Maximize Your Workouts with iFit ActivePulse: The Must-Have Fitness Tracker

Peloton is currently suing NordicTrack over the patent for the auto-follow technology. It’s quite magical if you haven’t tried it on a NordicTrack or Peloton Bicycle+. As the next step in this ecosystem, NordicTrack today launches ActivePulse.

ActivPulse by iFit allows your heart rate automatically adjusts the treadmill’s speed to maintain a comfortable heart rate zone. The benefits of heart rate training were largely dependent on the ability to monitor and adjust one’s effort to stay in a certain zone. ActivePulse from iFit will provide real-time feedback between a user’s heart rate and the treadmill’s speed or incline.

ActivePulse adjusts the intensity of any iFit workout based upon the heart rate. It even incorporates advanced algorithms to “learn” over time.

Mark Watterson, president at iFit, stated that ActivePulse allows each iFit customer to personalize their treadmill workout using their heart rate. This eliminates the need for complicated calculations and manual adjustments that are often associated with heart rate training. “ActivePulse offers a customized workout not only for a member, but also for that member’s heart rate during the workout.

ActivePulse can be used with multiple Bluetooth heart rate monitors, including the iFit SmartBeatand other third-party devices such as Polar, Garmin and Wahoo.

ActivePulse is now available for all iFit enabled NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills through an automatic software upgrade this month. ActivePulse will soon be available for NordicTrack, ProForm and Freemotion rowers and bikes.

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