Peloton Search Hacks: Discovering Hidden Gems and Creating Your Ideal Workout

Because it was so easy to find Peloton classes, I decided to write this article. Peloton has now made it possible to search the website. You could not use the search function on any Peloton hardware before. This would have been the Bike, Bike Plus, or Tread.

The search function in the Peloton app cannot be used on your smartphone. This functionality is also not available on Smart TVs like my Roku.

It’s a good thing that Peloton added this feature to their website. I hope that the future will be bright for those who are interested in searching for classes on the remaining devices.

Why not search for Peloton classes?

Why would anyone want to search for Peloton classes online? They might want to listen to a particular artist while working out. They might be curious about Peloton classes that feature a favorite artist. Or, maybe they want to take a particular type of class like tabata or HIIT.

Let’s get to the bottom of how to search the Peloton classes on the website and the hardware. Additionally, I will explain the most popular ways people search for Peloton classes. This would be by artist/class theme.

Peloton doesn’t start a search by using a search engine like Google or Apple. Instead, you will need to search for a spyglass. You don’t need a telescope spyglass, as an explorer might use, but a magnifying lens that you can hold up to your eye. Once you click on the magnifying glass, you will be taken to the search bar.

How to find Peloton classes

The search function is only available on the Peloton hardware (Bike Plus, Tread, and Bike Plus) and the website. You can also search for classes, rides, and other things in the same way. This requires you to use the filters that are available on the bikes, Tread website, app, Smart TVs, and Smart TVs.

All of this was explained in my blog article about Peloton Theme Rides Runs and Classes. You should also check out this post.

This post is about the actual search functionality, where you can type in a term to find results. This article will show you how to search for Peloton classes based on music, song, artist, and class type. Let’s get started.

Peloton search bar: Where can I find it?

Peloton does not have a search bar per se, as I already mentioned. It uses a magnifying lens instead. You may not be able to locate it.

You must first go to Classes on the hardware (Tread Bike, Bike Plus and Bike Plus). Once you are on the Classes screen you will be able to see the magnifying glasses.

Here’s how to use the new search function on the website. Go to the Peloton site. Click on the outline to see a person, then click on My Membership and then take classes. The magnifying glass can be found to the right of the class homepage. It is located under the banner showing upcoming live classes. It is located on the same line with the phrase “Browse Class”, which is to the left.

How to search for a Peloton bike

Here are the steps you need to follow to search for a Peloton bicycle once you have logged in.

  1. Tap Classes at the bottom of your screen
  2. Look in the upper left corner of the screen for Collections.
  3. Tap Collections
  4. Scroll down to select which class series you wish to take

You can also find music-themed classes on the Bike by using Bike Plus, Tread or Tread.

  1. To get to classes, follow the steps outlined above
  2. For filters, look in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap Filters
  4. Choose music
  5. Choose the genre that interests you

This is the third and final method to locate music-themed classes on the Bike Plus, Bike Plus, or Tread.

  1. To get to classes, follow the steps outlined above
  2. Tap the Spyglass in the upper right corner
  3. Enter the music genre, decade, or artist you are interested in.

If you search by decade or genre, your results will display as a collection of music artists.

Let’s suppose you want to search for Peloton courses by a particular genre of music. How do you do this? It’s much easier than you might think.

You may have read, for example, that I became a fan Christine D’Ercole’s New Wave Wednesdays weekly classes in 2017. These classes were offered the year after my bike was purchased. You know what? I was in high school and college during the 80s. You can’t blame me.

Peloton classes are looking for new wave music

Christine still teaches New Wave classes, which I know. If I were to search for any class that features new wave music, this is what I would do. The Peloton version is the spyglass. Enter New Wave and hit the enter key.

My New Wave search results showed classes not only by Christine, but also Leanne Hainsby (a London instructor). It also showed me New Wave yoga classes taught by Kirra Michel, something I didn’t know existed. Selena Samuela also runs a New Wave class. The results for all classes are comprehensive and extensive.

You don’t need to return to the search page to start a new music type search. Instead, click to the top and highlight the phrase that you want to delete and then type in another one.

Find Peloton Classes by Artist

A Peloton Search for an artist led me to something very interesting. You can get two types of results if you search for an artist who is part of the Artist Series, or has a themed class.

You saw a box at top telling you how many classes were featuring that artist’s music. The search results also showed the only themed class that featured the artist’s music.

How to search for artists or class names on the Peloton website?

Peloton has updated the web browser platform to make it easier for users to search for classes.

The search function for classes and bands&musicians has been limited to Tread and Bike devices. You can now enter a search mode by using the magnifying glass when you view the on-demand library. Members can use this feature to enter a word or multiple keywords to see all of the classes that apply to that word, and all classes that include music by that artist.

The new search icon (magnifying) is now available via a web browser on the desktop and mobile Peloton websites.

The search function can be used in two ways. You can search for specific classes using the title or search for specific artists to find classes with that artist’s music.

You might be aware that there isn’t yet a Dua Lipa artist collection, but you would like to see classes with music by Dua Lipa. You can search for Dua Lipa songs and view the latest classes. Each class box will have text at the bottom that lists the song name and number of songs by the artist included in the class playlist.

Search for Dua Lipa classes on Peloton’s web browser.

You can also search for a class title. You might search for Hamilton to see the Hamilton classes; or you might search for holiday to quickly find any holiday-themed classes.

If your search phrase is in both the class titles and artist’s names, then you have the option of clicking on a specific artist to only see their results or scrolling down for the classes that contain the string in the title.

A search for “Holiday”, matches both band and class titles.

It is particularly useful to locate classes without a specific filter, such as Tabata and Recovery.

Peloton web browser allows you to search for recovery classes.

You can search using more general key words. This is particularly useful if you are looking for a specific music genre that doesn’t have its own category in our filter menu (e.g. Classical or Bollywood). You can view all the Classical and Bollywood classes for any fitness mode by entering them into the search bar.

Peloton web browser allows you to search for Bollywood.

You cannot search for song titles. The search allows you to only search for the artist/band or the class title.

Although this feature has not yet been added to the Peloton App (iPhone, Apple TV, Roku, and more), it is clear that Peloton is working to expand the search filter to include Tread and Bike devices. To search for specific classes, you can access the web-based version of the Peloton Class Library on your smartphone (or laptop).

Are you going to take advantage of this feature?

Looking for Artists Series classes

So I searched for Grateful Dead music. A five-minute cool down ride with Denis Morton (the long-haired version) to the Grateful Death’s “Touch of Grey” is one of my favorites.

Two types of results were returned when I entered Grateful Dead in the search bar. I got one box that said there were 146 classes with Grateful Dead music. Two, all the Grateful Dead themes classes. This means that Grateful Dead is the name of the class.

What are these classes then? Five of them were included.

  • Jenn Sherman Grateful Death ride (there are actually two)
  • Denis Morton Grateful Dead Yoga Flow
  • Andy Speer Grateful Dead Run
  • Kristin McGee Grateful Dead Yoga flow

Find Peloton classes by song

Can you search for Peloton classes by song? Unfortunately, you cannot. You can’t also search by playlist.

You can also search by Artist. You can then click on the results to view which classes include songs by these artists.

To find songs, search by artist

Squeeze was, therefore, my favourite band of the 80s. My results for Squeeze show that 14 classes have Squeeze music if I search the Peloton website.

This search would be done on my Peloton bicycle and it would tell me 14 classes. It would also show me which ones. So, the box and actual list of classes that have those Squeeze songs would be my results.

Here’s what happens when you click on the “Squeeze 14 classes” box in the website search results. It will bring up all classes with Squeeze music. You will see the name of the Squeeze song that was used in the class description. The same results as I would get on the bike but with one extra step.

The 14 classes consisted primarily of Jenn Sherman’s and Christine D’Ercole’s cycling classes. They had either the song “Tempted” (from the Shell) or the song “Pulling Mussels(From the Shell).

Kristin McGee also taught one yoga class. “Tempted” was also featured in her class.

Bec Gentry was the final run. It included Squeeze’s “Cool for Cats”, one of my favorite songs!

Peloton Class Search by Artist Series

You can search for a specific artist to get two types results. The first is the number of classes featuring that artist’s songs. Two, which classes might have featured the artist’s music?

Surprisingly, you can search by Artist Series. The phrase artist series is what I am referring to.

When the Artist Series is used, it brings up themed classes from musical artists. These classes are similar to those you’d find under Collections if that filter was used to search for classes.

When I entered the phrase artist series into my magnifying glass, the website returned theme classes from different artists. My results were reverse chronological.

Peloton has just released their EMINEM series, for example, at the time of writing. These were the latest artist series classes I found in my results.

I was able to take an EMINEM cycling class without even having to type in ENIMEN. EMINEM Tread Bootcamp was also offered by Adrian Williams, and Robin Arzon taught EMINEM core strength classes. My results also included the EMINEM boxing series featuring Selena Samuela and Kendall Toole, as well as Rad Lopez’s new boxing series, all with EMINEM music.

You can also search for Peloton classes by the theme of the class. You don’t need to know the music, but what kind of class you are looking for.

Let’s take, for example, the different types of bootcamps that you can choose from. You can type bootcamp in the search bar to see dozens and dozens Tread Bootcamp classes or Bike Bootcamp class options.

This is my blog that reviews Peloton bootcamp classes.

Many of these Tread and bike bootcamp classes have music. To narrow down your search results, you can add another term to bootcamp using the search function.

By adding 90s, it read “bootcamp 90s” without quotes marks. I hit enter to view all 90s bootcamp classes on the Tread and the Bike. You could even see 90s bootcamp classes with a hip-hop or rock theme. It’s pretty precise.

The drawbacks of the class-search function on the Peloton site

I have been playing around with the new feature of the website’s ability to search for Peloton classes since February 2022. Its limitations were obvious quickly, unfortunately.

The website lists all the Peloton classes that you can take, except Scenic Rides, Just Rides, and Audio-Only Outdoors. This includes cycling. But, the website search only returned HIIT cardio or HIIT strength classes when I searched for HIIT.

I’m aware that the bike has HIIT classes. None of them turned up.

You have to select Intervals when searching for HIIT classes with the filter. The same applies to the Tabata ride filter. Select Intervals and scroll down for Tabata.

Here’s the strange part: Tabata was the first thing that came up when I typed in the search box on the website. When I use the term Intervals to search the website, it returns both Intervals runs for the Tread and Intervals Arms classes on my bike. Tabata and HIIT rides are also available.

If you are looking for Peloton classes with an instructor, please search here

The search cannot be searched by instructor name. This surprised me. Given that so many instructors are trained in different disciplines (Denis Morton, for instance, teaches yoga, strength, and cycling), I would have expected that Peloton would have codified search to make instructor names work. They don’t.

How to search the Peloton app

Perhaps you are wondering how you can search the Peloton app for classes or search by artist. Unfortunately, you can’t.

To search on the app, you must go to Collections and scroll. You can also go to the discipline you are interested in-cardio, cycling, etc. Then, use the filter to select a musical theme, or type of class.

How to locate Artist Series in the Peloton app

As we’ve seen, the Peloton app doesn’t have a search bar. As I said, you can only search the app by going to Collections.

You will need to go to Collections if you wish to search for the different Peloton artist series via the app. The Artist Series Collection is currently the third collection on the app. It doesn’t require a lot of scrolling. There are currently 500+ classes available in the Artists Series Collection.

The app will display classes in reverse chronological order when you click on Artist Series. If the Artists Series that you are looking for is from a long period of time, you may need to scroll a lot.

How to find new Peloton boxing classes

FYI: If you are looking for new classes in boxing, there are two things that you should know. Shadowboxing is the name that Peloton has given it. You’ll also find these classes in Strength. To choose Shadowboxing, use the filter for Class Type.

You can also use the search spyglass feature on the website. To find boxing classes, make sure to type Shadowboxing.

If you just type boxing instead of boxing, you will get a boxing stretch with Selena Samuela as well as a warm-up class with Rad Lopez. You’ll also receive Boxing Day classes on the Tread and with London instructors. This includes Joslyn Thompson Rule’s Boxing Day Run and Boxing Day rides along with Ben Alldis, Hannah Frankson, and others.

These classes are part the Peloton Boxing Program. This article explains the workings of the Peloton Boxing Program.As soon as I finish the Boxing Program I will be writing a review about my experiences with the classes.

Final thoughts about how to search for Peloton Classes

These search tips are super exciting to share with you. I hope that you will soon be able search on the Peloton App. It would be amazing if my Roku TV had a Peloton channel that offered search.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about searching for Peloton classes. If my Roku and app search capabilities ever become reality, I’ll update this blog post.

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