Refreshingly Cool: An Ice Barrel Review

We’re going to be reviewing the Ice Barrel today. This is a training tool for cold therapy that allows you to easily add ice baths to your daily routine.

For years, top athletes have recommended cold water therapy and ice baths. Ice baths and cold water therapy have many health and recovery benefits, including reducing inflammation, stimulating your nervous system, increasing hormone production, and improving your overall health.

Finding a suitable place to take an ice-bath is the biggest problem. Although I love cold plunges, it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to do them. Not everyone can do it.

Although you could fill your bathtub with ice and get cold therapy, it is not possible to submerge more than your legs. It can also be expensive and time-consuming to purchase enough ice to maintain the desired temperature each day. The Ice Barrel solves both these problems.

The Ice Barrel measures almost 4 feet tall and can hold 105 gallons water. It weighs in at 55 lbs empty, and up to 750 when full. It is important to put it exactly where you want it before filling it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to move. Remember to leave some space at the top when filling it. If you don’t, water will rise from your body and overflow the barrel.

The complete Ice Barrel package includes:

  • Cover to keep the water cool and bugs out
  • Barrel stands are great for keeping it off the ground.
  • Step stool for easy access to the bathroom.
  • You can use a UV cover to protect your barrel from the sun if you store it outside.

You can also drain the water quickly and easily by using the drainage spout that is built into the barrel.

Another thing I love about the Ice Barrel: the water stays cold for as long as two to three days. This is a great way to save money on ice, especially when you do ice baths every single day. Instead of buying ice every day, you’ll only need to purchase it two to three times per week. To achieve the desired temperature, it is recommended that you use 80-100 lbs of Ice. However, this may vary depending upon where you live.

I tried the Ice Barrel and it was a great experience! The Ice Barrel was my first ice bath. The convenience of the Ice Barrel was great. I could take a quick dip after a hard workout and not have to go to the beach or purchase ice every time I fill up my tub.

After the Ice Barrel had been filled, I was ready to relax and focus on my breathing. It’s not easy to do in the freezing water. You should soak for between 5-10 minutes, but only allow yourself to submerge up to your shoulders for 2-5 mins. Although it may seem short, if you soak for more than 15 minutes in a cold water bath, you run the risk of becoming hypothermic.

After I had soaked for around 10 minutes, it was finally time to get out. Although the step stool was helpful for getting in the barrel, I would have preferred if it was on the inside. I am tall and was able lift myself up to bring my legs over. For shorter people, it might be a little difficult to get out of the barrel. If you are concerned about height, I would suggest looking at a second step stool for the inside.

I felt so energized and refreshed after I got out of the Ice Barrel that I couldn’t wait for another one. Overall, the Ice Barrel is a great product. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get frequent cold therapy and incorporate ice baths into their daily routine.

It currently costs less than $1,000. It can save you so much money by not having to buy ice every single day. It is also a huge advantage to be able to submerge your entire body in cold therapy.

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