Ride and Watch: How to Watch YouTube on Your Peloton Screen [Bike & Tread]

Can you watch Youtube on Peloton HD? Yes. Although it is not obvious at first glance, you can view Youtube on the Peloton HD display. It is not illegal or unavailable just because it is hidden.

Sometimes, while riding or running on your bike, you want to keep following up on a Youtube influencer or project. Although it is possible, we cannot confirm that your peloton metrics will be running while you are using Youtube. The decision is easy if you know what you want. Let’s get started!

How to Watch Youtube on Peloton Screen

Here’s a quick guide to how you can view Youtube on your peloton screen. The HD screen supports Youtube regardless of whether you have a bike, a bike +, a tread or a tread plus. The tablet can also run any other Android app.

What is the process of watching Youtube on PelotonLet’s get the show moving.

Step 1: Turn On the Peloton Screen

To get to the Peloton home page, first turn on the peloton screen. The peloton screen outlook only displays options for peloton classes . How do you get to Youtube?

Three horizontal dots will appear in the bottom right corner. To access the screen settings and information, click on them.

Step 2: Go to About to Get to Android Apps

Click on the About button on the screen to open a pop-up that displays the red Peloton logo. Click seven times in the bottom right corner. You read that right. To get a successful process, you must click on the pop-up seven times. Worse, you will click on a blank area, so you need to believe that it will work.

Step 3: Access WebView Browser Tester

You will find many Android apps by clicking the links. You’ll be amazed at all the additional applications that your Peloton offers. The screen is more than meets the eye. WebView Browser Tester is usually at the end of the list.

It will begin running and open a variety of browsing options. You have the option to browse and conduct as much online research as possible at this point.

Step 4: Ready for Youtube on Peloton?

You can simply type Youtube into the search bar. You can search Youtube for your favorite movie, music, and influencer. Peloton is fun to ride, run, or walk on. It’s also great for multitasking.

Step 5: Ready to Go Back to Peloton?

After you’re done with your Youtube streaming, you can return to Peloton classes. Simply click in the bottom center of the screen, where you will see the peloton logo. You will be taken back to Peloton where you can choose your classes for a more challenging class.

Youtube and Peloton Classes?

Unfortunately, you can’t access your peloton metrics or classes while browsing Youtube on Peloton. One can only be done at a given time on Youtube or Peloton.

Peloton is not a good option if you are doing a casual workout. You don’t care about the classes or metrics.

Peloton screens do not offer split-screen options, unlike most modern smartphones and tablets. Peloton workouts cannot be viewed simultaneously with Youtube.

The Peloton will likely move to a split screen or a way to have one of the apps running in the background during multitasking sessions. We will continue to use the screen as it stands.

Bottom Line

Is it possible to watch Youtube on PelotonYou don’t need to crack the screen software to download the app. You can access Youtube using the Peloton screen.

You can enjoy a movie, a show or an album while still trying to eat less calories by following the steps. It’s a great way to spend time and not just sit there, watching, and likely numbing yourself.

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