How to Send and Receive High Fives on Peloton [With Images]

Peloton allows you to high five by tapping on the highfive feature on the screen. Next, a name will appear on the screen. It is the best way for riders to feel connected in a Peloton session.

In the past, a high-five was only possible on the Peloton equipment, the tread, or the bike. The feature is now available on the iOS app thanks to Peloton updates. You don’t need to own the Peloton equipment in order to enjoy the social aspects of Peloton. There’s more!

Peloton High Five

Peloton high five is basically the usual high five, you know, where you lift your palm and someone taps on it with theirs. The only difference is that you do it virtually on a peloton since the classes are also virtual.

Fortunately, the feature comes with the Peloton equipment or digital app, so you don’t have to download it anew.

While it is evident that high fives are available in live peloton classes, it is worth noting that they are available for on-demand classes as well. Therefore, you can use the feature to stimulate your good feelings while getting rid of possible stress.

How Do You High Five on Peloton?

Here is a simplified way to high-five on Peloton bike, tread, or digital app. Shall we get on with it?

How to High Five in a Live Class on Peloton

How do you high five on Peloton Bike

When in a live class, you will see the Leaderboard, where the real competition on Peloton takes place. If you want to appreciate a user or a friend in class with a high five, you will use the Leaderboard.

Scroll down the
Leaderboard to find the
username. Then, tap gently. You can now give a high five to the user.

You will see the notification at the bottom left if someone sends you a congratulatory highfive. You will most likely want the high five to be acknowledged by returning one. Tap on the pop-up notification to send your high five to the user.

How to High Five on On-Demand Peloton Classes

How do you high five on Peloton Bike On-demand classes

If you are enrolled in the on-demand classes, then you will need to filter your Leaderboard to “Here Now.“You won’t be able to see the names of others who are riding alongside you at the same moment if you don’t do this.

Remember that members can access the classes at any time. The best thing about the deal is that almost all members will be available to ride with your. You can filter the Leaderboard to “Here Now” to see members riding with you. You will see the riders who are riding with you and can interact with them during the run or ride.

Once you have clicked? Here Now?, scroll down the Leaderboard. Scroll down the Leaderboard. Send a high five to your username. If you get a high five, tap on the notification to send it back.

How to Fix Peloton High Fives: If That Didn’t Work

Peloton’s standard feature is a high five. It is not surprising that yours isn’t working. This is why you should check the following:

Reboot your smart screen if your internet connection is stable (minimum 10MBps). Clear the cache, but not the ‘clear data? To speed up the gadget’s performance, clear the cache (NOT the?clear data? option ).


  • Select Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Select Peloton
  • Force Stop The application
  • Click on Storage, then click on Clear Cache
  • Power off, then power it back up on

You can also check to see if the high five notification has been disabled without your knowledge. Turn it on again and give it another high five.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Get a High Five from the Peloton Instructors?

Yes, you can. You can.
Peloton instructors usually send high fives to the class when they get on their equipment. They can also see your usernames on the Leaderboard and will send you a high-five when you make progress. It creates a positive feeling inside you and instructors will do whatever it takes to keep their class happy and motivated.

Is High Five Available on Peloton App?

Yes, it is. However, it is currently only available if you are using an iOS device or the Peloton touchscreen.

Can High Fives be Distracting on Peloton?

It’s not true. Peloton is so set up that you can only send and receive one high five per minute from the same user. The high fives won’t distract you too much.

In a Nutshell

How can you high-five on Peloton? Peloton app or equipment, you have the chance to high-five. You can even send it and get one on live or on-demand classes.

Now you can use your smartphone or tablet to get the most out of your digital app or gym equipment. Your workouts on Peloton are more valuable than you can imagine.

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