Say Goodbye to Cords: How to Pair Your Bluetooth Devices to Peloton

Peloton customers might want to connect their Bluetooth devices for many reasons. Maybe you want to do a morning workout and not wake your partner or children. Or maybe you need more volume for your 90’s music. rock ride, so you connect your Bluetooth speaker. This guide will help you quickly connect, no matter what reason.

Peloton uses Bluetooth 4.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what it means. It’s low-energy Bluetooth, which is what has been used for more than a decade. Bluetooth pairing should be easy for wireless headphones and speakers. Once they are both connected, your Bluetooth device should pair with your Tread again automatically. Here are the steps to get it set up.

Ensure your device is compatible

Most Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones should work well together. Peloton suggests checking compatibility first. However, the best way is to actually connect. While the JBLX Peloton Earbuds is recommended by Peloton, any Bluetooth device should be compatible. They worked perfectly with Bose Soundsport headphones.

Bluetooth: Connect to Peloton

The first step is to make sure that your headphones and speakers are in pairing mode. Although this step can vary from device to device, it is often indicated by either a blinking blue light or some type of beep. You should also ensure your headphones are not connected to any other device, such as a smartphone or laptop. This could cause interference with the pairing.

Next, log in to your Peloton account and tap the menu button at the bottom-right corner.

You’ll see the Bluetooth settings in the bottom-right corner. This will allow your Peloton to search for your Bluetooth device, and connect.

You should then hear a beep from your device to confirm the connection. The blue light should stop blinking. Peloton has a step-by video tutorial if you still have trouble connecting.

It’s also important to mention that other fitness trackers like heartrate monitors and Apple Watches can connect in the same way but not via Bluetooth. These devices typically connect to your Peloton through ANT+.

You have it! Now you are free to connect all Bluetooth devices so that you can ride while listening to Lady Gaga and Rage Against the Machine at any decibel level you like.

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