Reach Your Goals Faster with the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor [Beginners’ Guide]

Have you ever thought of doing a spinning workout with no heart rate monitor? This could be very restrictive, as you don’t have any way to gauge how far you can stretch. Imagine that you won’t be able to take the Heart Rate Zone sessions with peloton.

How do you connect the peloton heart rate monitor and turn it off without stress? What if it doesn’t connect after all these steps? For more information, please read on.

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Setup

Have you got the peloton monitor? Here’s a quick guide to connecting it to your peloton.

Step 1: Unbox the Heart Rate Monitor

Are you excited to receive your peloton monitor package? Now, open the package and you will find a brand new peloton heart-rate monitor. The front of the strap will reveal the glowing device. A touch on the sides can activate some light.

The peloton heart rate monitor will have one side that flashes blue. This indicates readiness to pair with Bluetooth devices. The other side will flash red to indicate that it can detect your heartbeat.

Step 2: Put on the Heart Rate Monitor

Once you’re sure your heart rate monitor works, wear it across the chest. Are you using a heart monitor with an armband? You can wear it on your wrist or upper arm for a more precise reading.

The chest strap is now covered in a different color. This is not the case for both sides. It is the electrodes.

Dip your fingers into a bowl of warm water to wet the electrons in the HRM. Why is this so? Bluetooth connectivity will be faster if the electrons are wet.

Step 3: Put the Bluetooth of the Screen On

Select Bluetooth from the settings menu on your touchscreen. Turn Bluetooth to? On?"

Bluetooth connectivity is used, so it is only natural that the peloton Bluetooth be on.

Step 4: Connect the Heart Rate Monitor

Tap the time in the right-hand corner. The Heart Rate Monitor option will be available. Click on the heart monitor to see the name and a “love” heart. sign.

It looks disconnected, right? It should be changed to?connected? This will display the heart rate monitor. The Bluetooth device will display the name and brand of the heart rate monitor. If it is Ant, you will see its ID.

For the pairing, click on your heart rate monitor.

Step 5: Ready for a Peloton Class?

Once your heart rate monitor is connected to the peloton you can join a class. You should already see your heart rate reading at the top of your touchscreen in the left-hand corner.

How to Turn Off the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

It is important to disconnect the heart rate monitor after you are done with the peloton training. This will allow you to use your heart rate monitor for longer periods of time, and also save the battery.

This is the ultimate guide to successfully disconnection of your peloton heart rate monitor

Step 1: Turn off the Heart Rate Monitor Modal

After the class is finished, you can turn off the heart monitor modal. You will recall how you got there in the connecting steps. Go to the settings and the heart rate monitor mode “connected” will be displayed.

Click on the “connected” button. to disconnect.

Step 2: Remove the Heart Rate Monitor

Are you still wearing the strap around your chest/arm? It is time to get rid of it. We all agree that peloton is a sweaty exercise. Even if you don’t sweat much, you can still lose some weight through sweating.

Disconnect the device from the strap. Two points usually attach the heart rate monitor securely to the strap. To remove them, snap them off.

Step 3: Clean the Strap

The strap can be washed in a washing machine or by hand. You should not use hot water or harsh chemicals on the strap. Instead of drying it with a dryer, air dry it.

It is important to clean the strap regularly to avoid skin irritations and promote hygiene. A new strap makes you feel fresh.

This is the strap module that is removable.

If your heart rate monitor device cannot be removed, you should hand wash the strap. Use mild detergents and let the water run in your inner strap. Avoid direct contact with the module if possible.


Before you start troubleshooting, confirm that your Peloton Heart rate Monitor is working. This article will help you troubleshoot if the Peloton Heart Rate Bandinstead is not working.

Here are some possible causes and solutions to your peloton monitor not working.

  • The heart rate monitor battery could be dead if it does not glow when touched or worn. If this happens, replace it. You may need to use screws to access the battery compartment in some cases. Some cases, like the peloton one require screws to access the battery compartment. In others, you will need a hard object or a tool to remove the compartment.

Replace the battery and return the compartment to its normal state. Place the device on the strap and the lights should blink again.

  • The heart monitor won’t connect! If it doesn’t connect but the light is visible, refresh the Bluetooth. Reconnect the Bluetooth and you should be able to resolve the connectivity issue.
  • The heart rate monitor is still not connecting? Check to make sure it is connected to any other devices. Did you connect it to your phone? First, disconnect it and then reconnect it to peloton.

Important Tip

The above steps will work even if the bike is not required when using the peloton app digital. The app also supports the compatible heart rate monitors.

Pairing your Heart Rate Monitor:

  1. Tap Settings in the top-right corner of your Bike touchscreen. Then, select Heart Rate Monitor.

  2. Locate your heart rate monitor from the list of available devices.

  3. Tap Connect to Pair

  • To refresh your Heart Rate Monitor, click the refresh button in the top-right corner.

  • Tap Connect to Pair if your Heart Rate Monitor is listed in the Available Devices List. You will need to wait for the refresh animation to stop spinning before you tap it again.

There may be 2 options in the Available Devices List (ex. You may see two options under the Available Devices list (ex. Both these represent your Heart Rate Monitor –please choose Device 12345.

Your Heart Rate Monitor does not display lights

You may need to replace your battery if you notice a flashing yellow light, or if your strap is becoming too wet to see any lights, Peloton Heart rate monitor uses a 3V Lithium Battery model number CR2032. You can buy a replacement battery at your local hardware or pharmacy.

To replace your battery:

  1. You can remove the back of the Heart Rate Monitor by inserting a coin or other flat object into the groove.

  2. Take out the battery.

  3. Install new battery with plus (+) facing outward.

  4. Remove the back cover.

When not in use, we recommend that you remove the Heart Rate Monitor from the band. This will ensure that the battery lasts for a long time.

Incorrect heart rate metrics/detection dropping on-screen:

  1. Make sure the sensors (grey sections) of the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Band are properly hydrated. Then, tighten the band around the chest. Make sure that the sensors are in contact with your skin.
  • Placement: On the sternum, below the pectoral muscles or immediately below a sports bra strap.
  1. The Heart Rate Monitor should be reconnected to the band within 30-45 seconds.


Peloton can be used with a variety of heart rate monitors, including the HRM. It can be connected to peloton using either Bluetooth or Ant connectivity. How do I connect the peloton heart monitor to my peloton? Follow the steps above and you will be grateful later.

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