Pump Up Your Tires: How to Fill Bike Tires at a Gas Station

It is important that your bike tires are inflated to the recommended pressure if you plan on visiting a gas station. Your bike’s performance on the road can be affected by the pressure you use. Your bike’s performance can be improved by inflating the tires to the correct pressure. You are more likely to have mishaps when you inflate or underinflate the bike, especially if you are riding at high speeds. If you want to stay ahead of the rest, make sure you follow these steps when inflating your bike tires.

Consider The Following When Inflating Your Bike Tires

  1. The first thing to do when at the gas station is to confirm whether the gas station has the exact pump device that will fit your bicycle valve. The majority of the bikes have the conventional type of valve, but in present days Presta valves are common in some bikes.
  2. Before you inflate your bike tires, make sure the valve is in a good position. The pump must be able to fit the valve properly in order to infuse air efficiently.
  3. For bikes with Schrader ones and the ordinary bike valves, remove the plastic that covers the valve. For other types like Presta, remove the plastic cap and then twist the cap nozzle clockwise to remove it. After removing the cap, mount the pressure gauge to the valve and then put pressure up to the right Pound-force per square inch(PSI).
  4. To check if your bike tires have enough firmness, bounce your bike around a bit. If your bike tires do not have the recommended flexibility, you can add air until the pressure is right. You can add more air, but not more than the recommended level. This will ensure that your bike tires are not overinflated.
  5. Presta valves, twist the cap after you put it back. The plastic cap can be used for ordinary bike valves.

When inflating your bike, remember to use the recommended Pounds-force per square inch. For example, 40 PSI is a good starting point. You can fill your bike up to 45PSI but it is not recommended to overinflate your tires.

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