Transform Your Regular Treadmill Into a High-Tech Workout Machine With the Peloton App

The Peloton digital app was designed for users who don’t have Peloton equipment. The digital app works best with regular treadmills that are not Pelotons. The digital app also allows you to access both live and on demand classes.

How can you use the Peloton app to control other treadmills?

Where to Download the Peloton App for Other Treadmills

The digital app works with both Android and Appstore gadgets. These include Android phones and
as well as laptops and TVs. The app is available in both the Google Play Store as well as the Appstore.

You can also download the app on ROKU TVs, Fire TVs, and tablets. A final option if you have neither of this software is the web. You can download the digital app directly from the Peloton website. Here is a
detailed guide on downloading the Peloton digital app, regardless of your gadget and software.

How to Use the Peloton Digital App on the Treadmill

After downloading the Peloton app, you will need to register your details according to the guide. You will receive a free one-month subscription. After that, you will be charged $12.99 per month. You can only have one account on the digital app, not like the Peloton treadmill’s unlimited membership accounts.

Once you’re done with the registration, the app will open up to the Peloton classes. You will be able to choose from a variety of classes that will take you to
On-Demand classes. You can choose to run, walk, or tread Bootcamp for treadmill exercises.

Schedule also offers live classes. Click on the Schedule for a list of running, walking, and tread Bootcamp classes that are available within the next fortnight.

There are also options for challenges, collections and programs that provide guidance on how to complete specific classes. You can find classes that have been put together to achieve a specific goal in the collections and programs.

Click on any of the on-demand classes to see a plus option in the bottom right corner. This is the stack feature. It allows you to arrange classes in a specific order. Learn more about staking Peloton Classes here .


You can use the Peloton digital App on any other treadmill by using Android, Apple, ROKU and Fire gadgets. You can also access the app from the Peloton website. The treadmill can also be used for running, walking, or tread Bootcamp classes that are both live and on demand.

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