Stay on Track: Tips to Maintain Your Peloton Streak

This blog post is about keeping a Peloton streak alive. Like many of my posts about the Peloton bike I have a personal reason to write this blog post. My reason? A week ago, I fell and tripped in my garage. I fell on my right wrist. My wrist was broken.

As my wrist heals, I’m currently in a cast. Lucky for me, I’m right-handed so I actually write this blog post by typing it into Google Sheets. But that’s not the point.

Why I am thinking about my Peloton streak

Apart from being concerned about how to brush my teeth left-handed or how to feed my family left-handed, I was also anxious to find a way to keep my Peloton streak alive. My Peloton Journey has been filled with many streaks.

I am currently at the end of my 3-year-long streak of exercising every week. I use my Peloton every single week since June 2018. Also, that’s more than 156 consecutive weeks.

How daily Peloton streaks work

You can view badges in your Peloton account that show you which streaks you have had. I have described the various daily streaks you can achieve in my blog post on Peloton Milestones. These are:

  • 3-Day streak
  • 5-day streak
  • 7-day streak
  • Street view for 10 days
  • 20-day streak
  • 30-day streak
  • 45-day streak
  • 60-day streak

Limit to daily Peloton streaks

Peloton does not give badges to anyone who has a streak that exceeds 60 days. It feels like they should.

In one of the many Peloton groups I am in, someone shared that she had made her own 365-day Peloton badge. Peloton did not celebrate her 365-day streak, but she was so proud of it that she wanted to find a way to celebrate it.

These badges look just like the ones you receive when you start your first classes of different genres. This blog post about Peloton for beginners explains the badges in detail.

The 365-day Peloton streak badge is not available

I explained to her that a 52-week badge does not equal one year. She was determined to have a badge that indicated 365 days.

You never know. Perhaps the future Peloton will follow her lead and extend streak badges beyond 60 days.

Maintaining a Peloton weekly streak

Weekly streaks are a bit different. I just recently passed my 156-week streak. This is the equivalent to 3 years.

Only two other weekly streaks are available to me that will allow me to earn an achievement badge. There is a 175-week streak, and then there’s a 208-week streak. This is equivalent to 4 years.

What are the weekly Peloton streaks?

Let’s go back a bit. Let me give you a list of weekly streaks that are possible. These are:

  • 3-week streak
  • 5-week streak
  • Ten-week streak
  • 20-week streak
  • 30-week streak
  • Forty-week streak
  • 1 year, 52-week streak
  • 60-week streak
  • 70-week streak
  • A streak of 80 weeks
  • A streak of 90 weeks
  • 2-year streak or 104-week streak
  • Streak of 125 weeks
  • Strike of 156 weeks or 3-years
  • 175-week streak
  • 4 year or 208-week streak

It’s interesting. A badge can be earned for a 7-day streak, but not for a one week streak. Because 7 days are a week, that badge would be redundant. Peloton still doesn’t explain why they give badges for weekly and daily streaks.

Peloton milestone gifts

What are Peloton Milestones? Gift Ideas

Are you looking for Peloton merchandise and swag to commemorate a milestone? Etsy has a wealth of gifts for milestones. Everything I have found there is amazing, from shirts to stickers to badges to decals to badges.

Are you looking for Peloton merchandise and swag to commemorate a milestone? Etsy has a wealth of gifts for milestones. Everything I have found there is amazing, from shirts to stickers to badges to decals to badges.












Annual Peloton

Peloton has increased its annual streak badge in 2021. This is a count of minutes and shows how many people have used the Peloton from 5,000 to 10,000 minutes. Because so many people will soon surpass 5,000 minutes, I believe they did it. Peloton probably realized that 5,000 minutes per year on a Peloton wasn’t a lot for dedicated people like you.

As I mentioned, you can earn a badge of 10 for every 10,000 minutes of exercise with Peloton. Just as I write this blog post, I just earned my 6,000-minute badge for the annual challenge.

When you’re not on the bike, maintaining a Peloton streak

As I said in the introduction, this blog post was inspired by a selfish thought. I have a fractured wrist. Below is my cast arm.

Right now, I don’t believe I can ride my bicycle while my knee is healing. This may change but I’m still looking for ways to keep my Peloton streak alive while I’m off my bike.

It was not about having injured yourself that I realized there were other times you could want to keep your Peloton streak alive. Perhaps you are going on vacation. You want to make sure your Peloton streak continues while on vacation. Here are a few ideas.

How to maintain a Peloton streak on vacation

Before you book your vacation, please c check out my blog post about Peloton hotels. This is why I have compiled a complete list of resorts and hotels that have Peloton bikes. You won’t have any problems keeping your streak going if you are on vacation and stay at one of these hotels.

If you are looking for private homes to rent, I can also help. Check out my article on vacation rentals that have a Peloton.

There are hundreds of apartments, condos, and private homes in America and the Caribbean with a Peloton bike. You can usually rent them so that you have access to the bike. If you’re staying at a Peloton hotel, it should not be a problem to keep your streak going.

Workouts can be done with non-Peloton equipment

Another way to keep your Peloton streak alive while on vacation is by using the Peloton app. You can still exercise even if you don’t have a Peloton.

The app has a lot of great content for wellness and fitness. You should not have any problem earning your blue dots every day you’re on vacation.

Vacations are for taking time off. If you are determined to earn a blue dot, you can do a Peloton Meditation. You can still earn your blue dots by listening to short meditations while sitting quietly.

Final thoughts about keeping the Peloton streak alive

As I mentioned, I have now passed a three year Peloton streak of 156 weeks. Additionally, I have reached the maximum Peloton daily streak multiple times. That’s only 60 days. It’s not uncommon for me to wish that a Peloton daily streak could last longer than 60 days.

This article was very helpful to me, as I tried to keep my streak going with a broken wrist. I’ve found creative ways to keep active using the Peloton app, and get my daily blue dots. This blog post should inspire you.

If you have any creative ideas to keep your Peloton streak alive, please leave a comment. Your ideas are welcome.

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