a few seconds.

Put on the Heart Rate Monitor

Once the Peloton has connected to your heart rate monitor, you can place it on your skin. This will ensure that the heart rate monitor is in direct contact with your skin.

The OT Core is a chest-strap, while the OT Flex, OTBeat, and the OT Flex are armbands that you can wear on your wrist, forearm and arm. You can also wet the sensors on the sides of your heart rate monitor to get better results.

The gray zone is due to minimal activity. You will notice the different zones that you cross on your heart rate monitor as you increase the intensity of a Peloton class.

Connecting your Heart Rate Monitor

Before connecting your Heart Rate Monitor, make sure you have correctly attached it and placed it according to the instructions.

  1. Navigate to the Heart Rate Monitor Connection modal to connect your Heart Rate Monitor. The modal can be found by joining a class, tapping on the time icon in the upper right corner of your touchscreen, and selecting “Heart Rate Monitor”.
  • In Class Modal
  • Modal Heart rate Monitor
  1. Click the “Connect” button next to your heart rate monitor. You don’t need to use Bluetooth settings to connect heart rate monitors.
  • Bluetooth devices will display a name of the device, e.g. Peloton, Cardiosport or RHYTHM.
  • ANT+ devices will display a device ID, e.g. Device:12345
  1. For the app to find your heart rate monitor, ensure it is on. To refresh the Heart Rate Monitor screen, tap the refresh button at the top right.

  2. Connect the Heart Rate Monitordevice to your touchscreen and join any class you like to view the heart rate metric in the upper left corner.

Join a Peloton Class

You are now ready to join a class. Combining the two has never been easier!


My Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Won’t Connect to Peloton

If you are having trouble connecting your Heart rate Monitor:

  • Make sure the Heart Rate Monitor has not been connected to any other devices.
  • Determine if your battery needs to go.
  • If your Peloton has already been connected to another Bluetooth-based heart rate monitor, your Peloton may not be able to connect to it. Check the Bluetooth connectivity and then disconnect the heart rate monitor.
  • The heart rate monitor runs on electricity. There is a possibility that the battery is running low. For more positive results, please try to recharge it.
  • There are sensors on the heart rate monitor’s left and right sides. To make sure the sensors are properly moistened, you can sprinkle some water on them and then wear the heart monitor.

These devices are compatible with the Peloton:

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