Upgrade Your Peloton Bike Seat Comfort with These Tips [Ultimate Guide]

Peloton novices are most interested in how to make their bike more comfortable. And I get it. My butt hurts when I started riding my Peloton in 2016. I had previously taken years spinning classes at my gym.

It could be that you ride your Peloton more when you are at home, or more often. It seems like everyone who buys a Peloton bike wants to learn how to make it more comfortable. They are looking for the best accessories to help them achieve this. They have good reasons.

It takes some time to get used to the Peloton bike. A popular blog post I wrote last year about the best Peloton accessories and add-ons that you should buy when you purchase a Peloton. The blog post also included a section about padded seat covers and shorts. I wrote this separate post because so many people are interested in how to make the Peloton’s seat more comfortable.

What is the secret to making the Peloton’s seat more comfortable? There are two things you should do. This includes how you sit on the bicycle and where you sit when you’re on it.

Peloton rides are more miserable than uncomfortable seats. Because you must keep moving around from one side to the other, the resistance will change and the seat will be adjusted. Your sitting area could be blistered or burned by the end of the 45-minute period.

How can I make my peloton seat more comfortable? There are many ways to make your peloton rides enjoyable. Let’s take a look at each one.

Ensure that Your Peloton Bike Seat is Level

First, ensure that your bike is in the correct position. It is important to ensure that your seat is properly positioned horizontally as well vertically.

Your Peloton bike post can be moved from one to 26 depending on the vertical position of your seat. You can adjust the horizontal position of your seat by moving it from position J to position A. Peloton handles cannot be moved forward or back like traditional spin bikes. This is extremely frustrating.

The peloton seat’s level seat is often overlooked, but it can be a major cause of discomfort. This is because you will feel more pressure on one side than the recommended weight distribution in your seating area.

You can adjust the bolts underneath the seat to solve this problem. After loosening them, turn the bolts clockwise on each side. Next, level the seat. Next, tighten the seat bolts.

Set the Seat Height and Depth

Peloton Bike seat height and depth adjustment

Check both the up and down positions of your Peloton bike seat if it hurts. If in doubt, move the seat upward.

This may sound counterintuitive, but it is the best way to make your Peloton seat more comfortable. My experience is that my ideal height is one where my legs feel “floating” while I pedal, but my leg doesn’t extend fully.

For example, my seat was at position 13 when I first started riding. My butt began to hurt so I tried the Peloton seat height settings. I finally settled at position 17. It was so much more comfortable. FYI, I’m 5'4’'.

Recently, I had my remote bike fitted for my Peloton. My review can be found here. But, the bottom line is that they had to move my seat back down so it was 15. Peloton was the best way to ride, and it helped my back so much.

Bad seat height and depth can result in poor seat comfort, knee and lower back health, and seat comfort. Before you take to the peloton, make sure that the height and depth of your seat are appropriate.

First, ensure that your seat height matches your hip bone. Your knee should bend slightly when you ride. This will ensure that the seat height is right for you. The height adjustment knob is located on the seat frame and can be adjusted to adjust the height. It is simple to use and doesn’t require any additional tools. You can also refer to our detailed guide on how to adjust the seat height of a peloton.

Next, place your elbow at your seat nose and extend your hand towards the middle of the handlebars. Your fingers should reach the handlebars comfortably without straining or stretching further. The depth adjustment knob is located just below the seat on one side. This will assist you in this task. If necessary, loosen it to adjust the seat height.

For more information, see the article How to Adjust a Peloton Bike Seat

How to adjust your seat on a Peloton bicycle?

I am often asked by people how to adjust the seat on a Peloton bicycle. They ask me if they mean forward, back, or up and down. If you mean to adjust the level of the seat, I have explained how you can tilt the nose of it up or down.

Most people are curious about how to adjust the Peloton bicycle seat. This is much easier with a Bike Plus than on an original Peloton bike. Why? Peloton has changed the mechanism that allows you to loosen and tighten the bike seat.

How to adjust the seat height on an original Peloton bicycle?

You will need to remove the lever at the base the seat stem to adjust the height of your seat. This is the rectangular pole with numbers.

To pull the seat pole to the desired height, turn the lever counterclockwise (think lefty Lucy). To tighten, turn the lever clockwise (righty tighty).

Quick tip: If the seat is too tight but the level is not touching the ground, you can press the button at the front of your lever to loosen the handle. You can then move the handle so that it is parallel to the pole and doesn’t touch your legs while you pedal.

How to adjust the front and back of a Peloton original bike?

If I say adjust the Peloton bike seat front- or back, I mean closer or further away from the handlebars. To do this, you will need to remove the lever under the seat that is attached to the horizontal pole.

You can also move the seat forward and back, just like you do with moving the seat up or down. This isn’t as simple as it sounds, as the horizontal pole doesn’t always allow for smooth movement of the seat. It’s easier to push or pull the seat than to nudge it.

After you have adjusted the seat to your liking, tighten the lever.

How to adjust the Peloton Bike Plus’s seat height?

The handle you use to adjust your bike’s height was improved by Peloton when they introduced the Bike Plus. Instead of dealing with a levered handle you can use a knob. It’s much easier to twist a knob to tighten or loosen.

Similar to moving the seat up and down on your original bike, you want to make it loose enough to allow the seat pole to be pulled up or down to the desired height. Once you have it there, turn the knob and you are done.

How to adjust the front and back of a Bike Plus?

With the Bike Plus, Peloton has improved the mobility of the Peloton bike seats. There is no knob. To loosen it, you can flip the lever up or down. There is nothing to worry about.

Flip the lever down. Next, move the seat forward or back. The handlebars can be moved closer or further away. Finally flip the lever up. You can now start riding once the seat is in place.

How to sit on the Peloton Seat?

Sitting forward is one of the best ways to make the Peloton seat more comfortable. In other words, do not sit too far forward so that your privates are in contact with the nose of the seat.

The Peloton instructors will tell you to place your booty on the widest portion of the seat. That is what they mean when they say to put your booty back.

Your butt should be as far back as possible on the seat. It should not hang off. You do want your sit bones or sitz bones to feel the seat. These are your two bones in the butt.

My problem is that I feel like my stomach hangs off the back of the Peloton seat. My sit bones are on the seat. I hope that helps.

Set the Handlebars Height

Make sure the handlebar height is appropriate for your workouts. Start by placing the handlebars in the highest position. Then, adjust the height of your ride to find out how much. You can adjust the height knob on the handlebars to get the perfect fit.

Hand strain can be caused by the handlebars being too high or low for your needs. This can lead to a weakened sitting position.

Know Your Ride

Sitting for too long can cause sores in the seat. Is there a way to get around if your ride takes at most three-quarters of an an hour? There is. You can ride off the seat for a few moments between each ride. This will increase the thrill of the ride. However, the peloton instructors won’t let you get bored.

Get Padded Shorts or Pants

The peloton seat and all other bike seats can be difficult to sit on. The seat’s hardness is good for you because it makes the bike seat durable and resistant to wear and tear. How can you avoid this while still being comfortable?

I would recommend padded shorts for your bike. They are more comfortable and convenient. The shorts should not be worn with underwear as this will reduce friction and chaffing.

Bike shorts are comfortable and less bulky than padded ones. They don’t shift as much than a bike seat cover.

If you don’t like the look of the bike shorts, you might consider padded bike pants. These can be worn on their own or under light buggy cycling shorts. The padded pants will protect your sitting area from friction and seat sores.

I was able to go for many years without having to wear padded shorts while riding my bike in spin class. My Peloton was born. My husband was the first one to purchase padded shorts for Peloton.

Men’s padded shorts

Baleaf provided him with shorts for his first bike ride. He actually bought several. He didn’t have the hassle of washing his padded bike shorts after every ride. He could rotate them regularly.

The Baleaf padded briefs are available in sizes up to 3XL. This is a good tip for anyone looking to buy padded shorts for a Peloton rider, especially if they are taller than me.

Women’s padded shorts

The brand Terry has been raved about by my female friends who are Peloton riders. My Terry shorts arrived over the holidays. I now have to wonder why I waited so long before I could ride in padded shorts.

Terry’s padded shorts make a big difference

Here is where I noticed a difference between the Terry padding and other pants I have tried. The chamois goes beyond your butt and the padding. This prevents you from chafing, getting a Peloton saddle sore or hot spots.

This Terry brand shorts made me feel the most comfortable since I started riding my Peloton bike. Terry shorts can be expensive. They are well worth the price. They last. My shorts still look great after two years.

So that you can choose whether you prefer Terry shorts for men or women, I have gathered a variety of Terry shorts. This way you can find the right fit for you and keep your hands from getting sore on the Peloton, or any other spin bike. Terry’s lifetime warranty is one of my favorites.

Side note: Terry offers a lifetime guarantee called the Terry Guarantee. Companies that stand behind their products are what I love. Have you seen my articles about lifetime warranties and products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime?

I will admit it, the first time I wore padding shorts I felt like I was wearing a diaper. I will be honest, wearing padded shorts while spinning was a game-changer!

You must also wear your padded shorts in a commando fashion. Your underwear’s edges can get in the way of riding and cause saddle sores. We’ll be talking more about saddle sores in the next section.

FYI: If you don’t feel comfortable riding without your underwear, check out this post about the best underwear to work out in.

Get a Bike Seat Cover

A bike seat cover is a good alternative for riders with larger bottoms or who find the padded shorts uncomfortable. A wide or narrow spinnable bike seat cover is available depending on your comfort requirements. Gel-padded seats are the best choice in this situation, as they allow you to ride for longer distances without sores.

A Peloton seat cover is another way to make your Peloton bike seat less painful. I didn’t know much about spinning when I bought our Peloton bike.

I have to admit that the Peloton chair hurts. It feels soft and cushioned enough when you press down on it. However, a few 45-minute Power Zone rides will make your butt hurt.

However, I still need to have some comfort in my bottom. A bike seat cushion was needed that would make the Peloton’s bike seat the most comfortable ever. I was looking for a cushion to cover the saddle.

This is my article on Peloton for beginners.

Why do I chose to cover my bike seat cushion?

After looking online at reviews about the best gel seat covers for road bikes-since riding on a Peloton feels more like riding a roadbike than a mountain bike- , I decided to go with the Komfy gel bike seat. This is by far the most comfortable seat on a spin bike that I have ever used.

The Komfy gel bike seat is also known as the Komfy gel. It is very comfortable. It will be your Peloton seatcover.

These are some other gel cushion covers that Peloton long-time users highly recommend. Domain Cycling also has great reviews for their gel seat covers. Some have said that Domain Cycling has the best Peloton cushion. You decide.

What’s the most comfortable seat for an exercise bike?

The Komfy Gel Bike Seat is my favorite seat cushion and best Peloton seat cover.

It is adjustable. The cover fits perfectly on the Peloton bicycle seat. You can then cinch the back to ensure it doesn’t move around. This makes the Peloton seat cover more comfortable and protects it from dirt.

The second is the grooved seat. The Komfy gel bicycle seathas grooves, unlike other seats that can become rigid and lumpy. These grooves are perfectly aligned with your bottom and butt to match the seat.

This means that your sensitive body never goes to bed and doesn’t feel pain. (Have your butt ever gone to sleep? It’s not fun. So Komfy=best Peloton bike seat cover for comfort, get it?

So Komfy=best Peloton bike seat cover for comfort, get it?

Washable seat covers are a must

You should be able to wash a Peloton cushion seat cushion. Let’s face it. You should wash everything you wear or sweat on regularly. My sports bra and leggings are washed daily.

The good mesh-lined lingerie bag. This is what I use to wash my regular and sports bras. Hang the seat to dry.

Are you looking for ways to clean your Peloton. This blog post will give you all the information you need.

Tips to make your Peloton chair more comfortable

There are many ways to make the Peloton chair more comfortable if you still feel the pain. It could be a skin issue.

After class, don’t wear padded shorts that are too hot. This keeps your skin moisturized and helps to prevent saddle sores.

You may also have saddle sores. My Peloton saddle sores were more painful than ingrown hair follicles. They were located at the back of my thigh and my cheeks.

This article will explain everything about saddle sores when you cycle.

Use products for comfort

Two skincare products have greatly helped me recently. The Body Gloide Cycle Chamois balm is the one I’m referring to.

Chamois cream

Professional bike fitting

If none of these tips help you make your Peloton more comfortable, visit your local bike shop to have your measurements taken. Many people have had their bikes fitted at home by bike shop employees. I booked a virtual fit with Matt Wilpers Team Wilpers.

One suggestion is to tilt the “nose” of your seat down. This means that the seat should not be pointing upwards. Your nose should not be flat, or slightly tilted down.

Replacing the Bike Seat

A replacement seat may be suggested by the bike shop for your Peloton bicycle. The bike shop may compare the dimensions of the Peloton seat with your butt. This is not a joke.

Just completed a virtual bike fitting at home with a professional cyclist. My review can be found here.

According to some cyclists, it is the best way to find the most comfortable seat for your bike. Measure your sitz bones (literally, the bones under your skin) and match your seat to those measurements. Don’t assume that you will need a larger or smaller Peloton chair without consulting a professional.

This is the least-recommended peloton bike seat comfort option. If your bike seat is too narrow and the seat covers are not working, this may be the only solution. The peloton seat can be used with any other bike seat on the market as long as it matches the clamp area.

Remember that replacing peloton parts with non-peloton parts could invalidate your peloton bicycle warranty. If this is what makes your rides worthwhile, then why not?

Choose Classes You Enjoy

Peloton bike discomfort can be caused by long rides in classes that you don’t like. You might find classes that are too fast. You will find the classes you love by taking your time. You can start by listening to the recorded classes and then go through each one until you find what you like.

Peloton classes are so varied that it is impossible to exhaust them all. You will likely not meet your match because there are many instructors with different strengths. You can ensure that your classes are fast paced.


How can I make my Peloton bike’s seat more comfortable? Just make a few adjustments to your seat and ride, and you will have the best Peloton bike ride ever. Adjust the height, depth, and seat height. Finally, adjust the handlebar height to make it comfortable. For an unforgettable ride, wear padded shorts and/or pants.

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