No Sweat: Tips for Moving Your Peloton Tread Without Breaking a Sweat

Moving to the same floor

To make it easier to move the Peloton Tread+, there are wheels at the front. Follow these steps to move the Peloton Tread+

  1. Always ensure that the Tread+’s location is compatible with the product’s space.

  2. Increase the incline by 2% to elevate the front feet.

  3. Turn off the Tread+ and unplug it before you move it.

  4. Move Tread+. One person stands at the front holding the handrail and two or three people use the handholds for lifting from the back.

  5. Move the Tread+ forward so that it rests on the incline wheels. Then, carefully move the Tread+ to the new position.

From Room to Room

Peloton support can send a service technician to your house to move your Tread+ around in your home for $250.


Our Service Technicians are available to assist you with moving.

This service includes:

  • $175 to disassemble your Tread+ at the current location.

  • $175 to reassemble your Tread+ at your new address

This service does _not_include

  • Gearing up for your Tread+.

  • Move the tread+ to a new location.

  • Move the Tread+ into the room you choose.

To get started or to confirm that we serve your area, please contact Peloton support.

Other Moving Tips

  • Always ensure that the Tread+’s location is compatible with the product space.
  • For a detailed Tread+ moving guide, contact PelotonSupport
  • A shipping or moving company should ensure that your Tread+ is protected in the event of any damage during transportation.

WARNING: The Peloton Tread+ is not intended for consumer assembly. The Peloton Moving Guide was created to help professional installers use specialized tools in the assembly and installation of the Peloton Tread+. Peloton Tread+ can be very heavy so more than one person is required to assemble or move it. Incorrect assembly of the Peloton Tread+ could result in serious injury. Peloton warranties will not cover damage or equipment failure caused by improper assembly, disassembly, or relocation. You are responsible for assembling, disassembling, and moving the Peloton Tread+. You agree to release Peloton from any claims arising from disassembly, assembly, or movement of your PelotonTread+ by any person other than a qualified professional.

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