Upgrade your Peloton Bike in minutes: How to make it a Bike Plus

Despite knowing all the advantages she would miss from the Peloton bike, I just pressured my best friend to get the standard Peloton bike, plus its advanced version. However, I already know that she wanted a value bike, hence the Peloton bike, currently at $1495, is the best Peloton bike option.

Furthermore, I had already found a way to turn the Peloton bike into a plus bike. I will guide her through the process. If you are interested, let’s go on a bus trip together.

The Peloton Bike into a Bike Plus?

It was hard for me to accept the difficult pill of all the technological advances that came with the
bicycle and. But I was too attached to my Peloton bicycle to even consider switching.

I was able to get the most desirable features of the bike and the standard bike at a great price. It doesn’t take long, and most features are technical identical.

Here are the changes that I thought were worth it.


Getting a Rotating Screen Swivel

The rotating screen that comes with the Peloton bike plus is the most noticeable difference. The
plus screen rotates 180° on either side, giving it a complete 360-degree rotation.

A rotating screen can be used for strength, cross-fit, and yoga on your Peloton. There are also the Peloton bike Bootcamps where you can switch between the bike or the floor. The bike can be used for cardio and strength training, as well as providing cardio workouts.

The bike plus will provide an amazing experience, but what about the regular bike? The Peloton bike swivel is now available. The Peloton bike swivel can rotate 360 degrees, so you can do off-bike workouts without stress. You don’t need to place your mat next to the bike to get a good view. You can also use the rest of the studio.

The swivel was designed to fit on the standard Peloton bicycle, so it will fit perfectly in the handlebar space.


Bluetooth Speaker

After listening to the workout from the bike plus, you’ll find the Peloton bicycle sound less appealing. To make the Peloton bike sounds better, I decided to amplify them. It is easy to find a compatible speaker for the Peloton bike since it is Bluetooth compatible.

I was searching for something similar to or slightly better than the bike plus, when I found the DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth speaker. It is one of the best decisions that I have made for my
peloton bike accessories.


These two things make it easier to enjoy the Peloton plus bike. You should also note that the Peloton plus and the bike plus can be used for other classes and bootcamps. The bike plus will not be available to you. You won’t be far behind with the auto-follow resistance feature.

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