Unlock Your Potential with the iFit Achievement System

iFIT sent an email to members announcing a new achievement system tomorrow. iFIT is well-known for sending out medals and magnets to members who complete monthly challenges or take part in live events.

The email from iFIT to its members reads:

Do you enjoy completing challenges and live events? Do you love the feeling of winning achievements? Keep checking back tomorrow for more information about how we are continuing to improve rewards

These rewards are loved by many, but iFIT’s digital rewards are not as popular. You cannot track or see digital rewards through the app, unlike many connected fitness platforms. Instead, iFIT’s digital badge or reward is simply a photo sent to members via email.

iFIT teases a new achievement program to be revealed tomorrow

This announcement is most likely due to an improvement in iFIT’s digital rewards, but there may also be a change in the physical rewards. Stay tuned to Connect the Watts ( and our Instagram) for more information about tomorrow’s iFIT achievement system.

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