The Key to an Amazing Workout: Connecting Your Peloton to the Internet

Connecting to Your Wireless Network

You will be asked to connect your wireless network before you can set up your Peloton. We recommend that you have your password for the wireless network ready when activating your Peloton.

Manually connect to your Wireless Network

  1. Click on the WiFi symbol in the upper right corner.
  2. Select your wireless network.

We recommend a _minimum_connection speeds of 10-15 mbps for touchscreen downloads and 2.5 mbps uploads to get the best experience.

We recommend that you restart your router and Peloton products if your Peloton is having trouble connecting to your wireless network. If the problem persists, we recommend restarting your router and Peloton touchscreen internet connectivity .

Not all Pelotons can connect to repeaters, extenders and boosters wirelessly. To prevent interference, we recommend connecting to your main router at home and disabling all other networks. For the best connection, we recommend that your Peloton be placed as close as possible to your router.

Connecting to a Wired Network

You may need to test your wireless speed if you experience continuous wireless connectivity problems.

Peloton touchscreens can also be equipped with an Ethernet port to allow for wired network connections.

Please Note: To access the Ethernet port, the Peloton Tread or Peloton Bike+ will need a USBC-to Ethernet accessory.

The Ethernet port can be found on the back panel of the Peloton touchscreen. If you have difficulty finding it, please contact our Member Support Team.

Connect your Ethernet cable to the touchscreen port. The Peloton will connect to your network immediately.

A cable should be at least 15 feet in length. Your Ethernet cable must be long enough to reach your Peloton device and the internet access point. It should not pass underneath the Peloton, or be stretched tautly.

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