How-to: Connect Your Apple Watch to Your NordicTrack iFit: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Apple Watch, unlike any other smartwatch or wearable, is not capable of transmitting your heart rate to the iFIT Fitness equipment. After trying a few different methods, I found the best and fastest way to connect your Apple Watch with any NordicTrack, iFIT Bike or iFIT Tread, Rower or Vault.

An App called Echo heart rate will be required. Echo can bypass the Apple Watch’s connection limitations by using the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone to send your heart rate information to your device.

Echo Heart Rate App is free to try, but it limits your workouts to 20 minutes. There is an additional $14.99 charge for unlimited access to the app for longer workouts. This is a worthwhile cost for me as I don’t have to replace my Apple Watch with another device to track my heart rate.

UPdate: Connect The Watts Community has the Pro Version of ECHO reduced to $9.99 in the App Store for the next 48 hours (July 19, 20). !
author: “Alex McRae” YouTube

How to set it all up

  • First, Install the Echoapp to your iPhone and then watch.
  • Next, tap “Tap To Start” on Echo. Make sure you select the right type of equipment. It will display “Waiting for connection” after you have started the class. It won’t connect during warm-up.
  • Once the workout begins, it will take some time. After that, you should be able to see your heart rate on your watch, phone, and most importantly on your NordicTrack or iFit screen.

Echo has a heart-rate zones feature that matches up to the NordicTrack color system. To do this, make sure your max heart beat in Echo Heart Rate App is set to the same maximum heart rate as your iFIT account. Enable “HR Zones” in the Echo app settings.

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