Say Goodbye to Sore Muscles: Our Comprehensive Review of Hypervolt 2 Pro

Hyperice has finally updated their Flagship Product, the Hypervolt Massage Gun. Two years later, there are now 2 upgraded models. The Hypervolt2 Pro has been renamed as the premium massage gun.

I have previously reviewed Hypervolt Plus and can tell you that if your Plus is still in use, it’s probably not necessary to upgrade to the Pro. There are some people who may want to upgrade, mainly professional athletes or massage therapists.

However, this doesn’t mean the Hypervolt Pro isn’t a highly tuned improvement. It is. The Hypervolt 2 Pro is an excellent option, whether you’re looking to upgrade your Hypervolt or get your first massage gun.

Hypervolt 2 Pro vs. Hypervolt Plus design

Although the Hypervolt 2 Pro looks very similar to the Plus, there are some visual differences. The 2 Pro is slightly taller and longer than the Plus. The attachment head holder is now a little more sleek and plastic-looking. They have also changed the Bluetooth logo to Hyperice and Hypervolt Plus on the side.

The bottom light ring is brighter and larger, with a silver cap beneath. The most noticeable visual change is that the whole handle is now more pill-shaped than the previous Plus handle. All of these changes have made the 2 Pro appear more modern, professional, and refined to me.

I love the Hypervolt 2 Pro’s pill-shaped handle. It is much easier to hold and use. This is a huge advantage if you use a massager a lot in your job. Indented rubber lines on the handle add comfort and make it easier to hold. The new 2 Pro weighs in at 0.4 lbs less than the previous model, making it 2.6 lbs rather than 3 lbs.

Hypervolt 2 Pro on the left, the previous Hypervolt Plus on the right.

Hypervolt 2 Pro battery

The handle that holds the battery is what sets the Hypervolt Plus and Pro 2 apart from other models. This is great if you use these for a long time and need to change the battery. It makes it easy to carry it around in my bag, if necessary. I also found the 2 Pro to be easier to release the battery handle than the Plus.

The 2 Pro’s battery life is about the same as that of the Plus. It is more like 3 hours, rather than 2.5 hours. It is likely that the 2 Pro has lower power settings, which explains the longer battery life. Even two hours is quite good.

Hypervolt 2 Pro settings

The Hypervolt Pro 2 Pro has a 90-volt motor. This is the same motor as the Plus. There is no difference. These are 30 watts stronger than the Hypervolt 2. This is what makes this different: how precise you can make the 90-volt motor work for you.

The Hypervolt Plus had three settings previously:

  • Level 1: 30 Hz / 2,400 PPM
  • Level 2: 40 Hz / 2,800 PPM
  • Level 3: 53 Hz /3,200 PPM

The new Hypervolt 2 Pro now has five settings.

  • Level 1: 28 Hz / 1,700 PPM
  • Level 2: 32 Hz / 1,900 PPM
  • Level 3: 35 Hz / 2,100 PPM
  • Level 4: 40 Hz / 2,400 PPM
  • Level 5: 45 Hz / 2,700 PPM

It’s interesting to see that the highest setting on the 2 Pro, Level 5, is actually lower than the Level 2 on Plus. You have more options in the opposite direction with the 2 Pro. The levels 1, 2, and 3 are lower than the Plus’s lowest setting. This makes sense to me after using them both for quite some time.

The Plus’s highest setting is not practical for me. The lower settings have been very useful for me, especially in sensitive areas. The lower settings are much more helpful when warming up an area for a workout. The dial on the 2 Pro feels a lot more comfortable than the Plus button.

A pressure gauge on the 2 Pro dial gives you an indication of how much pressure you have applied. This feature is useful if you’re using the Hypervolt to treat someone else. It’s difficult to see how much pressure you apply. This is a great feature for massage and physical therapists.

Hypervolt 2 Pro attachment heads

The 2 Pro comes with five attachment heads, just like all Hypervolt models. The Plus has the same fork, bullet and cushion heads. The Plus’s flat head is slightly more round than the Plus’s. It is just a bit softer because of its rounded shape. The 2 Pro attachment heads work just like the Plus and are very easy to insert and remove.

A pouch is also included for the attachment heads. Hypervolt doesn’t provide a case to hold the actual massage gun. This is something that I wish they included. A case can be purchased if you need it, but they are an expensive tool.

Hypervolt 2 Pro unboxed

The stroke length of the 2 Pro is 14mm. This is the same length as the Plus, but is longer than most massage guns. The standard Hypervolt stroke length, for example, is 12mm. This allows you to feel less vibrations in your hands while holding the gun. The 2 Pro’s noise level is about the same as that of the Plus. It isn’t distracting or loud, and it’s still easy to have a conversation.

Hyperice app

The Hypervolt, like almost all Hyperice Products, has Bluetooth to connect to the Hyperice app. This feature is extremely useful and often overlooked. This feature is also useful for people who don’t know how to use each attachment.

There are many different workouts that you can choose depending on what your focus is if you connect to the app. If you connect to Apple Health, Strava or Garmin, it will also give you suggestions based upon your workouts.

Hypervolt 2 Pro with Hyperice App

I prefer to follow a set of instructions that adjusts my speed and settings. Sometimes I don’t want to spend as much time doing it all by myself. Instead, I can set up a 10-minute workout on the app and I’m sure I’ll complete it in the 10 minutes. It’s also easier to decide how much time each area should take.

Hypervolt 2 Pro thoughts

The Hypervolt 2 Pro has many great improvements over its predecessor, the Hypervolt Plus. This is a great choice if you are looking for a new massage tool or an upgrade to the Hypervolt Plus. If you’re looking for more information about which massage gun is right for you, be sure to check out our complete review of the Hypervolt Plus.

But Hypervolt 2 Pro here

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